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What Is “Hell House”? – Plus BONUS Bill Maher “Hollywood Hell House” Clips

What is Hell House?

No its not the old Pamela Franklin and Roddy McDowell movie.  Its actually the “evangelical” Christians attempt to take all the fun out of Halloween and a christian extremist attempt to scare patrons with gruesome exhibits and scenes, presented as a series of short vignettes with a narrated guide through hell and how you can get there.

Over the top and fanatical a “christian” Hell House puts focus on occasions and effects of sin or the fate of unrepentant sinners in the afterlife having to do with  abortion, suicide,use of alcoholic beverage and other recreational drugs, adultery and pre-marital sex, occultism, homosexuality, and Satanic ritual abuse.

In a nutshell an evangelical Hell Houses main purpose is to scare the shit out of kids and  to accept Christ as their personal savior or be condemned to Hell.

Histrionic, over-the-top, “christian” hyperbole was way too hard for Bill Maher to pass-up so in 2004 Maher and other celebrities including , Andy Richter, Penn Jillette, Julia Sweeney, Sarah Silverman, Larry Miller, Richard Belzer, Traci Lords, David Cross, Paget Brewster and others produced and starred in “Hollywood Hell House“using the actual scripts, staging,, and music verbatim from previous evangelical productions and turning it into one of the funniest Halloween stage hits the Los Angeles area had seen in years.

Christian Hell House
Clips from Bill Maher’s Hollywood Hell House