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San Francisco Considers Plans To Give Free/Low Cost Truvada To Gay Men To Prevent AIDS



Truvada, is a one-a-day pill has been found to be roughly as effective as condoms  in reducing the risk of contracting HIV. But the high cost of the drug  $8,000 to $14,000 a year is out of many people’s price range, even with insurance.

Tomorrow Supervisor David Campos announced plans to introduce a measure to allocate funds for navigators to educate patients about PrEP, and provide subsidies to San Franciscans who cannot afford the life saving medication,

By making PrEP available to all regardless of income, we could set the tone for the rest of the country in how to effectively eradicate a disease that claimed the lives of so many of our loved ones.”

Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, has set off a firestorm in th HIV and gay community claiming that the drug is a “public health disaster in the making.” despite the fact that Truvada is heartily supported by the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

Peter Staley, a hero of HIV/AIDS activism and a central figure in How to Survive a Plague summed up Weinstein in a recent interview with Marc Joseph Stern of Slate.com:

“If there’s one thing that every AIDS activist knows it’s that Michael Weinstein is not an AIDS activist. Yes, he’s the CEO of the ‘largest AIDS organization in the country’—based on revenue—but from the get-go, his tactic for building this empire has been taking contrarian positions that assure his placement in almost any article that appears about the latest HIV/AIDS debate.”

Since the beginning of the epidemic until 2010 a total of 28,793 San Francisco residents have been diagnosed with AIDS and  19,341  reported AIDS deaths in the city alone.

Award Winning AIDS Documentary ‘How to Survive a Plague’ to Become ABC Miniseries

David France’s 2012 documentary “How to Survive a Plague” has been optioned by ABC Studios, which is planning to develop the film into a dramatic miniseries.

The film, which was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Documentary Feature Film category, chronicled the early days of AIDS activism by the coalitions ACT UP and TAG (Treatment Action Group).

France, who wrote and directed the film, will executive produce the miniseries project, along with Howard Gertler (who produced the film) and John Lyons.

In addition to the Academy Award nomination, “How to Survive a Plague” was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award and was an official selection at the Sundance Film Festival.

“ABC is the network of Roots,” says France, ” this is a continuation of a dialogue that they’ve had with their viewers and with history, and that to me was the most decisive and convincing fact in our discussion — this idea that we can do that again and that we can be that for the gay community”

The mini-series will delve into more of the personal stories characters in the film and much like the film,  — will offer unfettered access to an array of never-before-seen footage from the 1980s and ’90s. “These activists may have had to train themselves for the battle, but they were incredibly media savvy and were constantly filming everything,” explains executive produce John Lyons. “So there’s this treasure trove of this archival material, which we think can be cleverly introduced into the storytelling”

Catholic League President Bill Donohue: The Gays Blame Everyone Else For AIDS But Themselves

Bill Donohue fucking evil

“The most common effect of amorality,  they said, is narcissism. Narcissism is the only word that adequately  explains the reaction of gays to AIDS: it was everyone’s fault but  theirs. If anyone has any doubt about this, he should watch How to  Survive a Plague.  The documentary, which is up for an  Oscar, is the work of David France, a talented gay writer. Mayor Ed  Koch, ever honest, accuses ACT-UP of using ‘fascist tactics.’ Fascism  was certainly on display when gays, led by ACT-UP, rushed St. Patrick’s  Cathedral in December 1989: they disrupted Mass, spat the Eucharist on  the floor, stopped people from going to Communion, etc. The film shows  some of this. Gay activists in the 1980s and early 1990s were convinced that everyone  from President Reagan to the Food and Drug Administration were impeding  progress for a cure to their self-inflicted disease. Though the movie was made to garner admiration, it accomplishes nothing of the sort. But it does elicit pity.” –  Catholic League President and douchebag Bill Donohue.

But there’s absolutely NOTHING narcissistic about grabbing a microphone and making public statements about things of which you know nothing, just so you can hear your own shrill, whiny voice.  Is there, Bill?

As harsh as this sounds I can only hope that when this disgusting pig of a man’s time comes, his end is as slow, painful and agonizing as the death of one of our fallen who died of AIDS in the 80s. And I truly hope that no one, NO ONE, shows him any pity, compassion or helps him in any way. Only then will he know the true meaning of “narcissism,” as he calls it.