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Harrison Ford Again Defends Homophobe Orson Scott Card and Ender’s Game – BOYCOTT ENDER’S GAME

Boycott Enders Game
“The issues that are coming up now are not part of the book, which is twenty-eight years old. So they don’t really concern me. [long pause] ’Concern me’ are really not the right words. I think it’s better to say that they are simply not issues; his point of view on some of these issues that are getting such attention now is not promoted by or part of the story that we’re telling.” –  Harrison Ford once again defending Orson Scott Card, author of the book that was adapted into his latest film Ender’s Gamein an interview with GQ

What Ford doesn’t mention as an issue is that Card has been paid BIG BUCKS for the movie rights and is also a co-producer on the film and will receive a percentage of the film;s profits and that of its sequels if it is a hit that he will undoubtedly use to fight LGBT rights.

I wonder if it would concern Harrison Ford if Orson Scott Card was a renowned anti-Semite or a member of the KKK?

Fuck you Harrison.  Han Solo and Indiana Jones would kick your ass if they ever heard you spew studio spin like this.

Ender’s Game opens Friday in theaters across the country.  BOYCOTT THIS MOVIE!  Do not support Orson Scott Cards anti-gay hate!


WOOF! – Chris Hemsworth Explains Why THOR Takes His Shirt Off In “Thor: The Dark World” – Video


My one true fanboy crush Chris Hemsworth sat down with the folks at MTV and explained in his hotter than scorching Australian accent why the God of Thunder has a gratuitous shirtless scene near the beginning of his new movie, “Thor: The Dark World” (Which is very lucky for us.)

MTV reports:

“That [scene] kind of came from Joss actually. He just said that there needed to be something romantic in there,” Hemsworth said. “Then he said, ‘Chris, get your shirt off.’ I said, ‘Well, I don’t know. What’s the why? What are we doing?’ The justification was that it was him coming home from battle, washing blood off his hands. It is what it is.”

And “it” is AWE INSPIRING! 

Mr. Will “Thor spouse” Hemsworth.  I like it.


RECAP ZONE: The Walking Dead – Episode 2: INFECTED (The Walking Dead Meets Captain Trips)



Let’s take stock of last nights 2nd episode “meh” second episode of Season 4 of The Walking Dead:  Infected:

WARNING:  There be SPOILERS below.


It is now a little over 6 months from the end of Season 3 which makes it roughly 1 year and 4 months into the Walker Apocalypse. (Because no one says the word “zombie”)

In a nod, or rip off to Stephen King’s The Stand, a Captian Trips like superflu invades the prison and kills a Harry Potter look-a-like throwaway character named Patrick who kills another throwaway character with no name in his sleep and the virus spreads through D Block killing even MORE throwaway characters we didn’t know.  Two annoying little girls watch their dad die, yet another character the audience has no vested interests in and Tyreese’s new girlfriend Karen who we do know from last season gets sick and then torched. (like people don’t know that its probably the whack job from Episode 1 who likes his vino.)  Michonne cries while she holds baby Judith, and worst of all — adorable little piggies being sliced and left as walker-chum. To lead them away from the gates which haven’t been shored up in the 6 months they have been at the prison.

RIP squealing piggies we cared about and knew more about you than the other walker bait characters they offed in this episode.

This and that. 

* Rick and Carl are finally back in the gun shooting game.

* Michonne had a pretty strange response to being stuck with Judith, and it begs the question of whether she had a child before the zombie apocalypse. Still not much is known about her past, and she seemed pretty upset when Beth brought up the point that there’s no word for a parent who has lost a child. Hopefully this is a tease of a bit more of her backstory that will be explored in future episodes it was the most interesting part of last night.

* Daryl (the hottest redneck on television) wants Rick to return as leader, the new Prison survivors (who probably will all die anyway) are looking  to Daryl as a leader and he hasn’t had time to lighten his hair back to the light brown it was in Season 1.

* Carl rats out Carol’s knife teaching class and Rick doesn’t care.

* And STILL no LGBT characters have been introduced as survivors.

#GetAKluwe – Oakland Raiders Release LGBT Ally, Geek and Punter Chris Kluwe

Chris Kluwe sad

Sad news.

The Oakland Raiders has released outspoken LGBT ally, fellow geek and  punter Chris Kluwe, who had signed a one-year minimum contract with the team shortly after his release from the Minnesota Vikings in May tp go with the younger rookie Marqutte King this upcoming football season.

“We had both had a pretty good preseason, but as the young guy, he definitely has the higher potential ceiling. It makes sense,” Kluwe wrote in a series of tweets over the weekend. “King’s got a really strong leg. He reminds me a lot of me when I was a rookie.”

Chris 31, posted a career-best 39.7 average on 72 punts last season, his eighth with the Vikings. But the team drafted Jeff Locke in the fifth round out of UCLA and released Kluwe after watching the newcomer in rookie camp.

Ever the great guy Kluwe publicly thanked everyone at the Okland Raiders for the pre-season chance and  said he intends to stay in shape and thinks he can punt in the NFL this season.

Game on Chris!  Game on!

SDCC – Watch the FULL Teen Wollf Panel from San Diego Comic-Con 2013 – AROoooOOOOoo -Video

SDCC Teen Wolf Panel

At the Teen Wolf panel at Comic Con 2013 in San Diego,  executive producer Jeff Davis joined stars Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Dylan O’Brien, Crystal Reed, Daniel Sharman, Tyler Houechlin and Charlie and Max Carver on the panel. Of the show’s strong season three premiere, he admitted, “We definitely wanted to premiere in a big way. It was nice to see the ratings go up. It was nice to introduce the Alphas, our twins (the Carvers) here, but also bring back characters you love, like Scott and Lydia.

The topic of gay characters came up, specifically Ethan and Danny’s relationship. “I love that these characters exist in the same world,” Charlie Carver explained. “Like, I like my guy and I’m going to protect him, and Jeff’s treated that very well.


Anti-Gay ENDER’S GAME Writer Orson Scott Card Not Invited To Comic-Con – Boycott Begins

Boycott Enders Game

Summit Entertainment is pulling out all the stops to promote its upcoming release Enders Game at Comic-Con this year including constructing an 8-room interactive Ender’s Game exhibit for fans in the heavily trafficked downtown Gaslamp district,  But what Summit is not doing is iinviting Ender’s Game writer and despicable human being Orson Scott Card to Comic-Con in hopes of keeping down a backlash against the film due to Card’s virulently homophobic attacks on the LGBT Community.

Card and his work (both in fiction and as a board member of the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage) have been at the center of a brewing controversy in the comics industry, which has been reaching the occasional mainstream news outlet, a fact which has not gone unnoticed by executives at the company in charge of a big-budget adaptation of the award winning young adult novel according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I don’t think you take him to any fanboy event,” says one studio executive. “This will definitely take away from their creative and their property.”  Another executive sums up the general consensus: “Keep him out of the limelight as much as possible.”

Card’s status as a board member of the National Organization for Marriage,which works to prevent not only marriage equality but equal civil rights for LGBT Americans, has also expressed his views on gay marriage as worth overthrowing the government for, linked homosexuality with pedophilia, and has stated that he would wants laws that criminalize consensual homosexual sex

Said Card:

Regardless of law, marriage has only one definition, and any government that attempts to change it is my mortal enemy. I will act to destroy that government and bring it down, so it can be replaced with a government that will respect and support marriage, and help me raise my children in a society where they will expect to marry in their turn.”

Summit must realize that issue is no only Cards homophobic views but its also  his ACTIONS that are causing the problem. He donates his time and money to NOM, including sitting on its board of directors.  And has publicly spread lies and propaganda about the LGBT community that has  fueled hatred  in order to try to turn people against them using his public pulpit.

Will hiding Card help save the 110 million dollar movie from potential backlash and boycott?  Or will Summit have a PR disaster on its hands for buying the film rights for millions to which Card potentially used to promote anti-gay hatred.

Only time will tell.

*Geeks OUT has launched a campaign called Skip Ender’s Game, urging their fellow geeks to take responsibility for their box-office dollars and make sure that none of them end up in Card’s (or NOM’s) pockets.