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Comic-Con 2010 "GLEE" News! – The Britney Spears Episode, GLEE in 3D, And A Rocky Horror Themed Episode!

There was alot of news that came out of the San Diego Comic-Con 2010 via Glee’s creator Ryan Murphy here’s some of the GLEEK scoops:

 The Britney Spears episode, called “Britney/Brittany” will be airing in September and will consists of six songs. While Mr. Schuester will spend the whole episode refusing to do Britney songs, Tina will fall out of love with Artie and start falling in love with Mike Chang (GASP!), Murphy was asked to do a Glee movie, but he declined. He did say if he were to ever take Glee to the big screen, he’d want to do “a 3-D concert version from Radio City.”  Idina Menzel will be back for season two as Rachaels mama.  Murphy is also going to explore Artie’s mother, Rachel’s two gay dads, (No news on Barrowman, yet) and he also believes that Brittany has a “really smart older sister. who might get introduced,  and last but not least there will be a “Rocky Horror Picture Show themed episode..

Interstingly there was no talk about Puck, Finn and Kirk.  Hmmmmm, perhaps the boys leave Lima, Oho and move to West Hollywood together?

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