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Google+ To Hold “State of our Unions” Hangout Series On Same Sex Marriage – Join the Conversation!

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With only 1 week to go before the Supreme Court begins hearing oral arguments on the issue of same-sex marriage Google+ Hangouts will discussing the issues related to the same-sex marriage debate starting March 20th  and running through the Supreme Courts oral arguments on March 28th.

The “State of our Unions” Hangout series will include Washington Post journalists and writers such as Chris Cillizza, Nia Malika-Henderson, Jonathan Capehart, Liz Tenety and Robert Barnes as well as participating organizations The Advocate, The Center for American Progress, The Family Equality Council, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, The Heritage Foundation, SCOTUSblog, and Third Way (#stateofourunion).

State of our Unions hosted by The Washington Post

  • March 20 – Tell it to me straight: The facts behind the cases
  • March 21 – Evolving Conversations: Is this the new civil rights movement?
  • March 22 – Keeping Faith: The role religion plays in the gay marriage debate
  • March 26 – Getting Real: What are the real-life impacts of these decisions?
  • March 27 – Arguments made — now what?

The Pride Plus Google+ Community will also cover the topic with “At Last? A Marriage Equality Hangout Series”, taking your questions and debating them among their panel of activists and LGBT nonprofits (#Time4Marriage). At Last? A Marriage Equality Hangout Series hosted by Pride Plus

  • March 22 – Why “Marriage” Matters
  • March 25 – Real Couples, Real Stories
  • March 28 – If we win? If we lose?

So whether you’re an advocate, activist, political junkie, or just someone who wants to talk  express your opinion,and get involved.  Check out this Google+ Hangout series and  join the conversation or use the hashtags #supremecourt and #gaymarriage on Twitter to follow along and talk.