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Homophobic “Christian” Coffee Company Jitters & Bliss Dumps NOM!

Jitters & Bliss a small wannabe Starbuckschristian” owned mom & pop coffee shop in Charleston, IL thought that it would be a good idea to hook-up with the National Organization for Marriage and get some free publicity for itself by supporting both NOM and its homophobic attitudes of same-sex marriage by offering a special discount to its customers if they used the code word “marriage” and then Jitter & Bliss in turn would make a donation to NOM.


The backlash was so enormous and the J&B’s Facebook page was overwhelmed with negative comments about the partnership.   Jitters & Bliss tried to counter all the pro-equality comments, all of which were deleted and the users blocked from the page but Jitters & Bliss became so overwhelmed that it had to remove its page from public view entirely for several days.

Upon returning and restored their page, Jitters & Bliss has made clear that its relationship with NOM is officially over

J&B: We are no longer connected to NOM. I do not care for SBucks for many reasons. I took an opportunity to get some of their business. Being inclusive, and loving everyone, yes, I would make another code. Will you use it?



Source: Think Progress LGBT

New York Yankee "Bleacher Creatures" Agree To Stop Chanting Homophobic "Gay Man" Song

Key members of the Yankee’s “Bleacher Creatures” have agreed to stop chanting the homophobic song “Gay Man” that they use to embaress rival team fans. 

As posted here on October 10, 2010.  The “Gay Man”/- “Why Are You Gay” was a tradition of Section 39/Section 203, aka the Bleacher Creatures, and is directed at fans of the opposing team sitting in or near the section and is sung on a regular basis with video proof of it being sung as far back as 2004..  Now according to according to Flip Bondy of the New York Daily News, several key members of Yankee Stadium’s Bleacher Creatures have agreed to police their own area and put an end to the tradition, which had upset many fans..

“It’s all done,” a long-time Creature told the Daily News. “All of it. We’re going clean. We didn’t like the way the Bleacher Creatures were being looked at. That’s not us.”

It stopped because they “didn’t like the way they were being looked at” not because its “wrong” or potentionally dangerous” or “insulting”.

Buty at least it’s over now.  WE HOPE..

SHOCKING: Yankee Bleacher Creature Idiots Sing Disgusting Homophobic "Gay Man" Song As A Tradition (VIDEO)

While we are in th midst of an LGBT teen suicide and homophobia epidemic at Yankee Stadium a disgusting tradition of homophobic taunting and teasing continues to go on. tipster to Gothamist sent this message.

I have proudly lived in New York City for over two years, and, unlike the often-heard stereotypes, have found this city’s inhabitants to be kind, respectful, and even polite. This changed the night of Oct. 9, when I attended the New York Yankees game against the Minnesota Twins. As a Midwest native showing up to the game in my Twins regalia, I expected to be picked on. I expected to be heckled. What I did not expect was to hear homophobic and anti-gay cheers sung by the crowd.

During the traditional singing of YMCA, when the grounds crew takes to the field, suddenly the crowd erupted into lyrics singing, “Why are you gay, I saw you sucking some d-i-c-k.” Other lyrics called people who are gay sinners and disease-ridden. I couldn’t believe my ears. Whatever people may say about Minnesota or the Midwest, such hurtful and disgusting things would never be shouted at a Twins game. What an embarrassment for Yankees fans and New York City.

The “Gay Man”/”Why Are You Gay” song seems to be a tradition of Section 39/Section 203, aka the Bleacher Creatures, and is directed at fans of the opposing team sitting in or near the section and is sung on a regular basis going back years by the video proof of 2007 below.

When being “gay” is a joke, when you say “all gay people should die,” “or you all have a disease” you are promoting violence against people who happen to be gay. I can imagine some kid at the game learning this twisted version and going to school the next day and taunting other kids with it (bullying).

Fucking disgusting….