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AFTHA’s “Porno Pete” LaBarbera: The Government Should Stop Pushing Condoms And Let Them All Die Of AIDS

porno pete


“The question is, if we know what behavior is causing these diseases, why don’t we encourage people not to practice the behaviors? Homosexuality, especially among men, is vastly overrepresented in HIV cases, so the government should be taking steps to discourage men and boys from practicing homosexual behavior.  We’re in a situation now where the government is encouraging groups to pass out condoms at homosexual clubs, as if that’s going to stop the disease. I mean, basically, we’ve done everything but publicly discourage men from practicing homosexuality. Instead the CDC goes around talking about stigma and ‘homophobia.’ This is really a politically protected class of disease because of its association. – American’s for Truth About Homosexuality’s hate group leader “Porno Pete” Peter LaBarbera, quoted by the AFA newsite OneNewsNow.


Too bad they weren’t pushing condoms when you were conceived you evil fucking douchebag.