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Tony Perkins’ and FRC Hate Group’s Fiscal Money Beg: Give Us $2.5 Mil So We Can Save You From The BIG GAY!

Family Research Council

Who stands for YOU when the attacks come?

Who stands for you?

$500,000 Matching Grant doubles your gift to help us stand up for you when anti-faith forces in Washington attack

Dear XXXX,

I could sum up the first nine months of 2015 in one short sentence:

You have become a target of the most powerful institutions in America.

Americans like you were once rightly seen as the moral glue helping to hold our nation together.

Not anymore. Today the Obama administration, radical organizations like the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, and many major corporations see you and your family as the problem with America.

Your biblical morality is labeled as “hate” on par with racism. Yourfreedom is labeled as “discrimination” worthy of boycotts and threats.Your faith in God is called backward, harmful, and in some casesunlawful.

With such wealthy, powerful forces attacking your deepest values and your personal freedom, WHO STANDS FOR YOU?

The answer is Family Research Council . . . which is why I’m asking that you make a donation now to help FRC reach our $2.5 million goal by the end of our fiscal year on September 30, so we can keep standing strong at this pivotal point in our nation’s history. A $500,000 Matching Grant will make every dollar go twice as far. It’s critical we achieve our September 30 goal to strengthen our advocacy for you where it counts the most.

FRC has a respected collection of seasoned experts influencing the halls of power in Washington, D.C. . . . arguing your case in the national media . . . activating the grassroots in states across the country . . . and informing and mobilizing over 10,000 pastors and churches.

I am incredibly humbled by the strategic influence God has entrusted to FRC.

I don’t take our influence for granted. Our board, staff and I are constantly evaluating how to make the most of every opportunity and then praying for God to do “exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20).

That is why I’m asking you to give in response to our $500,000 Matching Grant and our $2.5 million goal.

I also ask myself, “What if FRC wasn’t here at this moment of American history?”

Who would be representing your values and religious freedom daily in meetings on Capitol Hill? Or statehouses? Or on FOX, CBS, in major newspapers, or in the media?

Who would be building a massive network of pastors and churches—educating them on how to push back in a biblical manner against the most dangerous governmental campaign of hostility against Christianity in our nation’s history?

Who would be handing members of Congress and news reporters the difference-making research showing the value of Christianity to our society . . . debunking the propaganda of the radical Left think tanks, the liberal talking heads and the relentless “Progressive” activist groups?

Right now we are in a 24-hour-a-day struggle for the future of religious freedom and influence in America. Every day the pressure is on.

I thank God He has provided supporters like you at this moment.

And I pray you will respond generously to our $500,000 Matching Grant opportunity and our $2.5 million need with a timely gift now. We will put it to use immediately defending your faith, family and freedom.

Please help—and please know that with the help of supporters like you, FRC will continue to stand for you in the most strategic places of power in America.

Standing (Ephesians 6:13),

Tony Perkins

P.S. What if FRC wasn’t here at this “gut-check” moment of history? Who would stand for you in Congress, national media and state capitals? Who would provide the research and make the arguments to push back against the deception and bully tactics of the radical Left? Please give now to help us achieve our $2.5 million fiscal year-end goal by September 30. Every gift will be doubled by our matching grant. Thank you!

Hatin’ sure doesn’t come cheap!

Glenn Schabel (l) and Ira Gross (r)

4 Men Busted In $274M Medicaid Grift Preying On AIDS Patients And Reselling HIV Meds

A pharmacist and three others of  MOMS Pharmacy, a nationwide HIV drug marketing business have been arrested in Long Island, New York for reselling life saving HIV medications which had been paid for by Medicaid

A pharmacist at the high-volume national HIV drug marketing business, which has sites in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and on Long Island, is charged along with three outside conspirators of running a $274 million black market venture. By relabeling prescription drugs of uncertain quality and origin, the defendants allegedly preyed on patients with HIV and cost the Medicaid program $155 million in New York. MOMS, whose parent is listed as Allion Healthcare, a Melville, L.I.-based company, billed New York State Medicaid for at least $155 million for these unusable drugs, according to New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The AG’s office says Allion cooperated in the investigation.

Glenn Schabel (left) and Ira Gross (right)
Glenn Schabel (left) and Ira Gross (right)

Charged with taking bribes is Glenn Schabel of Melville, the supervising pharmacist and compliance officer for MOMS, a company that puts together daily-dose packages of HIV drugs. The company advertises itself as offering “The best HIV/AIDS pharmacy care available” and will deliver drugs directly to patients’ homes.

Another licensed pharmacist, Babylon, L.I.-based Ira Gross is said to have brokered the sale of these drugs, which may have been stolen, expired, or improperly reused after being obtained from the patients for whom they were prescribed.

A Florida resident, Stephen Manuel Costa, is said to have created four separate entities to masquerade as wholesale distributors to sell the illegally obtained drugs.

The fourth defendant, Texas-based Harry Abolafia, is charged with creating false invoices to legitimize the transactions with the bogus wholesalers.

So disgusting and despicable words fail me.