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Gay Republican Group GOProud To Shut Down Immediately. And away go Homocons down the drain……

Chris Baron

Andrew Markle of The Bilerico Project is reporting that those fun loving, jackboot wearing, self loathing Republican Auntie Toms who called themselves GOProud are disbanding and will be shutting down IMMEDIATELY.The organization may rebrand and regroup later, but for now, the organization will no longer be functioning. Co-director Matthew Bechstein stated in an interview that the “brand is broken” and a rebrand is necessary. GOProud which was originally founded by Chris “Shirtless Selfie” Barron and Jimmy “Cry Hate Crime”  LaSalvia  both left the organization over the past two years , and its been reported that GOProud has had some major scandals with its board and has bled its donors dry.  Which leads one to wonder which one of the Koch brothers turned off the money spigot.   So as GOProud gets thrown into the trash heap like a used condom.

Back2Stonewall would just like to say thank you for all the hysterical material that you have given us over the years.  And for one last time say……..


(Ann Coulter could not be reached for comment. She was running in the 5th race at Churchill Downs.)

Tweet Of The Day – Porno Peter LaBarbera: Whaaa Dan Savage Told Me To Go F**k Myself


Earlier this week trying to pull a headline for himself out of Rick Santorum’s ass, “Porno Pete” LaBarbera “begged” Dan Savage to take down the website that he created that has redefined of Rick Santorum’s last name www.Santorum.com into an apt description:

Wrote LaBarbera:

Today, I appeal to homosexual activist Dan Savage: take down your anti-Rick Santorum hate-site, Santorum.com.

Admittedly, it seems ludicrous to appeal to man who would go to such hateful lengths to sabotage religious conservatives that he would intentionally try to give a Republican presidential candidate a cold (Gary Bauer, 2000), or use Google to demonize an opponent in such a despicable way. Nevertheless, I make the appeal because bullying is bullying, and it must stop.

We get it, Dan, you HATE Rick Santorum, and you want to punish him for comments he made about the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing sodomy. But as a prolific writer and advocate, surely you have abundant opportunities to address Santorum’s arguments civilly — without resorting to cruel, twisted campaigns designed to destroy a man’s name and reputation by associating it with perversion.

“Santorum.com” (like its malevolent cousin, “Spreading Santorum”) is advanced cyber-bullying, pure and simple. You are a role model for “gay” youth, and your “It Gets Better” video campaign to help kids overcome bullying in their teen years has gained international attention. Yet bizarrely, with apparent ends-justifies-the-means rationale, you yourself have employed heinous bullying methods to malign Mr. Santorum — tactics you would strongly condemn if used against a self-identified “gay” kid. [AFTAH opposes all bullying of youth without regard to special criteria; we disagree with the “It Gets Better” campaign because it seeks to normalize homosexuality and celebrate immoral LGBT identities.]

Is this the lesson you want to teach young people? That if they encounter a person who disagrees with homosexual behavior, it’s OK to use the slimiest tactics imaginable to go after that person?

You and your homosexual partner have an adopted son. What did or will you tell him about Santorum.com? Have you no compassion for Rick Santorum’s wife, children and extended family, who too must bear the brunt of your high-tech smear?

And to the media I ask this: please hold Dan Savage and his homosexual and liberal supporters accountable for this heinous and malicious web slander. Stop joking about it, and do not act as if Rick Santorum’s “Google problem” just appeared out of nowhere. This is calculated character assassination engineered by a “gay” activist who, ironically, crusades against hate. Do not reward Savage with media appearances. In fact, treat him as you would, say, a deranged, far-right activist who had created “BarbaraBoxer[dot]com” and “redefined” her name in a similarly evil manner.

Well, by the look of the Tweet above Dan Savage obviously gave Porno Pete his answer.  And a great one at that.

It rally takes alot of fucking nerve for LaBarbera, the President of American’s For Thruth About Homosexuality, an anti-LGBT organization that is classified as a hate group and who with his other gay hate co-horts have created numerous websites that claim that homosexuality is a choice, homosexuality can be cured, homosexuality is a sin, homosexuality is an abomination, homosexuality will destroy society, homosexuals are akin to the KKK, homosexuals hate people, homosexuals are pederast and countless other numerous  lies and slander to say anything to anyone.

So lets talk about who REALLY is evil and a cyber-bully Porno Pete.

So I see Dan Savage and I raise him.

Go fuck yourself Peter Labarbera. Why don’t you go pray www.Santorum.com away douchebag.

** PLEASE feel free to tell Peter LaBarbera to “Go Fuck Yourself” on Twitter @PeterLaBarbera