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Rep. Anthony Weiner Rips The Republican Party A New One For Disgustingly NOT Passing Health Care Bill To Help 9/11 Responders (VIDEO)

Rep. Anthony Wiener (D-NY) did something yesterday that every Democrat in the Seanate should be doing which is putting that incredible bullshit of treating the obsturctionist Republican Party with any repect and ripping into them for the coward and heinous act of banding togther to defeat a bill that would have provided $7.4 billion in health care to 9/11 responders.

It is about time Democrats in Washington put aside this “my distinguished colleuge” bullshit and start treating the Republican party for wehat they treuly are and showing it.  An evil band of motherfucking douchebags.

It’s time the Democrats in Washington grow some balls.

WATCH THE VIDEO.  And needless to say I LOVE ME some Weiner.