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Video – Glenn Beck Slams King & Spaulding For Dropping DOMA Case – Gays Are Bullies.

Glenn Beck the fake crying, sociopath, Mormon bigot  accused gay rights groups of being “bullies” and praised Paul Clement, the attorney who left King & Spalding to continue defending DOMA, as an American hero, akin to John Adams and MLK


Becks attempt to put a high-powered attorney, who is reportedly set to make over $500 an hour to defend a law that enshrines discrimination and anti-gay animus, on the same pedestal as American civil rights heroes who devoted their lives to ending discrimination is disgusting.  But the pièce de résistance is when Beck the Anti-Christ himself calls the LGBT Community “Bullies”

BECK: So a private firm picked the case up. Well, here’s where the bullies come in. They start getting hammered with phone calls. This law firm gets hammered with phone calls and pressured. And so all these activists force the law firm to reconsider and they dropped the case. We’re trying to teach our kids about bullies in school, and boy do we teach them every day because we let the bullies win every day.

To even equate teen bullying and the horrid consequences realted with it Beck attempts to turn those fighting for equality into the bad guys, while painting those who are working to deny the rights of countless loving gay and lesbian couples as victims.is mind boggling.

VIDEO: Glenn Beck Promotes Violence Tells His Viewers "You are going to have to shoot them in the head!"

One of the most blatant and disturbing clips that have been uncovered that proves right wing radicals like Beck and others not only approved of violence against the left but pushed the agenda can be found in this video clip from a Glenn Beck show dated 06/06/10 which ran on FOX News