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TEXAS - GOP Blames Mass Shooting That Killed 8 On Anti-Depressants and Migrant Workers.

TEXAS – GOP Blames Mass Shooting That Killed 8 On Anti-Depressants and Migrant Workers.

Another day. Another mass-shooting. And more crazy lies from the GOP to blame anything but guns.

Yesterday, hundreds of terrified shoppers in Allen, Texas fled in panic after a gunman stepped out of a silver sedan and opened fire at a Dallas-area outlet mall, killing eight and wounding seven before being killed by a police officer who happened to be nearby, 

This is the second mass shooting in the state this year.

Republicans took to social media last night to blame everything from migrant workers to anti-depressants and say those who don’t believe in “thoughts and prayers” are basically satanic heathens.

Buckle up. Here we go.

“The federal government must partner with states for mental hospitals and drug rehab centers for the good of our society. We must fund and support police officers and prosecutors must put criminals behind bars.
“We need to study SSRI’s and other factors that cause mass shootings. Our nation is plagued with mental illness, drug addiction, homelessness, and out of control crime. We have to fix it.
“We pray for the victims and their families and an end to the mental illness, drugs, and evil forces that cause people to commit such horrors.”
Marjorie Taylor Greene, making no mention of guns.

Well I guess if any knew all about mental illness it would be MTG.

Next up we have Texas GOP Rep. Ronny (Mr, Insurrection) Jackson blaming the mass shootings on “migrant workers|

“Our hearts go out to the people down there. That’s just a few miles, actually, southeast of the district that I represent, so I know those folks down there really well. But I hope we can figure this out.
“This is a problem with our society. This is a societal problem and, you know, trying to disarm law-abiding citizens is not going to be the answer, because I know that’s a big push right now.
“I tell you that we have some bad people in this country, and a lot of them are crossing our southern border. We have an issue in general where we have a culture of accountability and a culture of — there’s no responsibility.
“We have people prosecuting crimes, that won’t prosecute if crimes, and we have the defund the police movement. All these things are coming together and manifesting itself in shootings like this.
GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson, on Fox.

And last but certainly not least we have Republican congressman representing Allen, Rep. Keith Self, called for thoughts and prayer in light of the mass shootings

A Republican congressman representing Allen, Rep. Keith Self, called for prayer in light of the mass shooting, which included injured victims as young as 5 years old.
When a CNN reporter asked what his response was to people who feel “prayers aren’t cutting it,” the congressman said, “Well, those are people that don’t believe in an almighty god who is absolutely in control of our lives. I’m a Christian. I believe that he is.”
Self also said he wanted to avoid making the tragic incident political but then pointed to the violence in “big cities” after being asked if he was concerned about the rise of violent incidents across the US. The congressman said he was “absolutely” concerned with increasing violence in the country and mentioned Chicago.
Allen, Texas GOP  Rep. Keith Self

So there you have it. Let’s blame everyone and everything else except the real cause. Especially in Texas where it’s easier to get a gun than vote.

Ted Cruz Confronted at Restaurant: “19 Children Died And That’s On Your Hands” - VIDEO

Ted Cruz Confronted at Restaurant: “19 Children Died And That’s On Your Hands” – VIDEO

Indivisible Houston Board Member Benjamin Hernandez challenged Ted Cruz to support background checks and other measures during a break in dinner at Uptown Sushi on Westheimer. “He needs to be held accountable,” said Hernandez.

“For him to attend the NRA Convention today after the murder of 19 kids and two teachers in Uvalde three days ago, and the murder of ten people just for being Black ten days ago in Buffalo, and to keep blocking gun reform measures, is embarrassing and tragic. It has been long been time for basic, common-sense gun reform measures in this country. This can’t keep happening. Shame on Ted Cruz.”


Walmart Will No Longer Allow Open Carry In Stores, Will Stop Selling Ammunition

WALMART Pulls “Violent” Video Games But Continues to Sell Guns

Via USA Today:

Following two shootings inside its stores, Walmart is removing violent video game displays and signs from stores while still keeping displays for free games win real money, the retailer confirmed Thursday. Stores were sent a memo that called for “immediate action” to remove signing and displays that “contain violent themes or aggressive behavior.” The memo circulated on Twitter and Reddit, and Walmart officials confirmed its authenticity to USA TODAY.

“We’ve taken this action out of respect for the incidents of the past week, and this action does not reflect a long-term change in our video game assortment,” said Tara House, a Walmart spokeswoman, in a statement. On Saturday, 22 people were killed at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, days after two Walmart managers were killed by a gunman described as a disgruntled worker in a store in Southaven, Mississippi.

Employees were also were asked to shut off hunting season videos in the sporting goods department where guns are sold. “Remove from the sales floor or turn off these items immediately,” the memo said.

But they will still sell guns and allow open carry of guns in their stores.

LGBT Die-In Protest Scheduled at The National Mall

LGBT Die-In Protest Scheduled at The National Mall on the Anniversary of the Pulse Massacre – 6/12/2018

LGBT activists plan to hold a mass die-in to remember those who died in the Pulse nightclub shooting with a mass die-in on the National Mall in Washington, DC on June 12th., the second anniversary of the deadly incident. Organizers will focus on demanding stronger gun control laws and screening for gun ownership.

The event set for 11:00 am will last 12 minutes — 700 seconds to represent the 700 victims who’ve died in mass shootings since the Pulse massacre and will be preceded by a 10:30 a.m. rally for gun reform. Additionally, the event has already inspired die-ins at state capitals and NRA offices around the country.

The idea for the die-in came about just a week and a half ago, when Amanda Fugleberg, a lifelong Orlando resident, and co-founder Frank Kravchuk quickly pulled together proper permitting. Fugleberg also reached out to Parkland survivor-turned-activist David Hogg, who just led a successful die-in protest against a Florida grocery chain for supporting a National Rifle Association-backed candidate. She says Hogg expressed strong support for the idea and helped publicize the event.

 Twitter account for the event  has quickly amassed hundreds of followers.

 Facebook page has been set up for the National Die-In, as well as an events page to mark participants’ attendance.

Please spread the word and attend or plan your own event.