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"Boycott Fox News!" Is The New Rallying Cry For Haters After Discovery of LGBT+ Support and “Subsidizing Glory Holes”.

“Boycott Fox News!” Is The New Rallying Cry For Haters After Discovery of LGBT+ Support and “Subsidizing Glory Holes”.

Your monster. Your problem.

The Daily Wire’s hirsute madman Matt Walsh is on the hunt for FOX NEWS now following the revelation that showed FOX encouraged its employees to donate and support LGBT+ causes.

Matt Walsh obtained internal documents from Fox News employees showing that Fox Corp. encourages employees to support radical LGBTQ organizations and has deployed “woke AI” that tracks people’s commitment to DEI principles. A screenshot of a Fox employee portal shared by Walsh showed that the company encourages employees to donate to the Trevor Project, the Ali Forney Center, and the L.A. LGBT Center.

The Fox employee portal pushes employees to the Trevor Project, an organization that Walsh said “hosts a sexually explicit chat room that connects children as young as 13 years old with ‘LGBT’ adults.” The Ali Forney Center supports injecting children with cross-sex hormones, and Fox praises the organization for helping “homeless LGBT youth.” The Daily Wire host wondered how a news organization that has positioned itself as a conservative platform could allow LGBTQ principles to take over.

daily wire

 *Walsh has called a suicide prevention hotline a “sexually explicit chat room.” His 24-post Twitter thread went viral overnight. Walsh has called the rainbow flag a “symbol of hate” and said that he’d rather be dead that have a trans child. Earlier this year he called for executing doctors who treat trans children.

Meanwhile Charlie Kirk who proves anyone can have a podcast was shocked that FOX Is “Subsidizing Glory Holes”

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk looked up “glory hole” on his laptop during a show on Thursday after expressing confusion over what the term meant.

In a viral social media thread on Thursday, Daily Wire host Matt Walsh claimed he had obtained internal documents which showed Fox Corp “celebrating Pride by encouraging employees to read about “glory holes’” in a transgender memoir that was recommended to staff.

Kirk reacted to Walsh’s post on his show Thoughtcrime with Jack Posobiec and questioned, “What is a glory hole?” Kirk, still puzzled by Walsh’s Twitter thread, said, “I don’t understand. Wait, so then why is Fox… they’re subsidizing glory holes for their employees?”


Think of it this way, Charlie Kirk: Unlike you, Glory Holes provide a service to the community. And it’s probably the only way your ugly mug will ever get laid.

If you want to learn the real history of the GLORYHOLE. CLICK HERE

GAY 101: A Quick Gay History Lesson on the GLORYHOLE

GAY 101: A Quick Gay History Lesson on the GLORYHOLE.

The gloryhole, a hole in a bathroom stall or partition used for anonymous sexual encounters, has a long and controversial history in men’s rooms. The origins of the gloryhole are unclear, but it is believed to have first appeared in the 1700s in public bathhouses in Europe.

The first documented instance of a glory hole was in a 1707 court case known as the “Tryals of Thomas Vaughan and Thomas Davis” in London, England, which involved the extortion of a man known in the documents only as Mr Guillam.

In these bathhouses, men would use the gloryhole to engage in anonymous sexual encounters with other men. The practice quickly spread to other public spaces, including public toilets and restrooms. By the 1800s, the gloryhole had become a popular fixture in men’s rooms around the world.

Some men in the Victorian era resorted to using the alleys and side streets of cities to sexually relieve themselves. In these dark and dingy areas, men would often carve holes into the wooden panels of buildings or use existing holes to engage in anonymous sexual encounters.

The popularity of the gloryhole continued to grow in the 20th century, with the advent of more private and secluded restrooms. These restrooms provided more opportunities for anonymous sexual encounters, and the gloryhole became a fixture in many of them.

However, as the public became more aware of the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases in the latter part of the 20th century, along with rabid homophobia the use of gloryholes began to decline. Many public restrooms began to remove or cover up the holes in an effort to discourage anonymous sexual encounters.

Despite these efforts, the gloryhole has remained a fixture in men’s rooms around the world. Some argue that the use of the gloryhole is a victimless crime, while others argue that it contributes to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and is a danger to public health.

In recent years, the rise of online dating and hookup apps has made it easier for men to find sexual partners without the use of gloryholes. However, the practice remains popular among some groups of men, particularly those who seek out anonymous sexual encounters or who are part of the BDSM community for the thrill of it all..

The legality of the gloryhole varies by country and jurisdiction. In some places, the use of gloryholes is considered a form of public indecency and can result in criminal charges. In other places, the use of gloryholes is legal as long as it is done in a private setting.

Ironically in In June 2020, a New York Health Department COVID-19 advisory suggested sex through “physical barriers, like walls,” but did not specifically reference glory holes, as part of broader measures on dating and sex during the pandemic.

The history of the gloryhole in men’s rooms is a complex and multifaceted one that spans several centuries. While the use of gloryholes has faced opposition from conservative groups and law enforcement, they remain a popular way for men to engage in anonymous sexual encounters today. That is if you can find one.

Gay Activists In Atlanta, GA Push To Preserve City’s "Historic" Glory Holes

Gay Activists In Atlanta, GA Push To Preserve City’s “Historic” Gloryholes

A group of gay activists in Atlanta, GA  are fighting to prevent a popular gay hangout/sex shop Tokyo Valentino from being shut down.

The group believes that the forced closure is a homophobic attack to try and erase their entire gay identity. So they’ve started a change.org petition to stop the closure from happening.

The petition was started by Gay Georgia, Inc. (GAGA), a state-registered PAC that works to “preserve Gay cultural and entertainment locations important to maintaining the identity and safety of gay Georgians.”

“Tokyo Valentino” at Cheshire Bridge Rd is being shut down by the City of Atlanta unless you help! This location is important to our LGBTQ identities as gay Georgians (GAGA). “Tokyo Valentino”, open since 1995, has been a safe harbor for the community allowing us to celebrate our diversity since “The Jungle” is now closed. GAGA cannot afford to lose another landmark establishment. So many of our GAGA locations are now permanently closed, or under attack including “Backstreets”, “Burkhart’s”, “Blake’s”, and “The Eagle”. If we lose our culture then we also lose our identity as gay Georgians! We have fought for acceptance…now we need to fight to preserve it! Please sign the petition to stop the City of Atlanta from closing “Tokyo Valentino”. It will only take a few clicks. We are gay Georgia. We are GAGA!

So far over 6500 people have signed.

Save a glory-hole. Sign the petition today.

Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks Visit Cal State University GLORYHOLE – Video

Glory Hole Yourng Turks


In a recent episode of The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur and the guys took on the recent faux outrage surrounding a gloryhole and gay men soliciting sex in the mens’ bathroom at the library of Cal State University, Bakersfield.

Runner Online,

” Men have been soliciting meet-ups at the mens’ room in question on Craigslist. Notably, the restroom in question has a glory hole which the university has been trying to cover up but students keep dismantling the patch job. Some students however have been upset about the dangerous liaisons happening in the library.”

Surprising the guys came out very PRO-Gloryhole.

Said Uygur, “If your natural reaction is, ‘I have to put an end to that, you’re an a–hole.”

Ben Mankiewicz ( Turner Classic Movies) added :”Who are these f–cking kids all disgusted by this? These are college kids having sex in the bathroom. [Gavel bangs] Acquitted.”

Watch what has to be the most intelligent discussion of this (non) story so far.