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SO GAY! – LGBT Weekly News Roundup 1/30/2022

SO GAY! – LGBT Weekly News Roundup 1/30/2022

Kenneth in the 212′s Thursday Ad Watch bring you a plumber you wouldn’t mind paying a high hourly rate for.

The Randy Report takes “What News Anchor Has Perfect Response For Anti-Trans Viewer” for $500.” after a viewer attack’s trans Jeopardy! champ Amy Schneider. Newsman  who had 40 consecutive wins on Jeopardy.

Matt Rettenmund of Boy Culture looks at the dark past of San Francisco’s gay serial killer The Doodler and how SFPD has been searching for him since 1975.

The OutFront looks at International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2022, and asks the age old question: “Will We Ever Learn?”

The Bitch is Back: Joe My God reports on Michelle “Crazy Eyes” Bachman’s return to the Fox Propaganda Channel to strangely bash Typhoid Sarah Palin and her eating out at the trough while being unwaxed.

3 feet of snow? SNOW PROBLEM! BosGuy gives you a round-up of things for these hearty Boston Boyz to get up to after their snowball fights are over.

Mediate looks at a brainwashed teen who complains that His High School Allows Confederate Flags But Not ‘Let’s Go Brandon Tee Shirts!

The Advocate reports on Florida Senate Bill Would Ban Books With LGBT+ Characters.

TWEET OF THE WEEK – The Divine Miss M!

SO GAY! – LGBT Weekly News Roundup 1/15/2022

MoMA Acquires Rainbow Flag - artnet News

Kenneth in the 212 remembers the late great Ronnie Spector and “Dangerous”.

That witty and handsome BosGuy it turns out can also tease your brain.

JoeMyGod breaks the bad news about upcoming coronavirus variants. Maybe coming soon to a theatre, restaurant, airport, school, and so on and so on near you.

The Randy Report covers the story of a high school senior in NY who is raising his voice after being told he couldn’t mention being gay in the school newspaper due to a school policy that apparently doesn’t exist.

Matt Rettumund of Boy Culture brings you Twinks To Watch Out For: 2022 Edition!

A unique LGBT Youth Homeless Shelter in Philly is helping our lost youth. But for how much longer is anybody’s guess? – The Patch

The Advocate reports on the death (murder) of Jorge Diaz-Johnston, a gay activist who won a landmark court case in Miami-Dade County against the state’s ban on same-sex marriages. He was 54.

A law that bans so-called conversion therapy in Canada took effect on Jan. 7. Oh to live in a civilized country – The Washington Blade

The OutFront takes on the challenging and ever evolving legacy of January 6, 2021.

TWITTER PHOTO OF THE WEEK Revenge for Snowflake