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Unable To Get Police Removed From D.C. Pride QPOC Activist Attack Headliner Miley Cyrus

Seething with frustration at not being able to get police removed from Washington DC’s Pride festival and march in June, QPOC (Queer People of Color) activists groups No Justice No Pride DC and the  Black Youth Project 100,  are now setting their sites on  Miley Cyrus will headline DC’s Pride festival concert calling her choice an ‘extension of white gay obliviousness”

This new attack on DC pride and Cyrus supposedly stems from a Billboard interview, Cyrus discussed her musical evolution away from hip-hop and toward country sounds, saying she liked Kendrick Lamar‘s song “Humble”: “I love that because it’s not ‘Come sit on my dick, suck on my cock,’” she told John Norris. “I can’t listen to that anymore. That’s what pushed me out of the hip-hop scene a little. It was too much ‘Lamborghini, got my Rolex, got a girl on my cock’ — I am so not that.”

Preston Mitchum, writer and member of Black Youth Project 100 states:  Cyrus “decided to call out the misogyny of black artists, but didn’t call out any other forms of artistry or genres that are also misogynistic,”

 Drew Ambrogi, spokesperson at local LGBT activist group No Justice No Pride DC went as far to say that Cyrus is “someone who’s ripped off black culture and profited from it, then in a recent interview has tried to diminish it,”

This is just the latest attack from QPOC activists who feel that PRIDE has become commodified and compromised by sponsorships from certain entities including Wells Fargo. Activists are frustrated with what they describe as a lack of people of color, trans, and other more marginalized individuals in visible and decision-making roles.

“Miley Cyrus headlining Capital Pride is both a manifestation and an extension of white gay obliviousness,” says Samantha Master, another member of Black Youth Project 100. “I just really wish DC Pride and Prides across the country really took into account the needs and experiences of all LGBT people,” says Mitchum, “the LGBT people who are experiencing homelessness, the ones who are impoverished, the ones who are unemployed or underemployed, the ones who experience hate crimes, the ones who don’t get enough attention on TV.”

Cyrus, a longtime LGBT rights supporter Miley Cyrus founded the Happy Hippy Foundation whose mission statement which is “to rally young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations”

Miley Cyrus will be joining Capital Pride as part of a diverse group of entertainment that includes Tinashe, The Pointer Sisters, and VASSY,” a Pride spokesperson told the Washingtonian in an email. “DC has a homeless youth crisis on our hands, with almost half of all homeless youth identifying as being LGBTQ. Miley and others have actively worked to reduce youth homelessness, particularly among our community.”

Trans Police Officer Boo’ed and Called “Pig” By QPOC & Trans Radical Activists At Awards Ceremony

Over 400 members of the city’s LGBT community gathered at the San Diego LGBT Community Center this weekend to celebrate Transgender Day of Empowerment. The event included speakers, the awarding of academic scholarships to trans students and a segment honoring those in the local transgender community who have made a difference.

One of those honored was transgender Officer Christine Garcia, who was met with shouts and jeers by a group of protesters gathered in the back of the auditorium. As she took the stage, they shouted “Pig!” while holding signs that read “Revolution not Reform” and “I Will Not Put Up With This Sh*t.”

Allegedly the disruptive group is led by trans QPOC radical CZ Firestone (AKA Syra Olivia-Zoe Evans) who also teaches at the Hillcrest Youth Center, and was one of the speakers at the event and describes herself as a youth advocate, social and restorative justice educator, community organizer, cultural critic, intellectual, and healer. Founder of “Movement for Race and Gender Justice”

In a Facebook post following last night’s events, Firestone wrote:

“The sound of booing resounds in my ears, deafening silence prevailed, stuck standing still. For my real ones carrying signs, my undying love and respect. For all the fake people, betraying their own wellness, J. Cole said it best: “If they don’t wanna be saved, don’t save them.” You think you’re risking your life for trans people’s safety, stop lying to yourself, you risk your life so that those with power privileges go unchecked. You didn’t betray me or even the youth, YOU BETRAYED YOURSELF.”

“This attack on police officer Garcia was one of the most ugliest incidents against our own that I have ever witnessed in our community,” Murray Ramirez said. “What’s even sadder these anti-police activists, and these actions are supported by The Center associates “A.T” and CZ Firestone.”

Transgender activist Autumn Sandeen who was in attendance and posted on her  Facebook, “the horizontal community violence was heartbreaking.”

Autumn is right.

Immigration Activists Trans Queer Pueblo Hijacks Phoenix Pride Parade [Video]

Immigration Activists Trans Queer Pueblo Hijacks Phoenix Pride Parade [Video]


Phoenix New Times reports:

For a few brief moments this Sunday, activists from Trans Queer Pueblo shut down the Phoenix Pride Parade, unfurling a giant banner that read, “No Justice, No Pride.” As Trans Queer Pueblo explained to New Times on Friday, their message was a simple one: They want Pride to be inclusive and stand up for the rights of LGBT undocumented immigrants.

That means getting rid of the police float, refusing corporate sponsorships from banks that have funded immigration detention centers, and using the group’s political influence to lobby against laws that predominantly affect LGBT people of color.

Reaction to the protest was over-overwhelmingly negative with minor confrontations and chants of “Get out of our Pride” and “Go home.” Groups of bystanders booed as the protesters began marching down the parade route.

Phoenix Pride organizers state that they have every desire to meet with the activists. But they didn’t receive the group’s demands until Thursday evening, just hours before Pride festivities officially kicked off. They said this was too late for any practical solutions to be discussed.

In a statement to the Phoenix New Times, Justin Owen, executive director of Phoenix Pride, said, “We are aware that there are still many causes that need attention, and we always stand willing to work with members of our community to end oppression and injustice of any kind of and against any individual or group.”

Hijacking a Pride event to suit your own needs is an ultimately self-destructive tactic. All it does is anger many who could possibly be an ally in the future, and if that is your goal, it is truly self defeating.  And while I am ashamed of some of the pride attendees behavior, it shows that protesting your own NEVER works.  

Perhaps protesting a bigger issue other than a Police float might be in order.  Like perhaps maybe fighting for better immigration laws and full LGBT civil rights?

Stonewall was a riot.  But we fought against our real enemy not our own.

Just a thought.


Donner Tea Party Your Table Is Ready! – Tea Party Starts #FireBoehner Campaign

Brietbart, the Daily Caller and other Tea Party organizations including American Majority Action are incensed over that the fact that the GOP dominated House has removed some its most hard-right members from key congressional committees, and are now backing a campaign to get rid of House Speaker John Boehner once and for all.

American Majority Action (AMA) is launching a #FireBoehner campaign. If 16 members of the Republican Party abstain from voting for Boehner as speaker in January, he will be one vote shy of the 218 necessary to confirm his speakership. “Speaker Boehner has been an abysmal failure as speaker, and his latest purge is the nail in the coffin for conservatives,” said Ned Ryun, president and CEO of AMA. “Boehner has never won a negation [sic] battle with the White House or Senate — and he’s been nothing short of an embarrassing spokesman for the conservative movement. It’s time for him to go.”

Ahhhh I love the smell of right-wing GOP/Tea Party cannibalism in the morning.