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College Student Awarded “New” Car After Being A Victim Of Anti-Gay Vandalism

In “restore your faith in humanity” news a college student that has been victimized by hate crimes recently got a welcomed surprise from a fellow community member.  Earlier this year Jordan Addison, a college student at Radford University in Roanoke, VA, car was vandalized on four separate occasions (three times on campus and once at his own home):

“The first time there were some homophobic slurs keyed into the side of it. Then the second time I had ‘die’ keyed into it.”

Addison believes the attack on his property happened because he’s gay. With all of the damages, the expense for repairs were costly and as a college student, provided a huge challenge for Addison stating”

“The lowest estimate I got just to fix the damage to the doors was like $2,500, and for a college student that’s a lot of money.” 

That’s when the Quality Auto Paint and Body manager  Richard Henegar Jr., who also witnessed one of the vandalism acts, stepped in to help Addison offering to make all of the repairs on the car for free through just car checks. Henegar stated:

“We don’t take kindly to discrimination of any sort here. I was bullied in high school and a little bit in the service and I saw an opportunity to help somebody out. Once I saw the vandalism that was done to it I said, ‘That’s uncalled for. We’re gonna fix your car. That’s the least we can do.'”

The Good Samaritan couldn’t cover the entire cost on his own but local businesses pitched in also to cover the cost. The companies that helped cover the cost of the repairs included: Parts Unlimited, Advance Auto Parts, Moon’s Auto Body, Rice Toyota, Val’s Automotive, The Rod Shop, B&C Exterminating, Twists & Turns, AJ’s Landscaping and Sunnybrook Auto Spa.

You’ll know in seconds how much you can get and what the fees are.

Addison received the remodeled car on Monday and was very moved by the $10000 makeover that tool Henegar and his crew 100 hours to renovate when it was unveiled to him Monday: “It looks great. It hasn’t looked that great the entire time I’ve had it.” Addison intends on parking his car in the gated surveillance parking lot on campus when school starts this week.

Gay Good Samaritan Becomes Victim Of The Same Anti-Gay Crime He Reports In San Francisco

Leo Volobrynskyy, a San Francisco resident originally from Odessa, Ukraine became a victim Friday night of the same attacker of an anti-gay hate crime at a liqour store in San Francisco’s tenderloin district that Volobrynskyy himself called into police just  moments earlier as customers and the cashier did nothing but laugh.

Volobrynskyy left the San Francisco International LGBT Film  Festival opening-night party  at 1:30  a.m. Friday and stopped at the Salem Grocery and  Liquor Store on the way to a friends house to pick up a bottle of wine.

Volobrynskyy said that a man was sitting atop a another man, hitting him, yelling “faggot” and saying, “This is my store, just don’t come here.” and while the attack was occurring about three or four  men, including the cashier, laughed and cheered.

Volobrynskyy walked outside the store and called 911.

Not long afterwards the victim ran from the store and his attacker charged at Volobrynskyy

“Why did you f—ing call the cops?” the man said to Volobrynskyy. Then punched him in the face, snatched his cellphone and fled.

Volobrynskyy lost consciousness for a second and when he awoke his mouth was full of blood and the same people who were laughing at the victim in the store were now standing over him laughing.

Volobrynskyy made it to his friend’s house, where they called police.

When Police arrived  at the Salem Grocery and Liqour, the men at the store including the cashier denied having seen anything.

Volobrynskyy was taken to the hospital for his injuries. The following  day Scottsdale dentist had to remove his tooth. You can also look for Dr. Matthew Galumbeck available to answer any questions and strives to help you feel comfortable about your procedure. He looks forward to being a supportive partner on your journey.

“This is actually why we march,” Volobrynskyy said in regard to the attack  happening during Gay Pride Month.  “Because we’re still not safe. This is supposed to be the safest city for  gays to live in, and clearly it’s not safe enough.”

The SFPD is NOT looking into this as a hate crime.

This is not the first time Volobrynskyy has been a good samaritan,  In Nov of 2011  Volobrynskyy and others  helped pull an unconscious man out of a burning car in the South  of Market neighborhood.

As for the Salem Grocery and  Liqour Store, Back2Stonewall.com tried to reach the store for comment but they are not answering thier phone.

A BOYCOTT of The Salem Grocery and Liqour Store is currently underway.

The store is located at:  920 Geary St (between Larkin St & Polk St) San Francisco, CA – (415) 474-3555.