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Gays “Party Crashed” The Osmond Family’s SLC Anti-Gay Hate Rally. Mormon Reporter SHOCKED!

ABC 4 News out of Salt Lake City, Utah is running a truly biased  story that spotlights how a large number gay rights advocates showed up to defend their civil rights at the Osmond Family’s Utah’s anti-gay hatefest on Tuesday.

Gay right advocates crash Utah traditional marriage celebration – by Brian Carlson

Brian CarlsonTuesday’s celebration of traditional family marriage had everything: the Osmonds, the Governor, and hundreds of gay rights party crashers. Needless to say it was not what traditional family supporters expected. “Do you think it makes this thing tense?” asked Reporter Brian Carlson. “In some ways yes, in some ways no,” said Claus Nielsen, traditional family supporter. “It breaks my heart to see some of the signs around her that talk about hate, there’s one I’m looking at right now that says ‘Hate is not a family value,’ and that’s not what this is about, it’s about sharing love but standing up for what we believe,” said Jill Johnson, traditional family supporter. “I don’t believe that man defines marriage, but God defines marriage,” said Cameron Smith, traditional family supporter.

With protesters in every direction, celebrating traditional marriage seemed to take on extra emotion especially during a young speaker’s remarks.

“It takes a mom and a dad to raise a child, so it takes a mom and a dad to raise one,” said Amelia Summerhays, traditional family supporter.

Reporter Brian Carlson asked the organizer of the protest why they crashed the party.

“Why do you have to do it on the night and especially the location where you have traditional family holding their celebration?” Carlson asked.

“Well because often we’re disregarded and we’re seen as invisible and I don’t want us to be invisible anymore,” said Kat Phillpotts, gay rights activist.

They certainly were seen. But even with all the distractions, supporters of traditional marriage said Tuesday’s event was about celebrating the family.

“What we’re celebrating here tonight is marriage between a man and a woman, and that’s one thing regardless of what your stance is that we have in common,” said Nathan Osmond, event performer.

Obviously not only is “Reporter Brian Carlson” so self-important (and such a shitty journalist) that he refers to himself in the third person sense in (TWICE!) he also seems to think that members of the public can “crash” a public event held on public property.

I wonder if Carlson would describe it as “party crashing” when religious folk hatefully, loudly and nastily protest Gay Pride, Gay days at Disney or  anything else they feel like.

“Reporter Brian Carlson” also happens to be Mormon who graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and hobbies include rock climbing, football, drawing, volunteering, skiing, wakeboarding, working out, and watching movies when not cruising the Mormon Temples mens room.

Good ole BYU.

Where Mormon men are idiots and chaste and the sheep are extremely nervous.