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"Christian" Hate Groups Form Anti-LGBTQ Equality Act Coalition For The Children Of Course

“Christian” Hate Groups Form Anti-LGBTQ Equality Act Coalition For The Children Of Course

Via NBC News:

A new initiative backed by a coalition of right-wing organizations is courting lawmakers and parents in an effort to stop the passage of the Equality Act — a federal LGBTQ rights bill — and promote policies targeting transgender Americans at the federal and state levels.

Backed by the Alliance Defending Freedom, Family Policy Alliance, Heritage Foundation and other national and local groups, the Promise to America’s Children coalition says it is fighting “a culture – and sadly, a government – around us seek to sexualize our children for the sake of a political agenda.”

On its website, the Promise to America’s Children coalition says anyone who signs the pledge is not signaling support or opposition to legislation, “with the exception of the federal Equality Act, which clearly violates all principles of this Promise.”

This incarnation of the Equality Act was approved by the US House this week along in a party-line vote with 3 Republicans breaking ranks, but the EA faces an uncertain future in the Senate, where it will surely be met with a filibuster effort.

The first version of the Equality Act was introduced to Congress in 1974 by the late Bella Abzug.

Former VP Mike Pence Hired by Heritage Foundation Anti-LGBT Hate Group

Mike Pence Hired by Heritage Foundation Anti-LGBT Hate Group

Via press release:

The Heritage Foundation announced today that former Vice President Mike Pence will join the organization as a distinguished visiting fellow.

“Over the course of the past four years, our team at Heritage has worked closely with members of the Trump administration on a host of policy accomplishments,” said Heritage President Kay C. James.

“That’s why I am excited Vice President Mike Pence will join forces with Heritage to ensure we continue to advance conservative principles and policy solutions. His allegiance to the Constitution and commitment to advancing a conservative policy agenda make him an outstanding fit for The Heritage Foundation.”

Three decades ago, it was The Heritage Foundation’s influence that inspired Pence to help create a think tank in his home state of Indiana. After coming to Washington as a congressman and later as vice president, Pence frequently collaborated with Heritage and will now continue to do so as a distinguished visiting fellow.

Since its founding, the Heritage Foundation has become “inextricably intertwined” with Republican administrations and lawmakers in Washington. Heritage brands itself as a beacon of the intellectual conservative establishment; but spends significant energy to extremist policy recommendations to deny access to abortion and birth control and to harm LGBTQ people. In reality, it is an organization that regularly spouts hateful ideas on par with organizations like the Family Research Council (FRC), 

Google Appoints Right-Wing Extremist Heritage Foundation President To It's Advisory Council

GOOGLE Appoints Right-Wing Extremist Heritage Foundation President To It’s Advisory Council

Google has appointed the Kay Cole James, the president of the extremist right-wing group The Heritage Foundation to a position on its Advanced Technology External Advisory Council (ATEAC).

“Last June we announced Google’s AI Principles, an ethical charter to guide the responsible development and use of AI in our research and products. To complement the internal governance structure and processes that help us implement the principles, we’ve established an Advanced Technology External Advisory Council (ATEAC). This group will consider some of Google’s most complex challenges that arise under our AI Principles, like facial recognition and fairness in machine learning, providing diverse perspectives to inform our work. We look forward to engaging with ATEAC members regarding these important issues and are honored to announce the members of the inaugural Council”

Founded in 1973 by Joseph Coors (Coors Brewery), The Heritage Foundation is an extreme anti-immigration, anti-LGBT right wing conservative “think tank” based in Washington, D.C..

The Heritage Foundation has been described as a major influence on the presidential transition of Donald Trump and the Trump administration. The foundation had a powerful say in the staffing of the administration, with CNN noting during the transition that “no other Washington institution has that kind of footprint in the transition.”

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And remember. You heard it on Back2Stonewall first!

Trump Administration Creates Department of Health and Human Services “Religious Freedom” Division For Health Workers

ABC News reports:

The Trump administration announced on Thursday a new division within the Department of Health and Human Services devoted to “conscience and religious freedom.” Social conservatives and religious liberty leaders have anticipated conscience and religious freedom protections to come out of HHS, and the work of the new division, which will fall under the purview of the Office of Civil Rights, will likely pave the way for health care workers to refuse specific types of care, like birth control or abortion, based on their religious or conscience objections. Critics say the move could hurt civil rights protections for lesbian, gay and transgender people, and hurt patient care.

OCR (Office for Civil Rights) Director Roger Severino (pictured above) said, “Laws protecting religious freedom and conscience rights are just empty words on paper if they aren’t enforced. No one should be forced to choose between helping sick people and living by one’s deepest moral or religious convictions, and the new division will help guarantee that victims of unlawful discrimination find justice. For too long, governments big and small have treated conscience claims with hostility instead of protection, but change is coming and it begins here and now.”

Severino is a longtime anti-LGBT activist who has worked for the anti-lgbt hate groups Heritage Foundation and the Becket Fund. In 2006 he was the lead attorney in the case that banned same-sex marriage in Maryland.


CNN's Trump Townhall: Lies, Garbage, and CNN Blowback.

Donald Trump Calls Major Anti-LGBT Group The “Titans In Fight To Defend Our American Heritage” – Video


Via the Washington Blade:

President Trump hailed conservatives at the Heritage Foundation known for opposition to LGBT rights Tuesday night as “titans in the fight to defend, promote and preserve our great American heritage.”

“Everyone here tonight understands a core truth, that for America to have confidence in our future, we must have pride in our history,” Trump said. “As Americans, we have inherited a special legacy of freedom, culture, laws, traditions and values.”

Trump also praised the Heritage Foundation for its faithfulness to strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution — often cited as excuse for opposition to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide. “We believe that the Constitution is the greatest political document in human history and that judges should interpret the Constitution as written,” Trump said.

Founded in 1973, The Heritage Foundation is a right-wing think tank. Its stated mission is to formulate and promote public policies based on the principles of “free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

The Heritage Foundation is an aggressive opponent of LGBT equality, having lobbied strongly against protections for LGBT workers and equal marriage.

The group’s website says: [Same-sex marriage] makes marriage primarily about adult desire, with marriage understood primarily as an intense emotional relationship between (or among) consenting adults. This revisionism comes with significant social costs.

“Redefining marriage… will only lead to more broken homes, more broken hearts, and more intrusive government.

It has also pushed the First Amendment Defense Act, a law that would grant religious people an unlimited license to discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Heritage Foundation has received funding from organizations with connections to the Koch brothers.


American Family Association’s Bryan J. Fischer and The Heritage Foundation: Let Them Eat Air

The link that AFA’s resident fascist loon Fischer uses above is to a  propaganda report done by the Heritage Foundation that cherry picks and spins data from 2001 and 2005 before the “recession” as per their usual fraudulent ways.


14.6% of U.S. households struggle to put enough food on the table. More than 49 million Americans—including 16.7 million children—live in these households.
Source: Household Food Security in the United States, 2008

Nearly one in four children is at risk of hunger. Among African-Americans and Latinos, one in three children is at risk of hunger.
Source: Household Food Security in the United States, 2008

SNAP participation has increased 44.3 percent above pre-recession levels, an increase of 12.1 million people.
Source: Monthly Program Data comparing January 2010 and November 2007. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service.

*The American Family Association’s net assets are $36,737,464.  The “christian” group  run no charties to help or feed the poor and hungry