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Bryan Fischer: India’s Ruling Proves the Gay Rights ‘Culture Trend’ Can be Stopped – Video

You knew it was coming……….

After this weeks shocking news that the Supreme Court of India reinstated a colonial era law that made gay sex illegal again since it had been ruled unconstitutional back in 2009.  Not missing a beat  American Family Association spokesdouche Bryan Fisher jump on the news like a rabid dog stating that India’s decision could be a model for other countries to stop the march of LGBT equality

Said Fischer:

“This shows, ladies and gentlemen, that it can be done. It shows that this cultural trend that we’re dealing with can be reversed, because for four years it was open season for homosexuals in India and now that drift away from cultural norms and moral norms, that’s been reversed in the country of India…Good law in India upheld by the Supreme Court.

Damn those activist judges… oh, wait.

So Fischer thinks that America should follow in the steps of a NON-CHRISTIAN 3rd. world country that legally allows men to rape women.

Yeah India is really something to aspire to becoming.

US State Deptartment Releases Statement Over Russia’s ‘Anti-Gay Propaganda” Legislation

Russia’s parliament on Friday gave its initial backing in a 388-1 vote in the first of three readings hours to a bill that would ban what lawmakers there call “homosexual propaganda” among minors which includes banning free access to information on homosexuality and could lead to gays being fined and being imprisoned for demonstrating or kissing in public akin to local laws already passed in Putin’s native city of Saint Petersburg and five other Russian regions.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland released the following statement:

We are deeply concerned by this draft legislation in Russia that severely restricts freedom of expression and assembly for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals and, indeed, for all Russians.

You know how strongly we feel about LGBT rights around the world, how strongly the secretary of state personally feels that nobody should be discriminated against for who they love,”

Vitaly Milonov, a lawmaker from  the ruling United Russia party who authored St. Petersburg’s anti-propaganda  legislation, maintains the law is only meant to protect minors, and doesn’t  infringe on the private lives of homosexual adults.

“This is a law that simply leaves  private life within the boundaries of private life,” he told RIA Novosti on  Thursday.

But he added that, when it comes  to legal definitions of marriage, non-traditional families “don’t  count.”

“All Russian citizens have the same basic rights and freedoms,   but any kind of extras – based upon  matters of principle, such as their private family lives – are not included.”

Where have we heard that before?  – (The 3 Stooges Of Hate Tony Perkins, Peter Sprigg and Brian Brown: Gays Have The Same Civil Rights As Everybody Else)

While I find it admirable that the State Department has actually said something about the current anti-gay atmosphere in Russia, I must admit that while gay American’s today are still treated as second class citizens in its own country its highly hypocritical.   Perhaps that’s why statements like like the one issued by the State Department pull absolutely no weight and make no difference in extremely homophobic countries when they are made.


Gay Man Brutally Murdered Over A Pair Of Sunglasses Assailant Charged With Only Manslaughter

Last night Charlies mother is shocked and outraged that the killer of her son has been charged with only manslaughter.

It happened back on December 17th at an apartment building on Vinewood in southwest Detroit. Family members say Charlie, who was openly gay and slightly challenged, stepped on some sunglasses by accident.

Two men reportedly got angry, used gay slurs and started hitting Charlie. He hit back and the fight escalated and someone pulled a knife and in the end Charlie lay dead.

His mom Anna says she found him covered in blood, nearly naked.

Two men were arrested, one was released and the other, Titus Willis, is charged with manslaughter.

To kill someone over SUNGLASSES is about as barbaric as it gets, and the fact the charge is manslaughter and not murder more or less amount to a slap on the hand.  That in itself not to mention hate crime charges being leveled for using gay slurs during the attack is criminal in itself.  If Charlie had been a straight, blond haired, blue eyed, white girl the killer would have already been convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death.

This is outrageous and sickening.


Detroit Main Office –United States Attorneys Office-District Attorney
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Detroit, MI 48226

Telephone: (313) 226-9100

Killer Of Straight Honor Student Sentenced To 125 Years – Killer Of Gay Teen Lawrence King Sentenced To 21

On the same day that the sentencing of Brandon McInerney came down for the cold blooded hate  killing of gay teen Lawrence King in which McInerney was only sentenced to 21 years in prison  the L.A. Times reports under news of McInerney’s 21 year sentence for killing Lawrence king that a 125 year total prison sentence was given to Tom Vinson who accidentially shot and killed 16-year-old Melody Ross as he was attempting to shoot two other men near her in October 2009.

Vinson was sentenced to 50 years to life on the first-degree murder charge for killing Melody Ross and two terms of 40 years to life for the attempted murder of his intended targets.

Larry King’s father lashed out at the jury during yesterday’s sentencing:

Greg King, reading a biting four-page statement to the court before Brandon McInerney was sentenced to 21 years in state prison, called jurors “incompetent” for failing to reach a verdict in the murder trial. McInerney pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and manslaughter rather than go to trial a second time.

Truly disturbing

The Kids Who Bullied Jamey Rodemeyer To Death Won’t Be Criminally Prosecuted, They’ll Just Be Suspended

Two weeks ago we told you the sad news that despite the cries of public outrage from friends, family, LGBT advocates, and even Lady Gaga,  police investigating the suicide of bullied teen Jamey Rodemeyer nd the years of offensive comments he endured online and at school could not be considered criminal and that no charges would be filed against his bullies.

Now after reading the police reports,  Jamey’s school, North High School has decided to do something. 

Superintendent Scott Martzloff . “We made the determination to take disciplinary action.”

Although he would not say how many at least two students,   possibly more have been suspended which could lead to the  possibility of long-term suspensions subject to a hearing.  Unfortunately expulsion is not an option for students of this age. (Under the age of 16)

Suspended.  Thats what happens when you steal another school’s mascot.  Not push another child to take his own life. 

If I had my way both the children involved and their neglectful parents for raising such evil little bastards would be put in stocks in the public square.  But again, unfortunately thats not an option either.

And as cynical as it sounds to me this reeks as nothing more than the school trying to save face after the fact.  To make it seem like its really doing something.  But in reality its just a token show that will have no real effect.

 If Jamey were a female sexually harassed, or a black student who was racially harassed, the consequences would have been swift, severe and immediate after the first incidents happened.

There needs to be exact state laws and exact school policies regarding LGBT bullying. And the punishment must be severe enough to make these horrible LGBT teen suicides stop.

Kentucky Judge Reduces Charges Against Ashley Sams and Corinne Schwab Who "Allegedly" Kidnapped and Threatened to Push Lesbian Classmate Off Cliff

District Judge Henria Bailey-Lewis reduced the charges of charges of kidnapping and attempted murder (saying there wasn’t enough evidence to justify felony charges)  against Ashley Sams and Corinne Schwab to fourth-degree assault and menacing, both misdemeanors.  Both 18, had been charged with attempted murder and kidnapping in the case, which has gotten widespread attention because of an allegation that they attacked Cheyenne Williams as a result of her sexual orientation.

“After a hearing Thursday, District Judge Henria Bailey-Lewis reduced the charges against Ashley Sams and Corinne Schwab to fourth-degree assault and menacing, both misdemeanors…Attorneys for the two had strongly denied the attack and said the girls were pleased the judge reduced the charges. ‘I think justice was served,’ said Richmond attorney James Baechtold, who represents Schwab. Sams and Schwab committed no crime and will fight the misdemeanor charges, their attorneys said. The two high school seniors and their families declined to comment as they left court with a large number of supporters.”
Jordan Palmer, president of the Kentucky Equality Federation, said he has asked the FBI to investigate the case under a federal hate-crimes law.  “We remain convinced this was a hate crime,” Palmer said.

Really big surprise there that a Kentucky Judge reduced the charges. I guess it’s OK to kidnap and attempt to kill and gay teen in Kentucky. Not enough evidence! I thought the victim had captured the event on her cell phone!

And, just look at the picture above of the two little darlings, it just screams “We got away with it all y’all!”