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Lone Gay Teen “Glitters” NOM’s General Mills Protesters – Glittering is SO 2011

A lone gay teen took it upon himself to go out and “glitter” the 10’s of NOM protestors at General Mills headquarters which of course NOM is now selling with the outraged headline “Gay Activist Glittering Kids, Seniors.”

Personally while it was kinda lame.  I can’t blame the kid because he has no guidance of what to do.  And truthfully I applaud the kids gumption.  AT LEAST HE DID SOMETHING (Unlike other Minnesotan LGBT’s who are sitting on their Target clad asses doing nothing.)

Where the HELL ARE YOU?  Shouldn’t you be out there in GREATER numbers counter-protesting abd showing the National Organization for Marriage and the world that there are more of us supporting General Mills because  of thier decision to support same-sex marriage while the few NOM bigots are protesting it?

Stop being such a bunch of prissy Nellie Olsens and get out there.

As for NOM.  It was just glitter, not sulphuric acid.  And besides it’s not like he was trying to take away your civil rights and make you second class citizens.

And kid.  As for “glittering” its DEAD.  The trans-activists killed it when they forgot to hold onto the glass bottle when they threw some at Dan Savage.

Next time you need an idea to make a statement,  Ask me.

I would have told you to throw handfuls Kellogg’s Fruit Loops that would have really pissed them off..