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Forgotten Gay Cinema – WATCH: The Dead Boys Club (1992) – Short Film

Writer-director Mark Christopher who would go on to make the feature film 54, won praise Christopher won praise for Dead Boys Club, a short film about a young gay man living in New York, haunted by visions of the gay scene in the 70’s, and a generation lost to AIDS.

It’s the early 1990s. Toby, just out of college in Wisconsin, comes to Manhattan to spend the summer with his older cousin, Packard, a gay man whose lover John R. has just died of AIDS. Toby is shy, the openly-gay society around him makes him nervous. Packard gives Toby a pair of John R.’s shoes; when Toby puts them on, he has powerful visions of the pre-AIDS scene in the 1970s, as if he’s there. He also takes on a different personality when he wears the shoes, more sure of himself, able to express his interest in men.


Video – B2S.com Sunday Night Short Movie: Go Go Reject (2010)

Director: Michael J. Saul
Writer: Heath Daniels
Stars: Korken Alexander, Josh Babich and Jonathan Bierner
Length: 20 minutes

Wholesome and eternally optimistic Daniel Ferguson yearns to leave his job at Yogurt World and fulfill his childhood dream of becoming the Jennifer Beals of male go-go dancing. Daniel’s Flashdance fantasy runs smack into opposition from club promoters, who are less interested in his dancing ability than they are the physical attributes of the more muscular dancers. With undaunted ingenuity Daniel turns his small frame into a huge success.

Back2Stonewall’s Friday Night Movie: Alkali, Iowa (1996) – Gay Short Film

On his family’s farm in rural Iowa, young Jack Gudmanson is wrestling with his sexual identity, not an easy thing to do in the macho world of the Midwest. But things become clearer for him when he discovers via a rusty old lunch box filled with gay magazines that his father, killed in Vietnam, led a double life down on the farm. But as liberating as the discovery is for Jack, it is painful for his grandfather and mother, who have tried for years to keep it a family secret.

Back2Stonewall’s Friday Night Movie: "O Beautiful" (2002) – Gay Short Film

Alan Brown’s debut gay short film O Beautiful, which he wrote and directed, tells the story of repressed high-school jock Andy (David Clayton Rogers) who returns to the scene of an anti-gay attack, to help victim Brad ( Jay Gillespie) after having left him alone in a remote cornfield at night, bleeding and humiliated from the homophobic bullying incident.