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BOOYAH! Chris Christie DENIED! Same Sex Marriage In N.J. To Begin Monday!

Gay kiss

The New Jersey State Supreme Court has ruled that the state must begin granting same-sex marriage licenses, a major slap in the face to Gov. Chris Christie.

Christie, a Republican, who personally favors civil unions, which New Jersey has offered since 2007, and opposes same-sex marriage to the point where he has already once vetoed a bill that would have made same-sex marriage legal in New Jersey asked the New Jersey Supreme Court to freeze a state judge’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage until it heard the case in January and made a final decision, but the court, in a unanimous ruling, found that the state had “not shown a reasonable probability it will succeed on the merits.”

In a statement this afternoon, Christie’s office said that while he disagrees with the ruling, “the Supreme Court has made its determination” and directed the state Health Department to comply.

Prepare for the whining from Brian Brown and NOM in 3….. 2….. 1

Read the full ruling here!