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WI GOProud Member & GOP Campaign Worker LIED About Being Attacked Because He’s A Gay Republican

Last week a gay campaign worker for the Republican congressional candidate Chad Lee and close friend of GOProud Kyle Wood of Madison, WI claimed he was targeted, physically attacked and strangled because he is a Republican and the fact that he is gay.

But guess what?  That’s right.  HE LIED!

Wood originally told Christian Schneider at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “All of a sudden, there was something around my neck, so I couldn’t breathe — I mean, I could breathe enough to live, but I couldn’t scream. All I could think about was getting it off my neck.”

Wood, also claimed that Republican congressional candidate Chad Lee’s opponent,  openly gay Democrat Rep. Mark Pocan’s partner, Philip Frank sent him threatening emails and painted the attack as a set up by Pocan and Frank for Wood not supporting Pocan because he is also gay.


Captain Joe Balles, commander of the South District, confirms that Wood recanted his allegations of the beating and the threatening messages.

Although he would not go into detail about the case, Balles said, “I updated that press release because I felt it was imperative we get something out there because of the politically charged background this was happening in.”

He said that the department will do its “due diligence” and discuss with the district attorney’s office whether any charges will be filed against Wood.

Later this afternoon, the Madison Police Department updated its incident report on the alleged attack to note that it would be cleared as “Unfounded.” It read:

In an interview this afternoon with Madison Police detectives, the victim in this case recanted his earlier statements in regards to this crime. This crime, alleged to have occurred on High Street in the South Police District, will be cleared as “Unfounded” for case reporting purposes. Once follow-up investigation is completed, MPD’s case file will be reviewed with Dane County District Attorney’s Office.

GOProud’s co-founder, Jimmy LaSalvia, tried to use Woods fake assault as a wedge in the LGBT community by sating that Woods “attack” indicates the  “hate and vitriol directed towards a gay conservative from gay liberals”

This is the 3rd such incident of a “fake hate crime” to be attached  in some way to Jimmy LaSalvia and GOProud  over the past year.

Kyle Wood is a General Surgery resident at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

UPDATE 10/30/2012: It turns out that Kyle Wood is indeed a member of GOProud

Fox News Takes Advantage Of The Mentally Ill, GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia Pimps Support for Romney

Jimmy “Frosty Bangs” LaSalvia, co-founder GOFuckYourself GOProud (Inc.) dragged her rough-looking ass over to Fox Studios this morning to have a sit down with  Gretchen Carlson on FOX & Friends  to talk about his  lack of surprise that no questions about LGBT rights at the Presidential Debates and to pimp his self loathing Homo-CON group and to further prove their disrespect of the LGBT Community at large and LGBT Equality by pushing further their support for anti-gay Mitt Romney.

This is obviously Fox News’ interpretation of “courting” the gay vote. And LaSalvia is such a media whore and KAPO he goes right along with it..

What a pathetic old queen.

Oh and bitch.  MOISTURIZE!

Ann Coulter Has Another Hoof and Mouth Moment: “Civil rights are for blacks” ONLY

GOProud’s homoCON darling Ann Coulter who appeared on This Week with George Stephanopoulos to plug one of her crazy right wing manifesto books that she pumps out a bi-weekly basis called  Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama (soon to be in a Walmart Bargain Bin near you!) where the claimed that  gays, immigrants and yes even women have “commandeered the civil rights movement”.

Coulter said that she thought that “civil rights  are for blacks” because the U.S. has a “legacy of slavery and Jim Crow laws.”

She added, “We don’t owe the homeless. We don’t  owe feminists. We  don’t owe women who are desirous of having abortions, or gays  who want  to get married to one another.” She said that “much of the  left…dropped the blacks after five minutes” to argue for “civil  rights” for  other groups of people.

Stephanopoulos interrupted Coulter asking,  “Immigrant rights are not  civil rights?” Coulter confirmed that she only thinks  “civil rights are  for blacks.”

She argued, “What have we done to the immigrants?  We owe black people something. We have a legacy of slavery. Immigrants haven ‘t even been  in this country.”

Ann must think that she’s qualified to speak on matters of discrimination since she is a bigot herself.

ABC’s This Week Facebook page was deluged with complaints about her mere presence.

Barney Frank vs The Log Cabin Republicans – ROUND 2: They Are Still Uncle Toms

Last week I posted about how during the Democratic National Convention’s Lesbian and Gay Caucus Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) laid it all out on the table and stated quite frankly in my opinion and may others the Log Cabin Republicans is bunch of “Uncle Tom’s” for backing the GOP, a party that despises the LGBT community.

Well that sent Gay Inc into a politically correct tizzy.  With GLAAD, The Gay and Lesbian Task Force and Human Rights Campaign releasing statements DEFENDING the Log Cabin Republicans including this little bon mot by the new and seemingly ineffectual President of the Human Rights Campaign, Chad Griffin The Log Cabin Republicans are good people doing good work.”  (Way NOT to go there Chad.  I see you are filling Solmonese’s overpaid shoes nicely)

To make a long story short the head of the LCR, R. Clark Cooper responded to Frank by saying in part:  “We understand that Barney has earned his protected place within the Democrat Party by being their attack dog on gay rights issues, demonizing Republicans …blah, blah, blah …..We expect this kind of bile from Barney, especially when it plays into the Obama campaign’s efforts to divide, distract and deceive the American people.”

Crickets from Gay Inc. of this of course.

Well yesterday Barney fired the next salvo.

The damaging aspect of the Log Cabin argument, to repeat the most important  point, is that they may mislead people who do not share their view that tax cuts  for the wealthy are more important than LGBT rights into thinking that they are  somehow helping the latter by supporting Mitt Romney and his Rick Santorum  platform. [snip]

The argument Mr. Cooper and the others in the Log Cabin Republicans have put  forward in their defense is that they have succeeded in getting the Republicans  to reduce the extent to which they denounce us, and, in Mr. Cooper’s phrase, the  fact that Paul Ryan is “willing to engage” with gay Republicans.  That is  where Uncle Tom comes to mind.  They are urging people to vote for the  anti-LGBT candidate over the most supportive LGBT candidate and platform  imaginable because the “antis” are calling us fewer names and are willing to  talk to some of us.  It is this willingness to acquiesce in a subordinate  status as long as the masters are kinder in tone, although in substance, that  emulates Uncle Tom. [snip]

Some have complained that in comparing the Log Cabin Republicans to Uncle Tom, I  was ignoring the fact that they are nice.  I accept the fact that many of  them are nice – so was Uncle Tom – but in both cases, they’ve been nice to the  wrong people.”

BAZINGA! +1000 points for Barney Frank. 

As for  GLAAD, The Gay and Lesbian Task Force , the Human Rights Campaign and other LGBt activists who  and others in the LGBT Community who think that being “politically correct” and rushing  to defend the Log Cabin Republicans, GOProud and other HomoCONS and will work with them regardless of the fact that whatever they say and do now on a specific LGBT issues that in the end  will STILL vote for the anti-gay GOP politicians who wants to stop us on our path to full equality and take what few rights we do have away.  I honestly say to you that you prove that “INTEGRITY” in the LGBT civil rights movement died in the 1980’s along side so many of our original LGBT activist heroes and you all should be ashamed.

*You can read all of Barney Franks recent statement by CLICKING HERE

GOProud HomoCONS “INCREDIBLY PROUD” To Endose Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan Ticket

“No amount of happy talk or soaring rhetoric can paper over this President’s horrific record on jobs and the economy. The number one issue for gay Americans – like their straight counterparts – is jobs and the economy.

For those voters, tonight’s speech – as with the rest of the speeches at the DNC – offered next to nothing. Gay Americans, like all Americans, need to ask themselves, ‘are you better off than you were four years ago?’ Sadly, for most, the answer is no.

For many gay Americans this election is about survival. It’s about finding a job, about putting food on the table, about putting gas in their car – it’s about the basics. The Democrat’s had three days to talk about these issues and instead they decided to focus on divisive social issues.

GOProud is incredibly proud to be the only national gay group to have endorsed Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s White House bid. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan understand that average gay Americans are struggling in this economy and will work tirelessly to turn this country around and create millions on new jobs. –  Posted at GOProud’s website after President Obama’s DNC speech

Actually the number one issue for gay Americans SHOULD BE to secure equal rights that are given to everyone else in the country and then worry about jobs and the economy.

These HomoCON gay bitches were born with silver dildos up their asses and are out of their fucking minds. PERIOD.

Watch Chris Barron, Jimmy LaSalvia and a Cast Of HomoCONs Explain “How Someone Can Be Gay and Republican”

Watch as “Gay Republicans” put the CON in Homocon and plead their case to BuzzFeed on how and why “Gay Republicans” can support a political party that wants to deny them rights and keep them second class citizens.

Hint:  Its all about the money.

What a bunch of pathetic losers.

Next up: Jews for Hitler

GOProud’s Chris Barron Waxes Poetic About Andrew Brietbart At HomoCON 2012 Party In Tampa – Video

GOFuckYourself GOProud’s co-founder and resident exhibitionist Chris Barron took to the podium last night at the conservative “gay” group’s “Homocon 2012” party in Tampa during the RNC and waxed poetic about Andrew Brietbart saying that “Brietbart did it his way”.  Which is true considering Brietbarts  lies, distortions and crudely edited video footage which omits any context and misleads the audience into believing what he wanted them to believe so long as it smeared whoever the he wanted to paint as the “badguy”.

And the entertainment at HomoCON 2102? Clothed Go-Go Boys! Which is not very respectful to Brietbart considering how much he loved to keep Anthony Wiener’s penis pictures on his cellphone.

I hope this kid showered in Listerine when he got home.

Tweet of the Gay – GOProud’s HomoCON Jimmy LaSalvia at the RNC: “I’m An Abomination!”

Jimmy LaSalvia is a co-founder and the executive director of the “Republican gay group” GOFuckYourself GOProud tweeted the below photo of himself posing near the anti-gay crackpots protesting outside the Republican convention.

His caption: “I’m an abomination!”

Yes you certainly are an abomination Jimmy but not for the reasons the bible thumpers are stating.

(I tell you kids sometimes these posts write themselves)

How LOW Can GOProud Go? – GOProud To Host Breitbart Hack Dana Loesch At “Homocon 2012” Party

Just when you think that Jimmy LaSalvia and his bunch of Auntie Toms at GOProud really couldn’t sink any lower, GOProud will be hosting America’s own version of Tokyo Rose,  Breitbart editor Dana Loesch at their Homocon 2012 party to be held at the “Honeypot Nightclub” (oh the irony) during the Republican Convention.

Last week Loesch, a journalism dropout from Webster University screamed at a radio show caller that if somebody supports marriage equality they obviously “hate Christ”.  In addition Loesh has said that the “Government has no place in marital affairs and Christians themselves should have protested the moment that government observance morphed into interference.” 

But Loesch isn’t just a homophobic.  She’s an all around  a despicable human being period.

This is Loesh’s take on the scandal involving U.S. Marines urinating on the corpses of Afghanis:

Can someone explain to me if there’s supposed to be a scandal that someone pees on the corpse of a Taliban fighter? Someone who was — as part of an organization murdered over 3,000 Americans? I’d drop trou and do it, too. That’s me, though. I want a million cool points for these guys. Is that harsh to say? Come on, people. This is a war.

A real all american girl, isn’t she?

GOProud is starting to seem less like a GOP political advocacy group and more like an S&M club.

Oh and by the way.  I hear Chick-fil-A is catering the event.