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FRC Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins Wants Tim Cook’s Gay To Keep The Religious Extremist Christian Away (From Apple).

Tony Perkins is a Homo


Jeremy Hooper over at the fantastic website  Good As You is reporting that Family Research Council hate group leader and suspected white supremicist Tony Perkins is upset that Tim Cook, the CEO of APPLE has come out as gay and Perkins is also alluding to a boycott of APPLE products during the HOLIDAY season!

Perkins says that Cook’s announcement has “upset the apple cart” .

“When companies get involved in cultural battles, every consumer is forced to take part. As conservatives we aren’t looking for businesses to take our side – we just want them to be neutral. Of course, Tim Cook has the right to express his views but consumers have rights too, including the right to respond. As Christians we’re called to be good stewards of god’s money…and apps like 2nd Vote and Faith-Driven Consumer help shoppers do exactly that. Let’s face it, money talks and corporate America is listening.”

Oh well.  More iPhones for us.  (As if Tony’s followers don’t all use the Jitterbug away.)



Scruff app updates to include more features, in-app purchases

The gay social networking iPhone app Scruff was updated today which includes changes like in-app purchases and premium features.

We’ve seen a “Premium Features” button in Scruff for a while with no indication to what the features may be, well it looks like the features include:

Browsing Pro $3.99/month

  • Load more guys in all views
  • Swipe to browse navigation
  • Dynamic tab bar for more screen space
  • Block more guys

Messaging Pro $4.99/month

  • Unlimited messaging & full message history
  • Saving photos to private albums
  • Sending recently sent images
  • Save and send higher resolution “Retina” images

Other additions for everybody include multi-device support, UI redesign, improved profile editor and more…

Looks like there are a lot of changes in this release. Download Scruff on iTunes.