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Donald Trump Expected To Appear In DC Court Tomorrow Following Latest Indictment.

Donald Trump Expected To Appear In DC Court Tomorrow Following Latest Indictment.

Another day. Another Trump indictment.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, the federal judge assigned to the election fraud case against former President Donald Trump has stood out as one of the toughest punishers of rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol in an attack fueled by Trump’s baseless claims of a stolen election

Following Tuesday’s indictment of Donald Trump, Washington, DC, metro police said they are working with federal law enforcement partners to plan for the former president’s initial court appearance on Thursday. “The Metropolitan Police Department is working closely with our federal law enforcement partners to monitor the situation and plan accordingly to ensure the safety of DC residents and visitors,” the department said.

“MPD encourages the public to remain vigilant, if you see something, say something. Please report suspicious activity by calling 911.” The federal courthouse, where Trump is scheduled to appear for his initial hearing Thursday — unless the hearing is held virtually — is several blocks from the US Capitol. Multiple law enforcement agencies operate in the area, including National Park Police, Capitol Police, DC police and the US Marshals Service.


Moe, Larry, CHEESE!

GOP Defunds LGBT Centers, Ban Pride Flags At Govt. Buildings In 2024 Appropriations Markup.

GOP Defunds LGBT Centers, Ban Pride Flags At Govt. Buildings In 2024 Appropriations Markup.

One Dem Rep has had enough and labeled one Republican colleague a bigot.

If we can’t get our share of services then we shouldn’t have to pay taxes and perform jury duty since we are second-class citizens and therefore not equal. This helps prove that point.

But once again the Equality Act would have fixed all this.

House Republicans struck three Democratic projects that would provide services to the LGBTQ community during Tuesday’s fiscal 2024 Transportation-HUD Appropriations markup, enraging Democrats on the committee. The three earmarks total $3.62 million, with two in Massachusetts and one in Pennsylvania. The projects were eliminated as part of a Republican en bloc amendment, including a provision that would ban flying gay pride flags over government buildings. The vote was along party lines, 32-26.

The earmarks that are set to be stripped include two in Pennsylvania: $1.8 million that Rep. Brendan F. Boyle requested for an expansion project at the William Way Community Center in Philadelphia and $970,000 that Rep. Chrissy Houlahan requested for a transitional housing program at the LGBT Center of Greater Reading. The third project is $850,000 that Rep. Ayanna S. Pressley, D-Mass., requested for LGBTQ Senior Housing Inc. to convert a former school building into 74 units of affordable housing for seniors.

roll call

Democratic U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan delivered a fiery rebuke of House Republicans’ efforts to roll back funding for the LGBT community — calling a move to eliminate community-directed spending for LGBT groups “insane” and labeling one Republican colleague a bigot.

“If you were to take away earmarks because they went to the NAACP or the Urban League, you would rightfully so be called racist bigots,” Pocan said. “But when you do it to the LGBT community, it’s another fricken day in Congress.”

“Did I share with you when I used to get the article when I first ran for office when they wrote ‘dead faggot’ over your face and sent it to you in the mail?” Pocan said during the hearing. “Or the time when I wasn’t out yet, left a gay bar, and two people followed me and beat me with a baseball bat until I was bloodied and unconscious and called me a faggot? This is what you guys do by introducing amendments like this.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

There was a time in my life when I thought I might live to see full equality and no longer had to fight to live…. silly me… We’ll be fighting until the day I die.

As a second-class citizen.

GOP Rep. Tim Burchet Introduces Amendment That Trans Men Must Register For The Draft.

GOP Rep. Tim Burchet Introduces Amendment That Trans Men Must Register For The Draft.

After all those years of DADT this should be interesting.

Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., has introduced a proposal that would require biological women who identify as men to register with Selective Service in case the U.S. ever has another military draft.

Burchett proposed an amendment to the annual bill that authorizes the Department of Defense’s spending and policy priorities for the next fiscal year that would change the requirements to register for Selective Service by defining “male person” and “male citizen of the United States” to include a “transgender person who identifies as male.”

Unless lawmakers amend the Military Selective Service Act or pass a separate law addressing gender identity, Selective Service “must follow the intent of Congress when it required only males to register — the registration requirement is based on gender at birth,” according to the website. 

“If they want to be treated like men, then they need to do what other men do and register for the Selective Service and get called up like everybody else,” Burchett told Military.com. “This group of people is more protected than any other group, and it’s not right.”

The U.S. has not had a draft for military service since 1973 but requires all males over the age of 18 to register for selective service.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis:  I’m Going To Be The Next Ronald Reagan.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis:  I’m Going To Be The Next Ronald Reagan.

Well you are off to a helluva start DeSatan!

Everything that’s functionally broken in our government today is due to what Reagan did.

Florida’s Governor is looking to a former California Governor as an antecedent for his current presidential run. During an interview on Wisconsin’s Mark Belling Show, Ron DeSantis suggested his candidacy could be the modern version of the 1980 election that saw Ronald Reagan defeat Democrat Jimmy Carter.

“What I would just tell folks out there listening is Biden is kind of like Jimmy Carter. When Reagan came on the scene, the country lost confidence in Carter. They were willing to go in a different direction. I think we’re in the same place with Biden,” DeSantis contended.

Florida Politics

DeSantis: ‘I’m Going To Be The Next Ronald Reagan.”

Dead, after a long run of dementia?

Okay. Get on with i then!

GOP Senator Tommy Tuberville: White Nationalists ARE NOT Racist.

GOP Senator Tommy Tuberville: White Nationalists ARE NOT Racist. (Yes. They Are.)

Have you ever met a racist who didn’t vehemently deny their own racism?

On the first episode of her new CNN primetime show “The Source,” Kaitlan Collins tried really hard to give Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville a chance to walk back statements he made recently that sure sounded like he was defending the racist ideology known as white nationalism.

Instead, while he repeatedly said he rejects racism, he also repeatedly (and incorrectly) insisted that white nationalism is not racist, that saying otherwise is merely “some people’s opinion,” and that “most white people” in the military actually are white nationalists.


Tuberville: My opinion of a white nationalist.. it’s an American. If that white nationalist is a racist, I’m totally against them.

Collins: White nationalist is racist .

Tuberville: That’s your opinion.

No Herr Tuberville. That’s everyone’s opinion.

FLORIDA: Casey DeSantis' "Mamas For DeSantis" Attack LGBT Community In First Ad. [VIDEO]

FLORIDA: Casey DeSantis’ “Mamas For DeSantis” Attack LGBT Community In First Ad. [VIDEO]

Casey DeSantis, wife of Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, is relaunching a group focused on portraying her husband as a friend to “mamas” everywhere.

She first launched “Mamas for DeSantis” — which appears to be a Moms for Liberty knockoff — to aid her husband’s gubernatorial re-election bid in 2022.

Florida’s First Lady is kicking off the presidential campaign’s iteration of “Mamas for DeSantis” with a new video highlighting the Governor’s stances against drag queens, masks and Anthony Fauci. The video, which runs slightly more than two minutes, juxtaposes stern narration against a visual backdrop of a parade of horribles for DeSantis and his supporters.

“When you come after our kids, we fight back. There’s nothing we won’t do to protect our children. They’re not yours,” the voiceover contends, juxtaposing Biden against “fighter” Ron DeSantis. The video’s roll out is aptly timed. Mrs. DeSantis is in Iowa Thursday, where she will appear with Gov. Kim Reynolds to launch a “Mamas for DeSantis” group.

Florida Politics

As for “protecting the rights of parents,” that apparently excludes immigrant parents, parents fighting to prevent gun violence in schools, parents who want their children to have a truthful understanding of U.S. history, parents of transgender kids seeking gender-affirming care, parents who want their kids to become more empathetic and understanding of their own emotions — and the list goes on and on.

Moms For Liberty? More Like C**ts With A Casserole.

Moms For Liberty? More Like C**ts With A Casserole.

Extremist right-wing groups hide behind innocuous names. So who and exactly what is the Moms For Liberty?

Mom’s for Liberty. Nothing could sound more wholesome and be further from the truth.

Moms for Liberty was founded in early 2021 by two conservative women in Florida , Tina Descovich and Tiffany Justice. and has since quickly expanded its presence across the country in its current climate of hate. It has landed national media attention for its efforts to fight COVID safety measures in schools, ban books, limit discussion about race and LGBT+ identities and populate local school boards with conservatives.

 But the “parental rights” banner that Moms for Liberty flies does not extend to all parents.

In just two years of pushing against teaching about Black history, literature and gender identity in public schools, Mom’s for Liberty has become so dangerous that the Southern Poverty Law Center has included it in its annual Year in Hate & Extremism report.

In a a written statement Descovich and Justice played ‘victims”:

Two-thirds of Americans think the public education system is on the wrong track today. That is why our organization is devoted to empowering parents to be a part of their child’s public school education. We believe that parental rights do not stop at the classroom door and no amount of hate from groups like this is going to stop that.

Shannon Hiller, executive director of the Bridging Divides Initiative (BDI) at Princeton University said BDI, a nonpartisan research organization that tracks political violence, has had Moms for Liberty on its radar.

“What we’ve been watching really closely around this particular group… [are] times when they show up with other groups that have explicitly advocated or committed intimidations and violence,” Hiller said. “There are cases at school boards in North Carolina, for example, where Moms for Liberty showed up together with Proud Boys and were part of intimidating the school board.”

Please be warned of this organization and warn others.

And of course once again MFL is a 501(c)3t ax exempt “charity”.

Family Research Council Hate Group: Joe Biden Has “Weaponized” LGBT+ Rights.

Family Research Council Hate Group: Joe Biden Has “Weaponized” LGBT+ Rights.

There is no LGBT agenda. There is a right wing extremist agenda though. And it’s toxic and dangerous.

Oh no! Biden’s Health Department is being weaponized to promote homosexuality and the transgender agenda!

Biden’s Health Department is being weaponized to promote homosexuality and the transgender agenda. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra launched the department’s “Pride Summit” on Monday, stressing the importance of normalizing the LGBT agenda. He quipped, “Supporting the LGBTQI+ community is a top priority for me and HHS. Equity runs at the heart of every initiative we take on here.”

Numerous Biden administration officials participated in the event, including White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who identifies as a lesbian, and HHS Assistant Secretary Rachel Levine, a biological man who identifies as a woman.

Several other non-governmental LGBT activists were present too, including American Civil Liberties Union “Trans Justice Strategist” Arli Christian and Casey Pick, director of Law and Policy for the Trevor Project, which has hosted sexually explicit online chatrooms for children and teens.

Quena Gonzalez, Family Research Council’s senior director of Government Affairs, told The Washington Stand, “How much more aggressive can the Biden administration possibly get? We may be about to find out. Buckle up: Biden has another year and a half in this term.

Via email from the Family Research Council

Translation: How dare people I don’t like have the same rights as me!

Disgraced Former Comedian Roseanne Barr: Nobody Died In The Holocaust. - VIDEO

Disgraced Former Comedian Roseanne Barr: Nobody Died In The Holocaust. – VIDEO

Tom Arnold was right all along. Tom we all apologize for way back when we thought YOU were the crazy one.

More than 11 million people died in the Holocaust. Six million of them were Jews, the rest our brothers and sisters, and others who were deemed “defective”.

“Nobody wants to hear the real truth. They’re horrified of it, rather go with bullshit. It’s easier. And the ‘truth’ is that Biden got 81 million votes by winning 36 counties? And that is just incredible. It really is. You can’t say that like, you know, the election was rigged. That’s all a ‘lie.’

“The election was not rigged, 36 counties can give you 81 million votes? Right. That’s a ‘fact.’ That’s the ‘truth’ and don’t you dare say anything against it or you’ll be off YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other ones because there’s the ‘truth and facts’ and we have to stick to it.

“And that is the truth. And nobody died in the Holocaust either. That’s the truth. It should happen. Six million Jews should die right now cause they cause all the problems in the world. But it never happened. But it never happened.”

Rosanne Barr, on the This Last Weekend podcast.

Many people including Roseanne Barr seem to forget that she self-identified as Jewish for most of her early career.

Crazy bitch.