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Michele Bachman: "Same Sex Marriage Like Pearl Harbor" – Meanwhile Bachman’s Marriage Is Like "The Birdcage" Only Gayer

The awesome Jeremy Hooper over at Good As You  has uncovered a message from Ilse She Devil of the Nazi’s Michele Bachman warning her constituents that failing to prevent gay marriage will result in a social Pearl Harbor, or some shit like that.

Especially coming from someone who probably owns a Jeff Stryker strap-on dildo and a George Clooney mask to “drop some depth charges” on her hubby Ms. Marcus to keep him happy.
Someone PLEASE throw a bucket of water on her next time and NOT GLITTER so we can watch this evil witch melt.

"Attention Target Shoppers…."Queer Rising Infiltrates Madison WI Target And Makes "Bigot Specials" Announcements (Video)

Queer Rising infiltrated a Target in Madison, WI and gave out “Bigotry Coupons” and made “Special Bigot Sale”customer service announcement much to the chargrin of the store manager who looks like Ilse, She Devil of the Nazi’s and sounds like Frances McNormands character from “Fargo”