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DC Dyke March Bans Jewish and Israeli Symbols on Pride Flags

DC Dyke March Bans Jewish and Israeli Symbols on Pride Flags

Israeli symbols and Pride flags with the Star of David, will be banned at the Washington, D.C. Dyke March which is set to take place on Friday

DC Dyke March organizers say that while Jewish symbols would be allowed in general, rainbow flags with a Star of David appearing in the center are banned because they are “almost entirely reminiscent” of the Israeli flag.

“We are asking people to not bring nationalist symbols because violent nationalism does not fit with our vision of queer liberation,” they wrote. “And because we need the march to be a space that is as welcoming to Palestinian Dykes as it is to Jewish Dykes. The ‘Jewish Pride Flag’ seemed to only rise in popularity after the Chicago Dyke March — it was never a flag that we felt directly connected to, and it does not represent all Jewish Dykes,” they continued, referencing controversy that erupted in 2017 when the Chicago Dyke March ejected participants who carried such flags.

The event, which will take place in the capital after a 12-year hiatus, is not affiliated with the annual Pride Parade, as it rejects “the corporate sponsorship of Pride.”

In an interview with the Washington Post, one of the march’s organizers Laila Makled said the ban is intended to help create a welcoming space.

“All people should have a space to celebrate themselves, but I feel like at this moment in D.C. there is definitely a demand for a more inclusive way to display pride and protest,” she said.

The Anti-Defamation League criticized the ban, calling it “outrageous” and saying: “Banning the Star of David in their parade is anti-Semitic, plain and simple.

If this is what “QUEER”really is. Perhaps those out there that call themselves and identify as “queer” might want to think twice about that.

WANTED FOR MURDER: Phil Burress and "The Citizens For Community Values" of Ohio

I have written before about Phil Burress (pictured left) and Cincinnati,Oho based “Citizens for CommunityValues”   who are one of the most dangerous anti-gay hate groups in the Midwest and  are officially associated with Focus on the Family, The Family Research Council and the American family Association.  They have been directly linked to helping in the passage of not only the Ohio DOMA law but also passage of the Federal DOMA Law.  The President of their sister organization in California was one of the leaders for “Yes on 8”,  they have most Republican politicians in the Ohio, Indianna, and Kentucky region in their pockets and have fought to repeal anti-gay discrimination laws and human rights ordinances throughout the state of Ohio.

Phil Burress and the CCV seem to be able to fly under the radar in the rest of the county outside the Midwest because the group hides behind their anti-pornography campaign” and they localize their anti-gay hate movement to the Midwest.  but one trip to their website spells out bluntly where they stand on LGBT individuals. (All in the name of Christ, of course)

Members of The National Pro-Family Forum on Homosexuality – This group includes representatives from most of the national pro-family organizations and meets every three months, usually in Washington, D.C. The group’s first organized effort was the National Campaign to Protect Marriage that mobilized national and local pro-family leaders in all 50 states to work together to defend traditional “one man-one woman” marriage. However, their major achievement has been The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and other similar laws that were passed in 36 states since 1996. Another major achievement of this forum was the “Truth in Love” full-page ad and campaign printed in many major newspapers and on TV

Even more alarming than the destructive effect upon the individual is the threat that the activists’ agenda poses upon society as a whole. Again we repeat, the traditional family-one father, one mother, and their natural or adopted children-is the basic building block of society. Not just our society, but society as a whole. The history of civilization proves that when a particular society strays from this norm, that society deteriorates.

Homosexual activists are not simply seeking acceptance of individuals who engage in homosexual behavior. Rather, the primary, clearly stated focus of their agenda is normalization, complete social acceptance, of homosexual relationships and the undermining of the traditional family. Just as we cannot stand by silently and watch individuals lured into a destructive lifestyle, we also cannot stand by silently and watch militant activists chip away at the very foundation of our cultural heritage and our Judeo-Christian belief system.

One very important part of the homosexual activists’ agenda is to raise the awareness of homosexuality, or simply stated, to talk about homosexuality frequently and loudly. In virtually every area of our lives, the homosexual activists have been successful in raising the homosexual issue. Every one of us has been forced to be a part of the argument regarding homosexuality and marriage; homosexuality and adoption; homosexuality and civil rights; homosexuality and minority status; homosexuality and the armed forces.

Suicide and bullying rates on LGBT teens as well as harassment and violence against LGBT adultss are much higher in the Midwest.  Recently there has been 4 teen suicides in just ONE Ohio school alone due to bullying and anti-gay harassment. that has not been privy to the national spotlight.

People like Burress and the CCV who preach intolerance and hate in the name of God are those who are responsible for these recent deaths.  They teach hate nothing more, nothing less and a spotlight must be shone upon them and they must be outed across the nation for the hateful despicable people that they really are and they must be stopped.  .They have blood on their hands, and much more than that of the four teens at that Ohio School.  By preaching their vile message they have become accessories to murder and violence to LGBT teens and adults throughout the Midwest and the country.

They must be held responsible and they must be stopped before more blood is shed and before more Innocent lives are lost.

*You can watch a propaganda video from the CCV called “168 days – A Miracle” where they brag about how they helped with the Federal DOMA laws and made Ohio have the toughest DOMA laws in the country after the jump.

Gay Teenager In Tel Aviv Kidnapped And Assaulted Repeatedly By His Own Family Because Of His Gay Lifestyle – Eight Family Members Formally Indicted

“Angel,” a 19-year-old living in Tel Aviv, was targeted by his Arab relatives for working as a drag queen in the city’s nightclubs and posting photos of himself cross-dressing on Facebook.

“Either erase the pictures from Facebook or your family will come and get you and this will be your end,” His mother chillingly said to him. And come and get him they did. 

Family members allegedly arrived at Angel’s residence in Tel Aviv and attacked him and sprayed his eyes with tear gas when he left his apartment. They then forcibly put him in their car to take him north. They then allegedly proceeded to tie his hands with belts, cover his eyes with tape, and threatened to stab him if he didn’t keep quiet. Once they reached Tamra, according to the indictment, they chained him to the window and locked him in a room for a number of hours.

The indictment states that the family viewed Angel’s sexual orientation and his work as a drag queen in Tel Aviv’s clubs as a violation of the family’s honor, which, in their eyes, justifies killing him. Eight of his family members, including one minor, are charged with kidnapping him on a number of occasions, imprisoning him, and beating him

But this wasn’t the first incident of extreme violence that Angel had to endure.  The first incident, family members arrived at Angel’s place of work and told him his mother was unwell. When he refused to return with them to Tamra, they forcibly held his hands together, forced him into the car, and drove him to his parents’ house in Tamra.  And on another occasion, his father and uncle chased him into a forest during a relatives wedding in a bid to bring physical harm to him so that he will cease the actions found to be unfavorable by the family. Angel hid in the forest until the police rescued him

Having a son who is gay and works as a drag queen will dishonor the family, but murdering him won”t?  INCREDIBLE

 But lets be truthful about this.  This is not only about their warped sense of  so-called family honor.  But this is about intolerance and hate and taught through warped religion views.

It’s a sad story and I hope that the family members get all that they deserve.

Matt Barber And The Religious Right Go Apeshit Over Transgender Appointee Amanda Simpson

In what has to be the “Duh” story of the day.  Religious right wacko’s are going NUTSO over Transgender Amanda Simpson being named senior technical adviser for the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security goins so far to call it “part of some transsexual agenda.”

Nevermind the fact that she’s unquestionably qualified for the job the religious right taliban has come out with some very disturbing deep-seated racial and gender with Matt Barber, associate dean at Jerry Fallwell’s Liberty University, said the appointment “boggles the mind” and said that while African-Americans might deserve special treatment, transgender people don’t.

“This isn’t like appointing an African-American in order to try to provide diversity and right some kind of discriminatory wrong,” he said. “This is about political correctness.”

Truly disgusting.

They howl about gay men, trangendered individuals, and then backhandedly make a disturbing racial comment to boot.

The Religious Right, oddly enough, said nothing about gay porn star Jeff Gannon’s frequent stays at the Bush White House. One wonders how loudly the Religious Right would howl if Gannon was invited back to the White House, since a Republican is not in the White House.

Hypocrisy, the hallmark of the Religious Right. Let’s just call the Religious Right’s religion what it really is, Haggardism.