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Apple Censors Gay Material On iPad While Leaving Hetrosexual Material Untouched

What you’re looking at is a before and after of Tom Bouden’s modern, ultra-gay take on Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest after Apple censored  it like crazy for iPad.  But Apple didn’t bother censoring the comic for Kick Ass which features a straight guy’s butt, a glimpse of his nuts, and his lover’s exposed tit (Below)

It seems that Apple, and Steve jobs thinks it can and should write the moral code for the tens of millions of global iPhone and iPad customers,shackling them to a sadly homogenized digital marketplace built around Jobs’ personal tastes — grossly violent movies are OK, line-drawings of breasts in the 17-years-and-older section are verboten — seems to fly in the face of the CEO’s professional responsibilities. Both commercial and, yes, moral.