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Tea Party Distributes Anti-Gay Flyer Attacking Democrat Ralph Northam In Virginia State Senate Race

John McManus over at AltDaily has brought to light a disgusting anti-gay smear campaign flyer that has been making its way around Virgina via the Tea Party attacking Democratic Senator Ralph Northam who is up for re-election against Ben Loyola who is runing on the GOP/Tea Party ticket.

McManus writes:

Yesterday in Norfolk a particularly egregious unattributed flyer asked five rambling, incoherent questions about whether Ralph Northam knows that “Homosexuals/Gays molest children into the gay life style,” that “Homosexuals/Gays work with an organization that supports the molesting of children,” that “Homosexuals/Gays spread most of the Aids in America.” Preposterous as this may sound, there’s a reason the Tea Party is distributing these flyers: in political races, lying works. Ben Loyola’s campaign denies involvement, but as whoever passed out the flyers knows, this strategy out of Karl Rove’s handbook libelous attack politics will help Loyola.

Loyola who is running on the Tea Party platform to end corporate taxation, end the income tax and end he Department of Education denies any involvement. ( Loyola’s website calls marriage a “a sacred tinstitution reserved by God to only exist between one man and one woman.”)

If Republicans gain just three seats, they will flip the Virgina State Senate giving ReTHUGlican Gov. Bob McDonnell the numbers that he needs to enact the ultra-conservative agenda he so desperately wants.