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Spin Baby Spin! – GOProud Tries To Turn Sarah Palin and Sharon Angle Into GOP Gay Rights Martyrs. (Pleeease Mary!)

Chris R Barron of GOProud the anti gay group of well off Gay Republicans who have no pro LGBT rights agenda except to push buttons for the past month just to get some free publicity for the fact that they are self loathing homo’s who are in the GOP once again attacked the gay left yesterday over the fact that Sarah Palin and Sharon Angle were the only two out of HUNDREDS of anti-gay bigoted loons at CPAC that did not throw a conniption fit over GOPuke’s GOProud’s involvement at the Conservative Political Action Conference aka LOONAPOLOOZA.

According to The Daily Caller a political journalism website founded by journalist and political pundit Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel, former adviser to former Vice President Dick Cheney (which proves its credibility) the fact that Palin and Angle “tolerated” GOProuds inclusion in CPAC is something that we all we gay people should be applauding and falling down on our knees to be grateful to them. 

Having two of America’s most prominent conservative women vocally indicate their acceptance of alternative lifestyles seems like a positive sign for “equal rights” groups like the HRC, as well as an opportunity to foster further discussion. So what gives?

“It’s not surprising to me. At the end of the day, Human Rights Campaign is nothing more than a partisan Democratic organization,” GOProud’s Chris Barron told TheDC.

“They spend days publicly attacking something [Sarah Palin’s] teenage daughter said on Facebook — on Facebook; but they can’t bring themselves to thank Gov. Palin for having the courage to stand up for gay people,” said Barron. “It speaks volumes about what a joke that entire organization is.”

Well I certainly can’t argue with the fact that the HRC is a joke and a partisan Democratic organization BUT I can argue that the irony of this coming fro Chirs Barrorn and GOProud a group that has NEVER helped or further any pro gay rights legislature or for that fact has ANY pro-gay agenda at all and are nothing but a group of Repubs who happen to be gay ironic as hell.

And as for “vocally accepting two of America’s most prominent conservative women vocally indicate their acceptance of alternative lifestyles “.  At least allow me to be vocal about it.

Two of the most dangerous, lunatic women of the GOP tolerate a bunch of faux homo’s who care more about their finances then the equal rights of their own community to attend and be part of a hatefest that includes white supremacist and  hate groups does not make them gay rights martyrs it doesn;t even make them human.