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Kindred Foundation to Still Hold Disney Gay Days, Begs LGBTQ Attendance After “Don’t Say Gay” Disaster

Working with One Magical Weekend (They Gay Days Circuit Party around Disney, ) The KindRED Pride Foundation which wanted to expand on the traditional Gay Days and ask that all LGBTQ visitors wear RED t-shirts to identify each other are BOTH going ahead with this years Gay Day’s and sending out emails telling attendees to ignore all calls for boycott despite the fact that the Walt Disney Company threw the states LGBTQ kids under the bus and helped set gay rights back more than 30 years in Florida.\

BOTH groups should be utterly embarrassed and ashamed to be holding such an event after Disney turned it’s back on our community. But it seems greed trumps civil rights to the money hungry vapid queens who run Gay Days and those gays who have too much money, have no empathy, and no respect for others or themselves.

2022 Sponsorship Kit - ONE MAGICAL WEEKEND

A NYC sex party called “ANONYMOUS,” takes place at a secret location in Brooklyn is facing a botoom rebellion for charging TOPS a smaller admission price than BOTTOMS because they need a "huge ratio of tops to bottoms" and the bottoms are not taking it all that well.

Bottom Backlash: NYC Sex Party Charges Tops Less Than Bottoms, Bottoms Refuse To Take It Sitting Down

A NYC sex party called “ANONYMOUS,” takes place at a secret location in Brooklyn is facing a botoom rebellion for charging TOPS a smaller admission price than BOTTOMS because they need a “huge ratio of tops to bottoms” and the bottoms are not taking it all that well.

Like most sex parties in the new Disneyland called New York, sex parties are advertised discreetly, with interested customers invited to email the organizer for further details.

But some took umbrage with the latest flyer for the sex party states entry as $25 for tops and $65 for bottoms.

ANONYMOUS promoter Luke (who asked not to use his full name) revealed he has been inspired to create the event by an attendee at one of his other parties ‘who is a self-identfied cumdump.’

“The way the party works is that bottoms volunteer as a cumdump, they are placed into position for the entirety of the party and stay there as long as they want,” Luke explains. “I’m a big big old bottom, and this has always been a fantasy of mine, but for it to work — and for the experience to be achieved for the cumdump bottoms — we need a huge ratio of tops to bottoms, which means discounting admission for anyone who wants to top.

In terms of policing the event I have staff throughout the space. We do regular check-ins with our bottoms to make sure they are feeling safe, comfortable, taken care of properly and if they need bathroom breaks or to take a time out we can help them do that.”

One source said, “The same party promoters did the exact same thing a few months ago with their spanking/impact play party ‘WELTS’ and tried to charge doms more than subs. And when people called them out they said it was ‘because subs are usually younger and need more financial help.’”

Supply and demand? Or Is this about greedy bottoms or top privilege?

If you can stop laughing sound off in the comments below.


Missouri GOP Governor Eric Greitens Cuts $10 Minimum Wage to $7.70


Today in “All Republicans are Douchebags”.

Missouri’s Republican Governor Eric Greitens , at the eleventh hour, signed his first budget into law Friday, June 30, 2017, and announced that the $10 minimum wage increase that St. Louis  low-wage workers began to receive two months ago, would roll back to $7.70 on August 28, 2017.

St. Louis originally passed a minimum wage hike two years ago, prompting business groups to sue to stop it in court. The Missouri Supreme Court recently ruled that the St. Louis measure was lawful, but the new state preemption law renders it irrelevant. 

After St. Louis leaders raised the wage floor for workers within city limits, the state GOP recently passed what’s known as a statewide “preemption” law, forbidding localities from taking such matters into their own hands. 

When asked about the minimum wage increase, Gov. Grietens responded with the usual gloomy economic talking point: “It will kill jobs, and despite what you hear from liberals, it will take money out of the people’s pockets.”

As shown from earlier reports, data from San Francisco and Santa Fe, two cities with the longest history of having a higher minimum wage, revealed no statistically significant negative effects on employment or hours (including low-wage industries).

Sierra Parker, a janitor and member of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Local 1, in a written statement, said:

“Governor Greitens’ announcement shows his decision was never about Missouri’s working families. It was always about lowering wages and making his rich donors happy. The $10 minimum wage has already changed my life for the better. Now, Governor Greitens intends to take money out of the pockets of more than 35,000 St. Louis working families. For me and so many others, that means going back to living paycheck to paycheck. He thinks he can sneak his decision by us over the holiday, but this doesn’t change anything. Working people will keep up the fight to hold him accountable.”

Philly Pride Defiantly Rufuses To Change It's Date For National March: We're Not Canceling for D.C. March

Philly Pride Defiantly Rufuses To Change It’s Date For National March: We’re Not Canceling for D.C. March

Philly Pride Defiantly Rufuses To Change It's Date For National March: We're Not Canceling for D.C. March

The organizers of Philadelphia’s LGBT Pride weekend have stated that they have no intention of canceling their annual  LGBT Pride event because of a planned march mass LGBT March on Washington, D.C. rights that falls on the same date.

In a statement on its website and a follow-up post on Facebook, Philly Pride Presents said that there was no way to change the date of its June festivities, which run from Friday, June 9, to Sunday, June 11th.

Philly Pride said in a statement Wednesday that the march threatens to significantly cut the attendance of its festivities that weekend, the proceeds of which are used to fund other events, like OutFest in October.

“This event was proposed by a single individual without consultation with local Pride organizations, many of which have their events that weekend,” the statement read, claiming that the D.C. pride group has a clear incentive to join forces with the recently planned march since it is likely to increase attendance at its weekend activities.

“Make no mistake about it, this event was spontaneously scheduled without any due consideration of those of us who work so hard to keep our local voices heard,” the statement read.

PhillyVoice columnist Natalie Hope McDonald wrote that Frannie Price, operator of Philly Pride Presents, has already put out a call to action on Facebook asking Philly’s LGBT community to petition Capital Pride (the main organizer of the June march in D.C.) to consider holding the National March on a different date (May, July or September, Price suggests).

Thursday, Philly Pride reiterated on Facebook that it would not alter its plans, despite many people contacting organizers about that possibility.

“Yes, all Pride groups support the concept of a National Pride March, and we have suggested a variety of alternate dates for same wherein we can partner to make the National March much more successful,” the post read. “No, it is simply impossible for us (and other gay pride organizations) to change long existing dates.”

Philadelphia is  2-3  hours from the Nation’s Capital.




UPDATE – BAMBOOZELED!: North Carolina GOP Senate Intro’s Bill That Would Repeal HB2 But Would Block New Local LGBT Rights Laws And Doesn’t Vote On It

Bait-And-Switch: North Carolina GOP Senate Intro’s Bill That Would Repeal HB2 But Would Block New Local LGBT Rights Laws

After the Charlotte, North Carolina City Council caved this week and repealed their LGBT rights ordinances in a  deal with North Carolina’s GOP Senate to repeal the hateful HB2 bill that has cost thee state millions of dollars in revenue from tourism, entertainment profits, and conventions.  State Senate leader Phil Berger who is the primary sponsor of legislation filed Wednesday that would repeal the law passed in March dictating which bathroom transgender people must use and limiting LGBT protections has used the old bait-and switch.

The new legislation would repeal HB2 but would also block local governments from passing ordinances regulating LGBT  employment practices or public accommodations related to restrooms, showers or changing facilities for six months.

No other city or county in North Carolina other than Charlotte has any form of LGBT protection law on the books.

The six months’ delay, really, is probably a tactic to give the Republicans more time to think up other ways to discriminate against North Carolina’s  LGBT community and get tourism back on track. Also to stop Charlotte from re-voting for LGBT protections as soon as possible. But now  LGBT North Carolinian’s will be left with no legal protections in a state that has proven to be hostile and discriminatory to them.

Even though the American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU of North Carolina, Lambda Legal and the law firm of Jenner & Block were challenging H.B. 2 in federal court  but now that Charlotte, North Carolina has caved mostly because of the states loss of income more than anything else, LGBT ‘s in that state are left with no protections at all at the very least for 6 months.

If HB2 would have gone to the Supreme Court to battle as planned and the court found the measure was born of animus, it would have been struck down.  HB2 is a constitutional monstrosity.

One of Anthony Kennedy’s favorite legal maxims comes from The Common Lawby Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.: “Even a dog distinguishes between being stumbled over and being kicked.

And North Carolina you have been kicked repeatedly.



After recessing much of the afternoon, it seems lawmakers might be abandoning any attempt to pass anything. It seems that without the support of Democrats, there were not enough Republican votes to actually pass the repeal bill that includes a “cooling off period.” If that holds true into the evening, the NC GOP will have not only failed to pass a shoddy HB2 repeal bill; they will have failed to pass any repeal bill at all…

…At 6:20 p.m., the Senate approved an amendment to the repeal bill extending the six-month moratorium on local protections until the end of the 2017 legislative session. In other words, the deal got worse, because North Carolina Republicans refuse to vote for a bill that will still allow cities to protect LGBT people from discrimination.

*UPDATE II: The ACLU and Lambda Legal condemned lawmakers:

“The General Assembly and Governor McCrory are playing political chicken, and North Carolinians continue to lose for it. It is an outrage that North Carolina’s lawmakers could not follow the mandate of the voters and repeal H.B. 2,” said Simone Bell, Southern Regional Director at Lambda Legal. As long as H.B. 2 is on the books, thousands of LGBT people who call North Carolina home, especially transgender people, are being discriminated against and will never feel safe. This was a counterproductive exercise in reaffirming to the rest of the country that North Carolina wants to remain mired in this divisive dispute.

“It is a shame that North Carolina’s General Assembly is refusing to clean up the mess they made. The support for the LGBT community from political leaders, faith leaders, businesses, and everyday people that has emerged this year will not fade. These attempts to expel transgender people from public life will not be tolerated,” said James Esseks, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s LGBT & HIV Project. “The legislature may not be willing to undo their unconstitutional overreach and respect the rights of LGBT people, so we’ll just have to see them in court.”

After the North Carolina GOP controlled Senates shameful behavior and lies. Back2Stonewall.com calls for the boycott of the state of the state of North Carolina to continue and be escalated. 


UPDATE: Judge Blocks Building Sale By Greedy Relatives In Gay Senior Man’s Estate Battle In New York City

Tom Doyle (pictured above) and his partner, Bill Cornwell, lived together in a three-story West Village brownstone for 55 years. Now that Cromwell has passed his greedy relatives are contesting the will, a legal battle that could force Doyle out of the home the men shared which is valued in todays market at over 7 million dollars.

In a promising first step for a gay man fighting to keep the Village home he shared with his late partner for 53 years, a Surrogate Court judge has blocked the property’s sale by the dead man’s relatives and ordered them to show cause why Tom Doyle, as their uncle’s “surviving spouse,” should not be declared the “sole heir.”

On Nov. 1, Judge Nora Anderson issued a temporary restraining against four nieces and nephews of William Cornwell selling the 69 Horatio St. townhouse he bought in 1979. Anderson’s order gave them until Nov. 18 to “show cause.”

As Back2Stonewall reported last month Cornwell and Doyle began their relationship in 1958. Cornwell bought them wedding rings after New York legalized same-sex marriage in 2011. According to Doyle, Cornwell’s declining health kept them from going to the city Marriage Bureau before Cornwell’s death in 2014.

Cornwell left Doyle the building in his will, but it had only one witness, not the required two. But Cronwell’s family refused to honor the will and instead claimed that the two men were “just good friends” and  entered into  contract with a buyer to sell the brownstone for more than $7 million, the cousins offered to let Doyle, 85, stay there for five years and pay him $250,000 from the building’s sale.

Attorneys Arthur Z. Schwartz and Jamie L. Wolf filed suit claiming the men’s vacations in Pennsylvania made them common-law spouses there.

“The temporary restraining order by the surrogate,” Schwartz said, “indicates that, at least, based on our papers, she believes we have made a plausible legal case that they were married.”

READ the original story here:  Greedy Relatives Try To Seize Elderly Gay Man’s Home After Partner Of 55 Years Passes Away In NYC

Greedy Relatives Try To Seize Elderly Gay Man’s Home After Partner Of 55 Years Passes Away In NYC

Greedy Relatives Try To Sieze Elderly Gay Man's Home After Partner Of 55 Years Passes Away In NYC

Tom Doyle (pictured above) and his partner, Bill Cornwell, lived together in a three-story West Village brownstone for 55 years. Now that Cromwell has passed his greedy relatives are contesting the will, a legal battle that could force Doyle out of the home the men shared which is valued in todays market at over 7 million dollars.

Cornwell, who passed away at the age of 88 in 2014, left Doyle everything in his will. There was, though, just one problem: The document was only signed by one person—Doyle’s niece, Sheila McNichols. Without a second signature on the will, it’s legally invalid. That means that claims on the home goes to his next of kin.

Cornwell’s family, thus, argue that they have a legal right to own, operate, or sell the building if they so please.

“He had 50 years to put Tom’s name on any of these papers,” Carole DeMaio, Cornwell’s niece told The New York Times. “The will was never a valid will.” DeMaio further claimed that the two—despite their many years of cohabitation—were never a couple. She said that they were just “friends” or “great companions.”

“I’m not so concerned about the money, I’m more concerned about a roof over my head for the rest of my life, and I wouldn’t have to be in a nursing home,” Mr. Doyle, 85, said, as he sat outside the cluttered one-bedroom apartment he shared with Mr. Cornwell. “As long as I am here, I have all the familiar surroundings. It’s almost as if Bill is still here.”

Another issue is that the men, who lived most of their life together at a time when same-sex marriage was illegal, never wed.

Wedding rings were purchased at the time gay marriage became legal in New York State, but never used. Going to City Hall to get married felt like a strain to the couple, particularly for Mr. Cornwell, who had heart problems, Mr. Doyle said. And, after so much time together, it also felt unnecessary.

One niece of Mr. Cromwell’s, Shelia McNichols, had attempted to abide by her uncle’s wishes by assigning her piece of the inheritance to Mr. Doyle, but the rest of Mr. Cornwell’s relatives chose not to go along, and instead offered a contract that would allow him to remain in thier garden-level apartment, at a rent of $10 a month, for five years. He would also receive $250,000 from the eventual sale of the building after he filed suit against them  in the  Surrogate’s Court in Manhattan, asserting his claim to the building.

Arthur Z. Schwartz, a lawyer who is representing Mr. Doyle, said there was legal precedent claiming that the two men were in a “common law marriage’’ — even though New York State does not legally recognize such arrangements. But Pennsylvania, which the couple visited in 1991 to buy their dog Bingo — a symbol of their commitment — did recognize common law marriages until 2005, the suit argues. As a result, Pennsylvania law at the time should apply.

The situation has left Tom Doyle frightened, feeling a loss of control over his life and suspicious of people he once considered his extended family. “It’s as if I’ve been deserted,’’ he said. “I don’t hate them, but they are fighting over what is legally mine and Bill’s.’


And Now Backpage’s CEO Is Arrested On Charges Of Pimping And Conspiracy – #SexPanic

And Now Backpage’s CEO Is Arrested On Charges Of Pimping And Conspiracy - #SexPanic


Coming on the heels of the RENTBOY bust and  CEO Jeffrey Hurant pleading guilty to promoting prostitution — which could land him 10 years in prison and a $10 million dollar fine.  Backpage.com CEO Carl Ferrer has been charged with nine counts of “pimping, attempted pimping, and criminal conspiracy,” according to AVN.

The charges revolve around Backpage’s large escort ads, which cater to both men and women. Organized much in the same way as Craigslist’s discontinued adult section, the ads aren’t much racier than what you’d find in the back pages of any “alternative” weekly, hence the name.

“Raking in millions of dollars from the trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable victims is outrageous, despicable and illegal,” said Attorney General (Kamilia) Harris in a press release announcing the criminal charges. “Backpage and its executives purposefully and unlawfully designed Backpage to be the world’s top online brothel. Thank you to the California Department of Justice Special Agents, investigators, attorneys, and our partners in law enforcement who have worked tirelessly to bring the operators of this online brothel to justice and protect thousands of victims of trafficking.”

Ferrer was arrested yesterday in Houston after his flight from Amsterdam landed at the airport there, and in addition to the charges leveled by California, Texas is also charging Ferrer with money laundering, though the details of that are not currently available.

“Making money off the backs of innocent human beings by allowing them to be exploited for modern-day slavery is not acceptable in Texas,” Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that despite the indictments, the congressional investigation into Backpage’s practices will continue unabated.

“For the past 18 months, we have led a bipartisan investigation into the scourge of online sex trafficking,” said McCaskill and fellow Sen. Rob Portman (D-OH) in a statement. “That investigation led us directly to Backpage, an online marketplace that has been involved in hundreds of reported cases of sex trafficking, including child exploitation. We certainly wish that Backpage had willingly cooperated with our investigation. Despite its refusal to do so, our investigation was the first to uncover Backpage’s practice of editing ads in manner that serves to conceal evidence of criminality. As law enforcement officials in Texas and California do their job, we will continue to press forward and complete our longstanding investigation.”

Backpage has been fighting that Senate investigation for several months, though most recently, a federal judge in the District of Columbia issued an order enforcing the investigative committee’s subpoenas for certain Backpage records which Ferrer had refused to produce, claiming attorney/client privilege.

There has been no news as of yet if Homeland Security was involved.

Salt Lake City Pride Turns Away Gay Groups In Favor of Corporate Entries and Money

Salt Lake City Pride Turns Away Gay Groups In Favor of Corporate Entries and Money

Allegations have arisen that Salt Lake City’s Pride Parade has put at least 13 entries from LGBT community groups on a waiting list for this year’s event opting instead to show favoritism to corporate entrants to march instead.

Parade organizers state that only 30 percent of the event’s 150 entries are corporate, and that the LGBT groups were left out because they turned in their applications late.


A gay activist who owns a local consignment shop, has marched in the parade for six of the last seven years, but was told there is no room for his entry in 2016.

“I’m disappointed,” Sanders said. “When I see a parade that accommodates corporations and big-business marketing to my community and doesn’t really have room for me anymore I feel that is broken. … The parade is our parade, it’s our protest march. it’s our call to action.”

“I do have companies like Bud Light and AT&T, but I also have sponsorships like Equality Utah and Planned Parenthood,” said Bonnie O’Brien, who puts together the parade for the Pride Center told KUTV.com. Corporate sponsors are critical to the event’s success, brining in about $200,000 for the Pride Center each year.

“This building isn’t open and the services that are available at this building don’t exist without corporate sponsorship,” she said.

O’Brien says she will work to ensure that groups currently on the waiting list can participate in this year’s event.

Shameful. Gay Inc. at its worst.

Anyone else remember when Pride was actually about PRIDE?


Gay-4-Pay Sean Cody Model Brutally Murders Sugar Daddy For His Multi-Million Dollar Estate

Davis Meza porn killer

David Enrique-Meza. a gay-4-pay porn actor who used the alias “Mario Romo” and worked for the adult movie company Sean Cody is accused of killing gay millionaire Clyde Merendino from Houston and  later claiming that he was the sole heir to the victim’s estate.  Maza had  been in a lucrative sexual relationship with Merendino  since the pair met online in 2013. Meza claimed the Merendino had written a new will — on a hotel notepad — naming Meza the sole heir to his estate.

According to a report in The Daily Mail, Merendino and Meza had traveled to Mexico together to move into a $300,000 oceanside condo. Because the condo wasn’t ready, they checked into a hotel.

At 10:30 p.m. on May 1, Meza left the hotel on his motorcycle — a Christmas gift from Merendino — and he was captured on video crossing the border back into the US an hour later. At 1 a.m. on May 2, Merendino told hotel staff he was leaving to help a friend stranded on the road.

Two hours later, Merendino and his Range Rover were found in a ravine. He had dozens of stab wounds to his chest and stomach.

merendino25n-2-webAt about 4 a.m., Meza was seen crossing back into the US again, followed 25 minutes later by his girlfriend, Taylor Langston, in a black SUV with no license plates. Meza and Langston then went to the hotel room to steal Merendino’s belongings, including a $15,000 Rolex watch. 

Although he denied killing Merendino, Meza reportedly told authorities he and Langston planned to rob the victim but got cold feet. Meza also admitted that he’d called Merendino and arranged to meet him at the same spot where the victim’s body was found.

Langston, who was pregnant at the time, told authorities she’d traveled to Mexico to visit a friend. But the friend told police he hadn’t seen Langston or Meza in a year, but that Meza had later called and pleaded with him to lie to police.

Meza is charged with interstate or foreign domestic violence resulting in murder, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and making false statements to federal officers. Langston is charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice, obstruction of justice and making false statements.

According to The New York Daily News, Meza faces up to life in prison and is being held without bond. Langston could face decades in prison but will be released if she posts $50,000 bond because she’s nursing the couple’s newborn baby.