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Liberty Counsel Mat Staver pedophile

Liberty Counsel Hate Group Leader Mat Staver Compares Extreme Right “Christian” Groups To Nazi Holocaust Victims

Right Wing Watch reports::

Staver complained that GuideStar has gone from “a neutral entity” to a left-wing “political activist organization” under its president, Jacob Harold.

“Because of his liberal political activism, he decided to partner with the SPLC and slap these labels on [organizations],” Staver said. “You have to ask yourself, why did he do it? Why was he trying to do it? What was his motivation? It’s very clear what his motivation was. His motivation in terms of what he said, what they did, how they did it is to harm these nonprofits, to put, essentially, if you will, a Star of David on them like the Nazis did to the Jews. Wanted to isolate them, identify them, and ultimately economically boycott them.”

Staver’s insane rant of labeling the Liberty Counsel and other similar anti-LGBT organizations “hate groups” and comparing them to the persecution Jews faced in Nazi Germany, comes one month after a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by them against GuideStar, a charity information website, after GuideStar began including information about groups that have been designated as “hate groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Organizations listed as anti-LGBT hate groups “use dehumanizing language and pseudo-scientific falsehoods to portray LGBT people as, for example, sick, evil, perverted, and a danger to children and society — or to suggest that LGBT people are more likely to be pedophiles and sexual predators,” notes the SPLC’s website. “Some anti-LGBT hate groups support the criminalization of homosexuality in the United States and abroad, often marshaling the same debunked myths and demonizing claims in their efforts.” Simply opposing marriage equality or considering homosexuality a sin is not enough to merit a hate group label, the SPLC adds.

SPLC’s list of anti-LGBT hate groups includes the Family Research Council, American Family Association, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, Mission: America, Mass Resistance, Alliance Defending Freedom, and many other familiar names. Liberty Counsel, besides being on the list itself, has provided legal representation to some of the other groups or their leaders, such as Scott Lively of Abiding Truth Ministries and Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition, in addition to representing antigay county clerk Kim Davis, anti–marriage equality judges, and practitioners of “ex-gay” therapy.

National Black Church Initiative Ups The Anti-Gay Hyperbole, Hires Security To Protect President From “Gay Harm”

The National Black Church Initiative which “claims” it includes  34,000 African-American churches and represents  15.7 million black Americans (According to the 2012 U.S. census there are 38,929,319 African-Americans in the United States *cough* LIARS *cough* ) has announced the organization of security  for its president, the Rev. Anthony Evans, in light of the shooting at the  Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. last month, and to protect its  leader from possibly being “harmed by the forces of evil that support same-sex  marriage.

NBCI said in a recent statement: “The shooting underscores the violence that has  plagued the same-sex marriage debate. The security measures are necessary to  protect Rev. Evans and the NBCI stance for Christ and against same-sex  marriage.”

The “Reverend” Evans is infamous in Washington DC for his anti-gay antics.  At a 2010 D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics (BOEE) hearing , which concerned the proposed referendum on the recently passed marriage-equality bill. Evans demanded of the board members, ”Are you homosexual? Are any of your family members or friends homosexuals? Do you have any hatred in your heart towards the church? Do you have any hatred in your heart towards clergy? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you should excuse yourself from these proceedings….”

A few days later, Evans sent an open letter to the NAACP  criticizing NAACP Chairman Julian Bond for supporting marriage equality. ”For the NAACP to take up this cause is an abomination and an affront for all African-Americans who died for human and civil rights.  You have ignored our voice and have the audacity to suggest that two men having sex with one another is a legitimate civil rights issue.”’

Richard J. Rosendall, vice president for political affairs for the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance (GLAA), has called Evans ”desperate,” ”an opportunist” and ”a clown.”

Sounds to me that Evans and his followers have a few “personal issues”.  Like insanity