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WATCH: The Gay Hotwire.com Commercial That Has One Million Moms’ Bloomers In A Bunch


From One Million Moms

Hotwire.com is in hot water with conservative families over their newest commercial. Consumers should be aware of the offensive ad because there are many other travel sites to choose from if parents are warned about this indecent ad. The commercial is about a couple going away for their anniversary while the grandparents take care of their kid for the night. But while one partner is dreaming of sleep and says, “It’s all about sleep,” the other partner says disappointedly, “Not all about sleep!” The dialogue goes on to say, “For me it is.” And the reply is, “Lucky me.” A commercial should not discuss what does or doesn’t happen in bed, plus the couple consists of two men. Hotwire is obviously not concerned about the message they are sending our children.

TAKE ACTION: Please send Hotwire.com an email letter asking them to pull their “Lucky Me” commercial immediately.


Dear OMM:

FUCK your children.