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Matt Barber Boo Hoo

Liberty Counsel Hater Matt “Bam-Bam” Barber Cries Boo-Hoo Over Stonewall Monument Status

Liberty Counsel hate group leader, radio host, failed insurance agent and punch drunk ex-boxer Matt “Bam-Bam” Barber says it’s a “disgrace” that President Obama supported the creation of the Stonewall National Monument.  And falsely rewrites Stonewall’s history worse...

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush Doubles Down On Anti-Gay Bigotry: Businesses Should Have The Right To Discriminate Against Gays

Coming right on the heels of Jeb Bush’s most recent Christo-fascist pandering saying that he doesn’t believe that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right and that traditional marriage is central to Catholicism. Now it...