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Republican Louisiana State Rep Introduces Sweeping “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Thanks to Disney’s and the Human Rights Campaign’s inaction and failure fighting Florida’s republican controlled government which passed the states oppressive and harmful “Don’t Say Gay Bill” now other GOP states are following suit.

The bill, submitted by Representative Dodie Horton, would “prohibit discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity” in K-8 classes and keep instructors from discussing their own sexual orientation or gender identity with students in grades K-12. “I wasn’t aware of the need [for this legislation] until I looked at some things on Twitter and Facebook. t just solidified for us to protect our Louisiana children, as well. I started to pray about how we could protect our children here from inappropriate conversations until they are able to dissect it and old enough to understand it. I talked to my pastor and he challenged me and said, ‘we definitely need to do this.’”

If you are keeping count we now have “Don’t Say Gay” bills working their way through Florida, Tennessee, Idaho, Georgia and now Louisiana with variations of the bill in motion in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Indiana.

Florida 'Don't Say Gay' bill banning teaching LGBTQ+ issues has ripple  effect in Pennsylvania - 6abc Philadelphia

Gay Log Cabin Republican Traitors Endorse Anti-LGBT Georgia GOP Governor Nominee

Gay Log Cabin Republican Traitors Endorse Anti-LGBT Georgia GOP Governor Nominee

Oh those crazy mixed-up gay KAPO republican quislings are at it again.

Via Project Q Atlanta:

Brian Kemp reiterated his support of anti-LGBTQ “religious freedom” legislation just as a gay Republican group endorsed the newly-named GOP gubernatorial nominee. Kemp signed a pledge to support “religious freedom” legislation last year. He stood by it at a Republican “unity rally” on Thursday after trouncing Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle in the GOP runoff for governor. “My position on RFRA is not going to change. I’m not going to change,” Kemp told the AJC.

Former House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams, the Democrat who faces Kemp in the November general election, strongly opposes the legislation. As Kemp won the runoff on Tuesday, Georgia Log Cabin Republicans endorsed him – the first candidate for governor the group has endorsed in its 23-year history.

“We would like to congratulate Brian Kemp on his hard-fought win tonight,” the group wrote in a press release. “We offer him our full endorsement and look forward to working hard to help him win in November against radical liberal Stacey Abrams.”

Kemp has said that if he is elected governor, he would sign a “religious freedom and restoration bill” similar to the ones Gov. Nathan Deal has twice vetoed if came before him.

I have the tar. Who has the feathers?