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Henry Rollins on the Obergefell v. Hodges Ruling: “The skies have not darkened with locusts.”

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Ex-Black Flag lead singer and musician, writer, journalist, and activist Henry Rollins, took to the pages of  LA Weekly to make a statement about the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage and that the haters should just chill the f#@k out.  And so should everyone else.

“I am hoping that, in time, Obergefell v. Hodges will be seen in the same way asLoving v. Virginia – inevitable and a sign of social evolution in America. I bet two people of the same sex who want to get married don’t think they are going to have a ‘gay wedding.’ By wanting to get married in the first place, they show their dedication both to each other and to tradition. Wanting to get married is a freakin’ billboard for normality and inclusion. I wish the ‘You lost! Deal with it!’ talk would stop. I can understand where it comes from but it doesn’t make anything better. There were no losers, in my opinion. To those who disagree with same-sex marriage because it offends their faith, I would say your beliefs are still yours to have. The wisdom, peace and clarity that faith has allowed you to have are still intact. No word of any religious text has been changed or its power reduced. There is a lot of room in America; it allows all to move freely. All the wedding photographs popping up on the Internet should be enough to convince anyone that this was a great decision. Take Jack Evans and George Harris, for example — together for 54 years, in Texas of all places, finally able to get hitched. I am looking at them now. The skies have not darkened with locusts and tomorrow there will be traffic. I do believe we will be OK.” 

And while I do love me some Henry Rollins and he is right on may points in his piece I do think he’s giving the anti-marriage crowd too much credit. And we do deserve a bit of a gloat after a long and hard fought battle.

Lhasa Club Tapes 1985: LA’s Performance Art Crucible – (Rare Videos)

Screenshot 2015-03-17 13.47.35

In the 1980s, Los Angeles was graced with a particularly vibrant alternative art scene: Music, punk, pop, new wave and early hip hop artists were finding acclaim and popularity, though the shadow of HIV/AIDS was beginning to cast a pall, increasing the urgency and poignancy of the temporal art forms.

While the LA club scene has often been overshadowed by New York’s, the Lhasa Club–the main venue where unknown and established artists would showcase and develop new works– was the vibrant crucible for theater, spoken word, visual and performance artists, often migrating towards Los Angeles, especially from New York. Many of these performers were forerunners and have gone on to pursue successful creative careers.

On any given night an eclectic, electrifying mix of punk, New Wave and conceptual performers would take the stage and fill the club’s floor, joined by the likes of Cher, Herve Villachez, Val Kilmer, Tom Petty Rick James.The club was all-ages (one DJ was a 16 high school student who traveled 15 miles by bus in order spin)  and mixed LGBTQ+straight, allowing for a cross-pollination of unheard of anywhere else in the city. Gender bending club kids hung about with hardcore punks, and all that mattered was art.

The unique wealth of talents brought about the idea of filming 100 short performances in order to capture a record of the “performance art” scene at the time. The result is the Lhasa Club Tapes 1985 which features award winning actor John Fleck before his controversial performance art earned him a place on the conservative Congress’ hit list and made him one of the NEA Four, members of the San Francisco performance troupe the Cockettes, members of Devo, and a who’s who of the LA underground scene.

The setup was simple and relatively raw: one camera, one shot, one short performance. Cheap high definition cameras did not exist then and neither did personal computers. The filming was never completed but this little time capsule of 22 performances remains to give a teaser of what was happening.

Club owner Jean-Pierre Boccarra has compiled these tapes and released them thirty years later as a love letter to Los Angeles, and to inspire current and future performers.

The featured artists: Henry Rollins, Exene Cervenka, Kim Fowley, Victoria Williams, John Fleck, Tomata Du Plenty, Fayette Hauser, Weba Family Singers, Philip Littell, Barbara Smith, Rikky George, Linda J. Albertano, The Visiting Kids, Jane Anderson, Brian Chic, Linda Sibio, James Trivers, Nicola Atkinson Griffith, Greg Travis, Marina La Palma, Laura Lee Coles, Colin Gorman.

The Lhasa Club Tapes 1985 and the companion YouTube videos which include a 43 minute performance by Sandra Bernhard, a pphot slide show and fliers for performances (including Angie Bowie and a double bill of Nick Cave Cave and Henry Rollins–now that’s a dark and dangerous coupling!) give a backwards glimpse into art and performance at a place where labels–gay, straight, queer, young, old, famous, notorious–weren’t an issue, and what mattered was creating a nightly, fleeting experience.

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Henry Rollins: ” Dick Dynasty is a gay porn series just waiting to happen.”

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God bless Henry Rollins.

Rollins did a take on the Duck Dynasty disaster in his recent blog for L.A. Weekly and came up with some pretty intersting points and ideas.

A lot of Duck Dynasty fans’ outrage centered on A&E’s decision to suspend Mr. Robertson from the show. They easily move their anger from A&E to an imagined “liberal agenda,” which seems to involve disagreeing with (and being offended by) regressive, dumbass points of view, made possible by the First Amendment. [snip]

A&E would be well advised to get while the getting’s good and quadruple down on the show’s popularity with a vast array of merchandise, like a DD limited-edition shotgun, camo covers for Bibles, strap-on beards, and at least one spinoff. You could call it … Duck Dynasty. A&E should do this before the show’s fans die of respiratory/circulatory complications, substance abuse or lung cancer.

On the flip side of things, one of you supremely talented graphic artists should start a comic book series starring the Duck dudes as homosexual bears. Talk about crossover potential. The thing writes itself. At the next major gay pride event, there should be hard-bodied men in camo hot pants, ridiculous beards pasted to their chins, blowing through duck calls. Dick Dynasty is a gay porn series just waiting to happen.

Just remember: When you see the DD men all decked out in their camo gear, they look pretty bitchin’ and rugged — but keep in mind that they wear these garments to help them hide from ducks.

It’s a comedy show, right?”

Okay so who’s ready to build the float.  By next Pride maybe we can get Aaron Schock to wear the camo hot pants.  I mean after all that is kind of his fashion sense.


Henry Rollins Bitchslaps The GOP: You’ll Always Be The Party of STUPID

Henry Rollins nakedBad News for the Haters Dept.:

You realize that all those obnoxious 16-year-olds you see everywhere, texting their friends who are standing next to them, will be able to vote in the 2016 elections. Do you think you will be able to sell them on your anti-gay/anti-woman/anti-brown/black platform? Do you think they want to end up like you? I bet they don’t. Gov. Bobby Jindal said that you all have to stop being the stupid party. I don’t think you can do it. How did equality become political? Because you can’t handle science, change or the truth. America is on the move, you are not.

 Roe v. Wade is still under attack. Check out what Gov. Rick Perry of Texas has been up to. The Supreme Court’s recent decision on the Voting Rights Act could make the 2014 and 2016 elections pretty tricky. The demise of DOMA, while great, is also a smack to the hornet’s nest and there will be a whirlwind to reap, so please, prepare for many challenges up the road. The pushback will be considerable. America is changing and, historically, we don’t handle it well.

The Supreme Court’s DOMA decision was good, but the best part of the story is how it got to their door.

That was you and me never shutting up, never relenting and never being satisfied for too long. – – Henry Rollins, writing for LA Weekly.

Rollins is that rarest combination of men Smoking hot + smart + heart of gold.

If he and Chris Kluwe ran America I’d be so happy.



Henry Rollins On Why Gay Rocks


Outspoken rocker and LGBT advocate (and HOT) Henry Rollins recently wrote about how there the progress of the current civil rights movement. Rollins has long been a supporter of equal rights. Even though he states that he doesn’t know everything, he does know the Constitution and by doing so has given him an greater understanding of how flawed the system is because it doesn’t follow the laws that govern us. When Rollins approached the subject of marriage equality, he reflected on how added titles of differentiation won’t matter in time, it will be recognized as a whole and no longer derisive:

There is still a long way to go. Marriage equality is a term so ridiculous on its face that when you hear it mentioned, you would think you were in Riyadh. Years from now, perhaps we can lose the equality part, the same-sex part and call it what it is — marriage. As much as the homophobes, an ever-thinning herd, whines and screeches, the earth is shifting underneath their feet and things are getting better all the time. This is going to be an incredible century. Didn’t get off to a very good start but we are making some bold and exciting strides forward.

Rollins’ advocacy and acceptance is partly a result of his environment, as growing up in an LGBT accepting and welcoming community of Washington D.C. helped foster acceptance. And the music scene was the same way. The differences in sexuality blended together to create great music:

“When we all got into punk rock, we learned that we had all kinds of people in our scene; gay was part of it. I thought it was really cool. We were a crew of social misfits of all stripes and it was the music that brought us together. The fact that there were so many gay people in punk bands, I think, really gave the music an incredible dynamic. Frustration and emotion were expressed without orientation clauses; all you needed was to be was alive to be a part of it.”

Gotta love his honesty.

Henry Rollins SLAMS Boehner And The GOP Over Defending DOMA

Outspoken Black Flag frontman,singer-songwriter, spoken word artist, writer, publisher, actor, and radio DJ Henry Rollins has some serious issues with the GOP and especially John Boehner on the fact that they are standing up to defend DOMA.

Rollins in a recent Vanity Fair article:

[Obama] says his administration will no longer defend DOMA in court. Being happy about that would be like rejoicing that doctors are no longer applying leeches to patient’s faces when they complain of nasal congestion. It’s not a bad thing, though, and about damn time.

In to save the day, to keep those damn gays in their place, is House Speaker John Boehner, who will put himself and his sterling reputation on the line to stand against the president, his insurgent gay terrorist pals, and their dreams of marriage and equal protection under the law. That’s a relief.

When things threaten to become too constitutional, thankfully, there’s someone like John Boehner, owner of every third tear cried in America, to step in and attempt to push America back into the good old days of darkness. Rather than shoulder the awesome burden of creating some damned jobs in America, he goes for the easy cheap shot of going after gay Americans. Again

Love him or hate him, (WE LOVE HIM!) Rollins speaks the truth and puts it bluntly which is what needs to happen and something EVERYONE must do at EVERY opportunity if our rights are ever to advance. 

As for John BONER perhaps you should rethink your position because if you think you cry now.  Imagine how you’ll cry when Henry Rollins comes after you.

Rock Stud Henry Rollins SLAMS The Catholic Church Over Gay Adoption And Hypocrisy in Vanity Fair

“Let the record speak for itself. The Catholic Church does not approve of homosexuality; their position on pedophilia, however, is not as clear. I am sure most Catholics do not approve of pedophilia, but the executive branch of Catholicism seems to have difficulty convincing some of us that they are willing to do what is necessary to make sure that the members of their staff who are active sexual predators are brought to justice.
“I can’t see any sane person not wanting someone who harms innocent children taken out of circulation as soon as possible. Relocating them is tantamount to enabling them further. Maybe there should be a television show called To Catch A Priest. I’ll watch. I think the expulsion of this child from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School is the best break the parents could have hoped for. Children should be raised in an environment of kindness and encouragement, not discrimination and ignorance.” – Henry Rollins, in a Vanity Fair essay saying that those protesting the explusion of the children of gay parents from Catholic schools are “wasting their time” and that the kids shouldn’t be there in the first place.

.Henry is a ROCK GOD!