The National Organization For Marriage’s HATE-APOLOOZA 2010 Washington, DC Final Stop Is A MASSIIVE FAIL With Only 47 NOM-BIES In Attendance!

Let the joyous news be spread. The hateful NOM Tour is at last is dead!

Well The National Organization For Marriage’s “One Man, One Woman” Summer of Marriage HATE-APOLOOZA started out with a whimper, and ended with a whimper when a whopping 47 of thier supporters showed up for the “HUGE RALLY” stop in Washington, DC

About 10 minutyes after the 2:00pm EST start time passed Brian Brown took to the stage to announce that the event will begin in 10 minutes.  “Another bus is on the way,” Brown said   About ten minutes later another stream of about 18 NOM supporters approached with red and white signs reading “Let the People Vote.” (Must have been one of those small “Special Buses”. 

After that it was the typical NOM bullshit.  Hateful idot Bishop Harry Jackson spoke, Alveda King was paid to speak, some other rightwing loons sermonized.  Blah, blah, fucking blah. 

Tres’ Anti-climatic/

But it’s over.  So no more of Maggies les and hate and Brian Browns sweaty pigface speweing hateful bullshit across the United States.

So long NOM HATEAPOLOOZA 2010!  We’ll miss you!  You did great work for the Gay marriage cause! 


Watch NOM’s Washington, DC Marriage Rally @ 2PM EST – LIVE!

I’m going to take advantage of NOM’s LiveStream of the Rally and post it here just so we can see all the HATERS in their full glory.
The broadcast will begin LIVE at 2pm ET at (If it works but knowing those losers it probably won’t)  Their speakers will include the usual despiable bunch of homophobes Speakers will include Dr. Walter Fauntroy, Bishop Harry Jackson, a message from that disgraceful bitch  Alveda King.

Watch The Video Interview With Luther King’s Niece Alveda King As She Betrays Her Heritage At The NOM Anti-Gay Hate Tour (Oh And She’s A Tea Party Member)

It’s hoprrible to think that a great man like Dr. Martin Luther King could even share DNA with this creature. 

Alevda King who has an Honorary Doctorate from a religious university and loves to put Dr. before her name to create the illusion of her Uncle and cash in on the King name. She’s also a feking professional nutter and there are articles about her and her King for America Foundation, are all over the web. Every time she turns up, she grows more and more disgusting.

Alveda’s most recent mpment of “bigot tea bag crazy” is when she took at shot at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s (NAACP) accusations that Tea Party activists tolerate bigotry

“NAACP, you’re still supporting Planned Parenthood, which is one of the most racist organizations in America today, and they have proven that over and over.  So [the NAACP’s] support of Planned Parenthood is just saying that they are ready to renounce racism when it’s inconvenient to them but to support racism when it’s beneficial to them

The woman is crazy, dellusional, ill-informed, and like many of MLK’s relatives just trying to make a quick buck for herslef and a name off her dead uncle.  She has betrayed the legacy of the King name.

She needs to look to the words of her Aunt Coretta Scott King: “Freedom from discrimination based upon sexual orientation is surely a Fundamental Human Right in any great democracy, as much as racial, freedom from religious, gender, or ethnic discrimination.”

National Organization For Marriage HATE-APOLOOZA Update! – St, Louis MO and Atlanta GA Turn OUt To Be MASSIVE FAILS – NOM Digs Up Alveda King, Dr. Martin Luther King Jrs. Homophobic Niece To Speak (Video)

With ll the news abouyt Prop 8 we’ve negegleted updated on The National Orgabization For Marriage’s “One Man, One Woman” HATE-apolooza  the past few days.

One would think that thier demented lemming supporters would be arllying around them after Prop 8 was overturned but that turns out to be a BIG NO with BOTH the St. Louis, MO and Atlanta, GA being BOG OLE’ BUSTS even despite the fact that NOM dug up Dr. Martin Luther Kings homophobic niece, Alveda King  to speak at the GA event. 

*St. Louis, MO
The day after Judge Vaugh Walker overturned Prop 8 NOM was pissed.  Despite the fact that the St. Louis NOM rally was held ina  PUBLIC SPACE, the grassy area between the St. Louis County Courthouse and one of the revenue buildings.  Brian Brown and NOM somehoe managed to dupe St. Louis police into turning the rally into a private event setting up barracades and thus not letting anyone who seemed gay near th actual event.

A gay couple were not allowed in. When they asked why, they were told it’s because they are holding hands.  The officers have been told to ask people questions to feel out if they’re a part of “the group.”Interestingly enough one NOM supporter -offended that we were denied access- approached the officer and compained on the LGBT Community’s behalf (To no avail)

Oh and the count?  35 NOM Rally attendees – 214  Gay Equality supporters


NOM headed to Atlanta and brought out thier BIG GUNS.  They managed to dig up Dr, martin Luther Kings homophobic niece Alveda King (pictured left) to speak at the event. I personally cannot tell you how disgusting and stupid that I think this woman is and I wiag that her uncle was around to smack the living shit out of her. 

The one thing I do want to remind everyone of is  that Cloetta Scott-King The widow of Martin Luther King Jr. has called gay marriage a civil rights issue, denouncing a proposed constitutional amendments that have banned it.

“Gay and lesbian people have families, and their families should have legal protection, whether by marriage or civil union,” she said. “A constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages is a form of gay bashing and it would do nothing at all to protect traditional marriages.”

And what did Alveda King say?  “I don’t know about you but I’m not ready to be extinct,it is statistically proven” that marriage between one man and one woman is the foundation of society

Her Uncle is rolling in his grave.

The count in Atlanta.  16 NOM Rally attendees – 254 Gay Equality supporters 

National Organization For Marriage Stop In Des Moines, Iowa Draws 86 Supporters – ONE IOWA’s Counter Rally Draws Over 300 Pro Gay Rights Supporters!

The National Organization For Marriage’s “One Man, One Woma” HATE-APOLOOZA puilled into Des Moines Iowa today. 

Since the unanimous Iowa Supreme Court decision last year ruling that excluding same-sex couples from the freedom to marry is unconstitutional, and Gay Marriage has been legal in Iowa since, the issue has largely faded as a controversy.  Until today.

The focus of today’s NOM rally in Des Moines was on the “secretive” and “backdoor” tactics used by equality activists to pass marriage in Iowa.  (And if anyone knows about secretive backdoor activities it’s most certainly Brian Brown)

“Here in Iowa, you’re being told that you don’t have the right to vote, Brown said. “It’s really a very simple concept, if you want to change something so fundamental . . . At the very least, let the people have their say at the ballot box.” ( Perhaps weshoulkd put to a vote that all fat blonf male closeted bigots be shipped to Uganda?  See ya Brian!)

After that Tamara Scott, Iowa State Director of Concerned Women for America, took athe religious track and also acknowledged the Tea Party. “Today I’m going to talk to you as a private citizen . . . a concerned mother . . . a taxpayer…….I’d rather be hated [by man] than be a stench in the nostrils of God Almighty.”It’s time to put your pinky down, put down the teacup and have an energy drink.”. (Tamara that stench is you)

All in all it was typoical NOM bullshi with Buttboy Brian Brown ending in the standard chant “Let Us Vote”.  (*Yaaaaawn)

Later sanity finally began to return to Des Moines when One Iowa  along with over 300  equality activists and their families held a short rally about an hour later 2 miles away after the NOMBIES  left the State House.  (I can hear the fake “Breaking News” cast now.  “As the NOM Bus pulled out of Iowa 300 angry gay radical activist joined together in “mind power” to give our fearless leader Brian Brown a case of indegestion telepathically)

The One Iowa rally was filled with balloons, rainbow flags and love.  A stark contrast from NOM’s hateful anti-civil rights and fire and brimstone message.

Source:  NOM Tour Tracker

Brian Brown Speaks At The National Organization For Marriage’s Rochester, MN. MASSIVE FAIL Tour Stop

There were a whopping 18 NOM attendees, 9 NOM staffers/volunteers, and 2 priests who showed up at The National Organization For Marriage’s latest Tour Stop in another deserted parking lot of the middle of nowhere at the New Life Worship Center in Rochester, MN

Arisha of The NOM Tour Tracker caught up with Brian Brown and as his fashion Brian talked out of both siodes of his mouth and actually tried to pull in Dr. Martin Luther King into his argument about religon and the seperation of Chruch and State and when that didn’t work resorted to talking about what if William Wilberforce listened to those telling him not to bring his religion into the public square.  (Because we all know that Wilberforce,  a prominent British abolitionist.has so much to do with “gay marriage” argument}

Brian, when you put a speaker in front of your podium, with your banner draped across it, you are endorsing everything that speaker says. That person is speaking FOR YOUR CAUSE!  Every degrading comment made by those speakers can now be attributed to NOM.

Also as for you’re it’s all about  “protecting or preserving traditional marriage” BULLSHIT about the sactity of marriage” bullshit.  Then why did NOM’s tour divert to South Bend, IN for the city counsil hearings considering an ordinance that would disallow discrimination against gays in the workplace? Isn’t NOM’s white trash, white washed washed agenda simply cover for the complete marginalization of homosexuals?

Just hoe stupid do you think everyone is?

The New National Orgainzation For Marriage Tour’s Fake Newcast Propoganda Video

The National Organization For Marriage is Toyko Rose-ing it again with another obviously heavily edited fake propoganda new segment.

This is actually really ridiculous and stupid.  Anyone other than thier mindless NOMBIE followers can see the editing and audio tricks they are using, thats how badly made they are.  .Take for example how they obviously raised the the channel volume of our protestors chants to drown out the Lords Prayer. 

Watch the propoganda “Breaking News” piece of crap below.

So pathetic, and desperate. so evil.

The National Organization For Marriage’s HATE-APOLOOZA Pulls Into Saint Paul, Minnesota With Robo Calls, Donation Pleas, And Homophobe Wingnut Minnesota Pastor Brad Brandon

Via The NOM Tour Tracker and Good As You  comes this news and video update about The National Organization For Marriage’s HATE-APOLOOZA pulling into Saint Paul, Minnesota .

Whille NOM had it’s biggest turnout to date coming in at about 163 NOMBIES showing up over 217 equality supporters showed up to outnumber NOM supporters. The largest contingent of equality supporters stood behind the NOM rally before marching up the steps and inside the State House for thier own rally

But in what can only be described as NOM showing its true hate for gays and lesbians it invited as a special guest speaker anti-gay Minnesota Pastor Brad Brandon who has in th past (and there is audio eveidence to suppot this up both at Good As You and at the NOM Tracker) has bee quoted comparing gays to alcoholics,. Has directly likening gay people to adulterers and pedophiles, Claimed that Gays are indoctrinating with Dora and Bob The Builder, thanks to guiding influence from folks like Satan and Hitler:, and last but not least ““A group of homosexuals were here and they were teaching a group of high school students that masturbation was okay right here in this rotunda! This must stop! We are the LAST STAND!” (What a freaking asshole.)

Also it’s been learned  that NOM, in advance of their planned stop in Des Moines this upcoming Sunday, is running robocalls in Iowa asking for matching funds to a $2 million “challenge grant” they have received, according to the Newton Independent. The funds will be used to “oust state lawmakers and judges who do not oppose same-sex marriages.”

So head on over to Good As You and the NOM Tracker and check out the FULL Update, Videos, and Audio of what REALLY went on in St. Paul Minnesota.  (I tell you Mary, Rhoda, Phyliss and Sue Ann Nivens would have a shitfit if they were real.) 

Homo Say What? – Peter And Leslie Wolfgang Of The Family Institute of Connecticut Talk About Their Ordeal At The Hands Of Gay “Marriage” Fascists

First off Peter and Leslie need to understand the actual meaning of the word “facist”

Fascism, pronounced /ˈfæʃɪzəm/, is a radical and authoritarian nationalist political ideology. Fascists seek to organize a nation according to corporatist perspectives, values, and systems, including the political system and the economy.Fascism was originally founded by Italian national syndicalists in World War I who combined left-wing and right-wing political views, but it gravitated to the political right in the early 1920s] Scholars generally consider fascism to be on the far right of the conventional left-right political spectrum

Okay not that that is out of the way……..

Over at the Family Institute of Connecticut Blog Peter And Leslie Wolfgang leave a ‘harrowing” first person account of the horrific ordeal that they and their children endured at NOM-Rhode Island’s pro-marriage rally in Providence this past Sunday at the “hands of “gay marriage facist”

“They were actually organized so that they would stand still as a group (about 400 it seemed to me), then march forward in unison toward our group. Pause, chant, march…pause, chant, march. I was wise enough not to stare, but I will not forget the images of my oldest children: Isaac, Katharine & Elizabeth, clutching their friends’ hands and holding each other, mouths agape, looking quite terrified at the incoming crowd. They kept asking “who are they?”, “why do they have a rainbow flag?”, “are they coming here?”, “where’s Frannie?” I have never seen them so scared and I’m rather mad at myself for having put them there. I had no idea the worst was still to come.

The red gays, as I will call them, tromped from their “permitted” area – i.e. the area they had a permit to congregate at the front of the Capitol Building–down a side street about 500 feet away from us at the back of the building. I didn’t realize anything was happening until the speaker asked that we focus on our rally and not spectate. The street with the protesters was parallel to where we were standing and we could watch them chant tremendously loud with bullhorns, stomp, and wave their umbrellas (I happen to own one of these umbrellas that I now want to chuck) all the way down to our street level. Having little children I tend to stand near the back of all public gatherings. Suddenly three squad cars pulled onto the grass behind me and the children. The protesters eventually gathered about 100 feet behind us. Between us and them were the 3 police cars, hastily parked. The incoming protesters gathered at the end of this grassy area near the street and, though upset that they were permitted to gather so close and interrupt our rally (Jennifer Rorback Morse was giving a talk about adoption), I thought surely they would not come any closer. I was used to CT, where the police forcefully keep each rally on their side of the capitol. Not so in rough and tumble RI.”

It’s an intresting piece of fiction.  )The 400 were actually 8 people who stood in silent protest.)  It’s badly written also. ( I guess thats what comes from home schooling)

For those of you who don’t know Leslie Wolfgang, whose husband Peter is with the Family Institute of Connecticut (and also  Brian Brown’s former employer). The Wolfgangs are part of the “pro-family” movement. This story, like the others she has told the press and to others, is clearly done with a political purpose

Hop on over to thier disgusting website and have a look at her full piece of fiction.  It’s a hoot

Leave a message and tell them Wolf sent you!

Peaceful Lesbian Counter-Protestor Assaulted By National Organization For Marriage Supporter At Indiannapolis Rally

At NOM’s Indiannapolis Stop on thier “One Man, One Woman” Anti-Gay HATE-APOLOOZA Tour where one NOM supporter held aloft a sign quotiing Leviticus which had a picture of two nooses and was inscribed “How To Deal With Homosexual Marriage”, now coms the news that a peaceful lesbian counterportester was actually physically assaulted and punched in the stomach by one of the NOM members.

Watch the video below from the NOM Tour Tracker as Alice Hennigmen descibes what happened.to her.