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TRIGGERED: Madison, WI Police Banned From Marching in PRIDE Parade

Professor Declares Millennial Snowflakes and Their Victim-hood Is Destroying Gay Culture


Cynthia Belmont, a professor at Northland College, in a new op-ed published by Salon, states that in the last few years, she’s seen an uptick in students who seem to take offense at things that have defined LGBTQ culture for decades.

We deserve all the rights, obviously. We deserve to be who we are and who we want to be and not to be harassed or killed for it, and we deserve to have and keep our children and set up shop in the suburbs if we want. We deserve to pee in peace in the bathroom that suits our identity and serve in the military. Obviously. I myself have lived in fear as a parent with no legal rights. But. Apparently, in the pursuit of rights and respectability, we have somehow shifted as a culture from the celebration of eros to the celebration of victimhood — to comfortably inhabiting a state of being prickly and appalled — and apparently we now have to be and feel like victims in order even to deserve rights. This worries me.

Are we going to become so focused on our legal standing and our feelings, so invested in queer culture as a culture of rights, respectability and sensitivity, that we lose our playfulness and the toughness that used to define survival? Do we just not want to be tough anymore? Are we too emotionally exhausted, or just too bourgeois, to appreciate a classic bitchy drag emcee? Her sensibility was always at the cultural fringe — is there no room for it now? Or are we the truly bitchy ones, ever ready with the political upper hand raised to slap down those among us who still want to play around the edges, where things are a little less comfortable and correct?

Who cares? I do. Because my queer students are so fragile, so easily hurt, and I am worried about them — and not in the way that they want me to be. Because when I say to one of them, “Being a victim is not hot, and in my day a political platform based on being a victim would never have gained traction,” she seems startled but retorts that on the contrary, victimhood is hot, adding, “What about BDSM?” And so I explain that BDSM is not about being a victim, it’s about moving beyond and transforming  victimization — for those who come to it that way — and it’s about destabilizing the grounds of victimization, through playing with power. Which is also what drag is about in its way. And I am shocked to find myself in the position of defending, to a queer, the value of hotness — as shocked as she seems to be at the idea that hotness could be the point of queer culture.

I don’t believe her. I don’t believe that she really finds victimhood hot, unless . . . is this a new fetish that is hopelessly lost on me since I’m almost 50? I won’t — I can’t — believe in the victim as the new face of queer culture. What were all those drag queens at Stonewall fighting for, anyway? If victimhood is hot, then we have lost.

 So in a nutshell.  We fought for our rights so millennials can be offended.

So are millennial snowflakes are ruining LGBT culture? Share your thoughts in the comments…

D.C.’s Capital Pride Refuses Demands To Ban Police Officers From Pride Parade and Events

Yesterday Lou Chibbaro Jr. reported for the Washington Blade that organizers of D.C.’s annual Capital Pride Parade and Festival  had demanded and received the resignation of Bryan Pruitt a volunteer event producer because of comments he made about transgender people in a May 2016 article in the conservative blog RedState.

But the real story buried in the article is that the group No Justice, No Pride is making demands of the Capital Pride Alliance including the ban  police officers from marching and participating in this years festivities

Drew Ambrogi, a spokesperson for No Justice No Pride said that Pruitt’s dismissal is just the beginning of a wave of change that will soon sweep Capital Pride. The community is paying attention and recognizing that for too long, Capital Pride has colluded with the very forces that oppress queer and trans individuals. Their willingness to ignore transphobia, accept money from corporations that profit from the incarceration of queer and trans people — predominantly queer and trans people of color — and celebrate the Metropolitan Police Department, indicate a fundamental disregard for large swaths of our community.”

Ambrogi said the coalition, among other things, is calling on Capital Pride to dis-invite D.C. police, including the police LGBT Liaison Unit, from participating in the D.C. Pride parade and festival. He said the coalition also wants Capital Pride to no longer allow corporate sponsors or corporations in general to participate in the festival and parade and wants Capital Pride to remove its funds from a Wells Fargo Bank and remove from the Capital Pride board one of its members who is a Wells Fargo employee.

Bernie Delia, Capital Pride’s president, said that although Capital Pride’s board agreed it was necessary to seek Pruitt’s resignation it would “absolutely not” agree to additional demands by the No Justice No Pride coalition that it ban D.C. police from participating in this year’s Pride parade and festival and that it ban corporate sponsors, including Wells Fargo Bank, from participating in all Pride events.

“It has been with the support and resources of our diverse sponsors and corporate partners that Capital Pride has been able to grow and thrive,” said Delia, who added that corporate supporters have strong records of support for the LGBT community and LGBT rights.

Angela Peoples who now runs the former LGBT Equality group GetEQUAL stated that her group fully supports the efforts and positions taken by No Justice No Pride.

“I have been working with Drew and other folks that are organizing this effort,” Peoples said. “So the effort and the demands of the No Justice No Pride effort is very much aligned with the work Get Equal has been doing and is continuing to do,” she said.

Peoples who changed GetEqual from an  LGBT civil rights group to a QPOC (Queer People of Color) action group is responsible for the  planning and carrying out of transgender activists Jennicet Gutiérrez’s heckling of President Obama at the  LGBT Pride Month Reception at the White House in 2015 and other protests such as disruptions at Netroots Nation and who’s members also were involved in a near-violent protest shut down a planned reception for LGBT Israeli group A Wider Bridge.

According to a posting on the No Justice, No Pride Facebook page the group pans to attend the May 8th Capital Pride Alliance Board Meeting and voice its demands as a group.

Folks involved in No Justice, No Pride have many reasons for being involved in this, and some easy demands backed by these reasons are but not exclusive to the following:
1. Removing Corporate Sponsorship (and other entities that hurt members of our community such as military defense contractors and others involved in the military industrial complex, the border injustice complex, and the criminal injustice complex. This means no FBI and Border Control recruiters)
2. Removing Policing Presence/Entities
3. Returning Pride as Protest
4. Remove problematic people from leadership and replace them with known leaders from historically marginalized communities.

We will make these demands known and follow up with “since our community is so large and vast that we also stand behind any demands others may have.”

We won’t accept promises for concessions in future years and will make our case loud and clear that things need to change this year or we will demonstrate.

Let’s show up to this meeting in full support of one another. When you hear something you like make some noise! Snap, clap, cheer – let’s show them we’re riled up and we’ve got each other’s backs. And then they try to silence us, dismiss our claims or make half-assed concessions, let’s be loud too.

Because of these demands and Angela Peoples involvement expect some real drama at this years 

As many SJW activist like to say “The first Pride was a riot.”

Yes it was.  But it was against our true enemies not our own people.


President Obama’s Final LGBT Pride Reception Speech: “History doesn’t just travel forward; it can go backwards if we don’t work hard”

President Obamas Final LGBT Pride Reception Speech

This past Thursday President Obama hosted a reception at The White House Thursday in honor of LGBT Pride Month. The president has done this every year since being elected in 2008.

President Obama cautioned against viewing the civil rights achievements that occurred on his watch as “inevitable.” He also made a joking reference to last year’s Pride Month reception in which a transgender activist Jennicet Gutiérrez aided by GetEqual’s Angela Peoples heckled him from the audience.  (Neither Gutierrez, Peoples, or GetEqual were invited to this years reception.)

Said Obama,

“So some folks never imagined we’d come this far — maybe even some in this room. Change can be slow. And I know that there have been times where at least some of the people in this room have yelled at me. But together, we’ve proven that change is possible, that progress is possible. It’s not inevitable, though. History doesn’t just travel forward; it can go backwards if we don’t work hard. So we can’t be complacent. We cannot be complacent. Securing the gains this country has made requires perseverance and vigilance. And it requires voting. Because we’ve got more work to do.”

You can watch President Obama’s full Pride reception speech below.




Remarks by the President at LGBT Pride Reception

East Room

5:11 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  Hello, everybody!  (Applause.)  Hello, hello, hello!  (Applause.)  Good to see you.  Hello!  Well, welcome to the White House.

Let me first of all — let me acknowledge some outstanding public servants who are here.  We’ve got Secretary of the Army, Eric Fanning is in the house.  (Applause.)  Export-Import Bank Chairman Fred Hochberg is here.  (Applause.)  We’ve got some amazing members of Congress — no one who has done more on behalf of justice and equality than former Speaker and, perhaps soon to be Speaker again, Nancy Pelosi.  (Applause.)  We love Nancy.

So this is the eighth Pride reception that we will celebrate together.  (Applause.)  I want to begin by saying thank you to all the people that — I’m looking out in the audience; I see some new friends but a lot of old friends, folks who have been with us through thick and thin.  And I am grateful for all that you’ve done to work with us to accomplish some amazing transformations over these last seven and a half years.  (Applause.)

So every year, we set aside this month to celebrate the ways that so many lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans have helped to make our union just a little more perfect.  We honor the countless nameless heroes who paved the way for progress:  The activists who marched.  The advocates who organized.  The lawyers who argued cases.  The families who stood by their loved ones, even when it was tough.  Every brave American who came out and spoke out, especially when it was tough.  Because of them, because of all of you, there’s a lot to be proud of today.

Today, we live in an America where “don’t ask, don’t tell” don’t exist no more.  (Applause.)  Because no one should have to hide who they love in order to serve the country that they love.  We live in an America that protects all of us with a hate crimes law that bears the name of Matthew Shepard.  (Applause.)  We live in an America where all of us are treated more equally, because visiting hours in hospitals no longer depend on who you are — (applause) — and insurance companies can no longer turn somebody away simply because of who you love.

Thanks to heroes like Edith Windsor and Jim — I always get Jim’s name — (laughter) — Jim knows I love him, but I never know where to put the emphasis — Obergefell — (applause) — generations of couples who insisted that love is love, we now live in an America where all of our marriages and our families are recognized as equal under the law.  And that’s an extraordinary thing.  When you talk to the upcoming generation, our kids — Malia’s, Sasha’s generation — they instinctively know people are people and families are families.  And discrimination, it’s so last century.  (Laughter.)  It’s so passé.  It doesn’t make sense to them.  (Applause.)  So we live in an America where the laws are finally catching up to the hearts of kids and what they instinctively understand.

So some folks never imagined we’d come this far — maybe even some in this room.  Change can be slow.  And I know that there have been times where at least some of the people in this room have yelled at me.  (Laughter.)  But together, we’ve proven that change is possible, that progress is possible.

It’s not inevitable, though.  History doesn’t just travel forward; it can go backwards if we don’t work hard.  So we can’t be complacent.  (Applause.)  We cannot be complacent.  Securing the gains this country has made requires perseverance and vigilance.  And it requires voting.  Because we’ve got more work to do.  (Applause.)

We still have more work to do when gay and bisexual men make up two-thirds of new HIV cases in our country.  We have to work hard to make sure that jobs are not being denied, people aren’t being fired because of their sexual orientation.  We still have work to do when transgender persons are attacked, even killed for just being who they are.  We’ve got work to do when LGBT people around the world still face incredible isolation and poverty and persecution and violence, and even death.  We have work to make sure that every single child, no matter who they are or where they come from or what they look like or how they live, feels welcomed and valued and loved.

So we’re going to have to keep on pushing.  And that’s the work of all of us.  The great and often unsung civil rights hero Bayard Rustin once said, “We need in every community a group of angelic troublemakers.”  (Laughter and applause.)

And that’s what I see here tonight -– people who aren’t afraid to ruffle feathers in the name of justice and equality until we extend the full promise of America to every single one of us.  And that’s always been our story — not just in Selma or Seneca Falls, but in Compton’s Café and the Stonewall Inn.  It’s the story of brave Americans who were willing to risk everything –- not just their own liberty or dignity, but also doing it on behalf of the dignity and liberty of generations to come.  They understood a truth that lies at the heart of this nation:  When all Americans are treated equal, we’re all more free.

And that’s what should give us hope.  Despite our differences and our divisions, and the many complicated issues that we grapple with, real change is possible.  Minds open.  Hearts change.  America shifts.  And if the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that people who love their country can change it.

One of the most special moments of my presidency was that warm summer night last June when we lit up the White House out there.  (Applause.)  It was a powerful symbol here at home, where more Americans finally felt accepted and whole, and that their country recognized the love that they felt.  It was a beacon for people around the world who are still fighting for those rights.  It was a reminder that when the change we seek comes, and when we move a little bit further on our journey toward equality and justice, we still have a responsibility to reach back and help pull up others who are striving to do the same.

So enjoy tonight.  Have some champagne — some of you already have, I can tell.  (Laughter.)  Tomorrow, we get back to work.  (Applause.)  And by the way, we get back to work not just fighting on behalf of justice and equality for the LGBT community, but for everybody.  (Applause.)  Because one of the — if you’ve felt the sting of discrimination, then you don’t just fight to end discrimination for yourself, you’ve got to fight for the poor kid who needs opportunity.  You need to fight for the working mom who can’t pay the bills.  You’ve got to fight for some young woman on the other side of the world who can’t get an education.  It can’t just be about us.  It’s about we, and what we can do together.  (Applause.)

So I’m very proud to have fought alongside you.  We’ve got more miles in the journey, and I’m so glad that we’re going to be traveling that road together.

Thank you very much, everybody.  (Applause.)

5:20 P.M. EDT

FINALLY! President Obama Announces He Will Sign Executive Order Protecting LGBT Federal Contract Workers




President Barack Obama will sign an order banning federal government contractors from discriminating against gay and transgender workers, officials have said.

The executive order follows years of requests and pressure from the LGBT community to act at least partially on LGBT equality rights that have been stalled on Capitol Hill since the 1970’s.

The executive order comes after far broader anti-discrimination legislation ENDA has stalled in the Republican-led House of Representatives depsite that it containing a hugely dangerous religious exemption that has caused many in the LGBT community stand up and speak out against rendition of ENDA and who have called for current version of the bill to be pulled.

We’re thrilled that the White House is finally taking action on LGBT workplace discrimination — action that is long overdue, but that will finally begin to address the enormous hurdles that LGBT individuals face in finding and keeping a job in this country,” said GetEQUAL Co-Director Heather Cronk. “It is now vitally important for all of us to insist that this executive order, when eventually signed by the president, does not include religious exemptions that would permit taxpayer dollars to be spent on discrimination. We will continue to be vigilant about this important aspect of the executive order — LGBT Americans need these protections immediately, and without the gaping holes that exemptions would create.”

The executive order will apply only to federal contractors, which employ nearly one-quarter of the US workforce.

“The action would build upon existing protections, which generally prohibit federal contractors and subcontractors from discriminating in employment decisions on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin,”

One of the largest companies that will be impacted and holds million of dollars in federal contracts by the executive order is Exxon Mobil, which last month voted down LGBT employment protections for the 17th time. The company claims to have a “zero tolerance” policy on the books for mistreatment, but that does not have the same legal force or consistency as the protections shareholders have voted down each year. Exxon is also facing an anti-gay discrimination lawsuit

President Obama still prefers that Congress act, administration officials said, and has only decided to take unilateral steps in the absence of momentum for the legislation

There is currently no word on when Mr Obama plans to sign the order, but a White House official told US media the president has finally asked his staff to prepare the action for his signature.

Queer Nation & GetEqual Disrupt IOC Olympic Event In Boston – Picabo Street Shows Insensitivity

Sochi noose

Queer Nation and GetEqual Massachusetts disrupted the opening event of the US Olympic Committee’s Road to Sochi tour stop in Boston, demanding answers about the safety of LGBT Olympians, American spectators and also LGBT Russians.

Activist Sasha Kaufmann, of GetEqual Massachusetts, engaged former World Cup alpine skier Picabo Street, and got in a verbal altercation during the panel discussion that showed very little sensitivity or understanding by the former Olympian to the plight of LGBT Russians or the safety of gay and lesbian Americans attending the events in Russia.

Said Street when asked about safety concerns for LGBT Americans in Russia:

“We are Americans, we don’t live in Russia…I would take you under my arm, we will experience the Olympic games together  and have a wonderful time.”

When inquiring about what will happen to Kaufmann’s Russian gay brothers and sisters after the games are complete, Street interrupted the panel’s uncomfortable silence with:

“I don’t know. Hopefully nothing.”

The disruption of the kick-off events concluded with activists unfurling a 40-foot rainbow banner reading “Boycott Homophobia” just feet away from the main event’s stage in Boston Common, chanting “USOC protect LGBTs” and “Don’t believe Putin’s lies” for roughly 15 minutes.

*Queer Nation is a direct action group dedicated to ending discrimination, violence and repression against the LGBT community. Find out more information by visiting their website: www.queernationny.org or on Twitter and Facebook  @QueerNationNY – Facebook.com/qn.newyork.

**GetEQUAL Massachusetts is a state-based chapter of GetEQUAL,a group working to empower the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community and allies by taking action to demand full legal and social equality, Website: www.getequalma.org; Twitter: @GetEqualMA; Facebook; http://bit.ly/GetEqualMass;

BREAKING – Senate Committee Sets Vote for ENDA Set For July10th

ENDAThe Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee has scheduled the markup for ENDA (The Employment Non-Discrimination Act)  two weeks to the day that the Supreme Court ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8.

This will be first planned committee vote on the embattled bill in the Senate in more than a decade. The last time ENDA came up before committee was in the spring of 2002, under the committee leadership of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy.

All 12 Democrats on the committee are co-sponsors of the legislation, as is one of the 10 Republicans.

Said Heather Cronk co-director of GetEqual:

“We’re thrilled that Senator Harkin has scheduled a committee vote on ENDA for July 10, and we look forward to Majority Leader Reid keeping his promise to move swiftly on scheduling a full Senate vote on ENDA. We believe there’s no reason to keep LGBT Americans at risk of being fired simply because of who they are or who they love, so we will keep pressure on Senator Reid to call a vote soon.” (also, here’s the link to reid saying a vote would come “soon”:

“I look forward to taking up the Employment Non-Discrimination Act soon, to prohibit such job discrimination across the nation,”

ENDA has been introduced in every Congress since 1994.

Similar legislation has been introduced without passage since 1974 when  Rep. Bella Abzug (D-NY) introduced H.R. 14752, the “Equality Act”, which would have added sexual orientation to the protected classes specified in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, prohibited discrimination in employment and access to public accommodations and facilities.

In the early 1990s, gay rights organizations  decided to focus only on employment.

Rep. Gerry Studds introduced the Employment Non-Discrimination Act on June 23, 1994

BREAKING – GetEQUAL Protests The Values Voters Summit, Security and Crowd React Violently – VIDEO

Just minutes ago, GetEQUAL – a national lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) civil rights organization – protested inside the “Values Voter Summit” at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C.   Activists walked into the conference carrying a simulated coffin, draped in a rainbow American flag, while reading anti-LGBT quotes from Tony Perkins (head of the Family Research Council, the main organizer of the event)

The private security firm that was hired by the Family Research Council treated the protestors roughly and with no respect — literally pushing and in some cases physically dragging them out of the hotel while protestors chanted “Your values are killing us.!” —  many Values Voters attendees  shouted at them and some even physically abused the protestors with punches, elbows and kicks and they were being dragged out.

In a statement from GET Equal:

This protest is being organized to send a clear message that the organized bigotry against LGBT people that this event both represents and deliberately attempts to promote is an affront to our shared American values of justice, liberty, and equality and is a direct violation of the “equal protection” clause in the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The Values Voter Summit has featured a vast array of high profile anti-LGBT leaders, including Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Paul Ryan, and Tony Perkins, as well as seminars and plenary sessions on the subject of how to deny equal rights to LGBT Americans.

“The ‘values’ promoted at this summit alienate millions of LGBT Americans from full and equal citizenship; deny us our dignity; seek to prevent us from enjoying the basic joy and security of marriage; create an unsafe environment that leads suicide, violence, and hate crimes; and, too often, result in violence toward and even the murder of our LGBT brothers and sisters,” said GetEQUAL organizer Erica Keppler.

This action harkens back to the words of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who said, “We must scrupulously guard the civil rights and civil liberties of all our citizens, whatever their background. We must remember that any oppression, any injustice, any hatred, is a wedge designed to attack our civilization.”

For more information about the protest, follow events on Twitter at #notmyvalues

Back2Stonewall.com applauds the activist and actions of GETEqual who today unlike many of our LGBT organizations made a statement and looked hatred directly in the eye and fought back.

Today you are our LGBT HEROS!

Dallas, TX Gay Couple Arrested After Being Refused Marriage License

Beau Chandler and his partner, Mark “Major” Jiminez were arrested yesterday at Dallas County Clerk Records Building after handcuffing themselves together because they were refused a marriage license.

At 4:30 p.m when the building was closed  everyone, including media, was instructed to leave.

The couple was not arrested until everyone else had left the office. When they came down the elevator, they were no longer handcuffed to each other but were handcuffed individually, each escorted by two sheriff’s deputies.

“We live in a land where we’re all supposed to be created equal, and by them denying us our marriage, we are not created equal,” Jiminez said.

Sr. Cpl. Laura Martin, LGBT liaison officer for the Dallas Police Department, accompanied the group, even though she didn’t have direct jurisdiction since they were in a county building. Lt. Shelley Knight, LGBT liaison for the sheriff’s department, also followed the couple.

“They’re the nicest couple,” Martin said of Chandler and Jiminez. “They’re the first guys after any protest to come up and thank the officers.”

Daily DADT News Clusterf**k Round-up: Is Robin McGehee and GetEQUAL Becoming Part Of Gay Inc?, Lieberman "We Got 60 Votes!", Senators Susan Collins and Carl Lugar MIGHT Vote YES to DADT Repeal, and Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) Is A NAZI! (Video)


*  Oh for the good old days when GetEQUAL and it’s Founder and Co-Director Robin McGehee would be sending out tons of Press Releases to EVERYONE in hopes that someone would print them. (After all, they have the Former HRC PR Assistant Brad Luna on a paid retainer to communicate with the Community.)  But now, McGhee after her last trip to the White House to meet wih Deputy Director of the Office of Public Engagement Brian Bond has started  giving “EXCLUSIVE” interviews, while the rest of us wait around for the news. And it turns out that McGehee and GetEQUAL has also been talking and discussing strategies with HRC and NGLTF the same two groups that have gotten us into the mess we are in by wasting the opportunity that we had the past two years to move forward. Are McGehee and GetEQUAL selling out?

*  Senator Joseph I. Lieberman is saying that they have the 60 Votes needed to pass the DADT RepealI’ve heard that before.  Fool me once….

 *  Senators Susan Collins and Carl Lugar are saying that they will vote YES on the DADT repeal only if there will be a guarantee of a fair and open amendment process. Personally, I’m tired of bitching about how Republicans and some Democrats are “preventing DADT repeal”. This whole “legislative” process is utterly irrelevant and the kabuki bullshit about this non-repeal language that “needs to pass” doesn’t even need to be happening AT ALL.  All that needs to happen is for Obama to drop the appeal of the DADT court case and then it’s a done deal.  Whoever thought that ANYONE would have to try this HARD and deal with this much BULLSHIT just for the right to fight for their country.

*Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) has an itsy bitsy problem with the DADT Repeal. Like everything: “I would still have a problem with it because there’s no question to mainstream homosexuality within active duty military would have an impact on unit cohesion would have an impact on recruitment, an impact on readiness, that’s been established and written about and chronicled for many many years and I believe we need to continue to keep the focus of our military on the mission of the military”.LIAR . In his book “Conduct Unbecoming” the late Randy Shilts lists precisely how many studies of gays in the military had been done up til then. And yes, there here were a ton of them — and that book came out in the late 80’s. And what conclusion did those studies come to? The same as the new survey. THAT THERE WOULD BE NO IMPACT. 

Mike Pence is a Dangerous man….look at him, hate fills him….and wouldn’t he look oh sooo cute in a Nazi Uniform…..it would fit him perfectly