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WATCH: Matt Bomer Plays Gay Superhero in DC's "Doom Patrol" Series

WATCH: Matt Bomer Plays Gay Superhero in DC’s “Doom Patrol” Series

Doom Patrol — the second series to debut on DC Comics streaming service follows a group of strange, misfit heroes premiered yesterday and the reviews are pretty damn good.

“More TV superheroes, just what the world needs. Have you hung yourself yet?” the unseen narrator (Alan Tudyk) sneers in the opening seconds of this unabashedly nihilistic and meta blend of superhero dramatics and absurdist comedy.

As this extended trailer below reveals, the team is brought together by a man named Niles Caulder aka The Chief (Timothy Dalton).

The team consists of Robotman aka Cliff Steele (Brendan Fraser), Negative Man aka Larry Trainor (Matt Bomer), Elasti-Woman aka Rita Farr (April Bowbly), and Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero).

The trailer gives brief synopses of our heroes’ backstories, such as Matt Bomer’s character Larry, who was a military man having an illicit gay affair behind his wife’s back before his accident.

The Doom Patrol first appeared in DC Comics in 1963.

DOMA Hits X-Men – Immigration Officials Go After Gay Married Canadian Superhero NorthStar

Comics and graphic novels are going boldly going places with gay storylines and characters that many mainstream media outlets are afraid to travel and have never gone before.  Case in point  the latest issue of Marvel’s Astonishing X-Men.

Immigration enforcement in the comic world is just the same as in the real world it seems and doesn’t care if X-Man Northstar saves American lives for a living; he’s a Canadian citizen and his recent same-sex marriage to American Kyle Jinadu does nothing to change that fact. And thanks to DOMA, which prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages ICE (Immigration and Custom Officials) come knocking on his door one day when he’s out saving the world.

I applaud Marvel for doing this.  Not only because it incorporates gay characters and their lives into storylines but also because it’s a perfect educational tool.   Sort of like a “DOMA issues for Dummies” primer for young adult readers of comics.  Where they become exposed to the problems facing us that they are unlikely to hear about any other way.


Openly Gay Superhero Character To Join DC Comics’ Relaunched “Teen Titans” Series

DC Comic’s artist Brett Booth has announced that an openly gay superpowered teen is joining DC Comics’ flagship team of teenage heroes in the relaunch of Tean Titans.

The newest hero known as Bunker will debut in November’s Teen Titans #3. Bunker will apparently come from an accepting background that’s contributed to a slightly more flamboyant attitude than fans might have seen from other gay and lesbian characters in the DC Universe so far.,  According to writer Scott Lobdell  “He (his character)was born out of the closet and so he has a very refreshing outlook on life.”  Bunker’s powers, as described by Booth, include the ability to create small force fields that look like bricks (As in making a Stonewall?)
We wanted to show an interesting character whose homosexuality is part of him, not something that’s hidden. Sure they are gay people who you wouldn’t know are gay right off the bat, but there are others who are a more flamboyant, and we thought it would be nice to actually see them portrayed in comics. Did we go over the top, I don’t think so. I wanted you to know he might be gay as soon as you see him. Our Teen Titan is partly about diversity of ANY kind, its about all kinds of teens getting together to help each other. It is a very difficult line to walk, will he be as I’ve read in some of the comments ‘fruity’? Not that I’m aware of. Will he be more effeminate than what we’ve seen before, the ‘typical’ gay male comic character, yes. Does it scare the sh*t out of me that I might inadvertently piss off the group I want to reflect in a positive way, you’re damn straight (pun intended!)

Well personally I am thankful for the diversity but I do hope that DC Comics is very careful and aware of what they do with Bunker’s character and hopefully writer Lobdell’s work has grown a bit.   I believe he also wrote Alpha Flight back in the early 90s when Northstar came out of the closet which really wasn’t handeled all that well.  But we’ll see in Novemember