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FIRST LOOK - WATCH: Teaser Trailer for Matt Bomer's "FELLOW TRAVELERS" Series On Showtime.

FIRST LOOK – WATCH: Teaser Trailer for Matt Bomer’s “FELLOW TRAVELERS” Series On Showtime.

SHOWTIME has released the first teaser for its new limited series FELLOW TRAVELERS. The eight-episode drama is created by Oscar® nominee Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia, HOMELAND) and stars Matt Bomer (The Normal Heart, The Boys in the Band)

 FELLOW TRAVELERS is a love story and political thriller, chronicling the secret romance of two very different men who meet during the McCarthy-era/Lavender Scare in Washington. Bomer plays Hawkins Fuller, who maintains a financially rewarding, behind-the scenes career in politics and avoids emotional entanglements – until he meets Tim Laughlin (Bailey), a young man brimming with idealism ,They begin a romance just as Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn declare war on “subversives and sexual deviants.’

Over the course of four decades, we follow – Hawk, Tim, and other characters as they cross paths through the Vietnam War protests of the 1960s, the drug-fueled disco hedonism of the 1970s and the AIDS crisis of the 1980s.   

Watch the new teaser trailer here:

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! - WATCH: Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (1972)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! – WATCH: Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things (1972)

Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things (also known as Revenge of the Living DeadThings from the Dead, and Zreaks) is a 1972 comedic horror film directed by Bob Clark which later became a cult classic. It also has the dubious honor of being the first USA horror movie with gay characters, abet stereotypical ones but still.

The story focuses on a theatre troupe who travel by boat to a small island off the coast of Miami that is mainly used as a cemetery for deranged criminals, to have a night of fun and games. Their director Alan (Alan Ormsby), a twisted, sadistic individual, tells his group — whom he refers as his “children” — numerous stories relating to the island’s history and buried inhabitants. He leads them to a cottage, where they are supposed to spend the night. He then opens a chest they have brought with him, puts on a mystical robe and prepares them for a summation at midnight, with threats of firing them if they do not do as he pleases. At midnight, using a grimoire, Alan begins a ritual to raise the dead after digging up the body of a man named Orville Dunworth (Seth Sklarey). Though the original intent of the ritual may have been just a joke, Alan appears disappointed that nothing happens. Or did it?

Shot in 14 days on a budget of $50,000 the second true zombie movie after Night of the Living Dead and cult classic: Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things

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FIRST LOOK - WATCH: M. Night Shyamalan’s Trailer for Gay Horror Film "Knock at the Cabin"

FIRST LOOK – WATCH: M. Night Shyamalan’s Trailer for Gay Horror Film “Knock at the Cabin”

Coming on the heel’s of Billy Eichner’s major studio theatrical release gay rom-com BROS (Review Here) now we have Universal stepping it up a notch with more much needed gay male representation in the movies with M. Night Shyamalan’s new horror film Knock at the Cabin.

Based on Paul G. Tremblay’s novel The Cabin at the End of the World, the movie follows gay couple Andrew (Jonathan Groff) and Eric (Ben Aldridge), who take their seven-year-old daughter Wen (Kristen Cui) on holiday to a remote cabin but the vacation takes a sudden turn for the worse when “four armed strangers” led by Leonard (Dave Bautista) take the family hostage and demand that they “make an unthinkable choice.” 

Rupert Grint, Abby Quinn and Nikki Amuka-Bird are also set to join Bautista, Groff and Aldridge as Redmond, Sabrina, and Adriane, respectively. 

Knock at the Cabin is coming to theaters Feb. 3, 2023. 

Warner Bros. Studios Defends Cutting Gay Dialogue from Fantastic Beasts in China

Warner Bros. Studios Defends Cutting Gay Dialogue from Fantastic Beasts in China

J.K. Rowling aside.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore again looks at the early life of the Harry Potter character, Albus Dumbledore (played by Jude Law). The lines of dialogue axed from China run for six seconds, according to Variety. They allude to a previous relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald (played by Mads Mikkelsen). (Honestly if you blink you miss it.)

The specific lines are “because I was in love with you” and “the summer Gellert and I fell in love”. The cuts were made at the request of authorities in China. and WB quickly obliged and has defended the edit.

“As a studio, we’re committed to safeguarding the integrity of every film we release, and that extends to circumstances that necessitate making nuanced cuts in order to respond sensitively to a variety of in-market factors. Our hope is to release our features worldwide as released by their creators but historically we have faced small edits made in local markets. In the case of ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore,’ a six-second cut was requested and Warner Bros. accepted those changes to comply with local requirements but the spirit of the film remains intact. We want audiences everywhere in the world to see and enjoy this film, and it’s important to us that Chinese audiences have the opportunity to experience it as well, even with these minor edits.”

The movie will not get a release in Russia because of the war in Ukraine. But expect similar cuts as those made in China to also be wielded for many parts of the Middle East.

So, now this begs the bigger question: If your representation was so paper-thin that all it took was cutting six seconds to make the text back into subtext, is that representation?

The Answer: no, no it is not,

WATCH: Matt Bomer Plays Gay Superhero in DC's "Doom Patrol" Series

WATCH: Matt Bomer Plays Gay Superhero in DC’s “Doom Patrol” Series

Doom Patrol — the second series to debut on DC Comics streaming service follows a group of strange, misfit heroes premiered yesterday and the reviews are pretty damn good.

“More TV superheroes, just what the world needs. Have you hung yourself yet?” the unseen narrator (Alan Tudyk) sneers in the opening seconds of this unabashedly nihilistic and meta blend of superhero dramatics and absurdist comedy.

As this extended trailer below reveals, the team is brought together by a man named Niles Caulder aka The Chief (Timothy Dalton).

The team consists of Robotman aka Cliff Steele (Brendan Fraser), Negative Man aka Larry Trainor (Matt Bomer), Elasti-Woman aka Rita Farr (April Bowbly), and Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero).

The trailer gives brief synopses of our heroes’ backstories, such as Matt Bomer’s character Larry, who was a military man having an illicit gay affair behind his wife’s back before his accident.

The Doom Patrol first appeared in DC Comics in 1963.

DC’s First Animated Gay Lead Superhero Series “Freedom Fighters: The Ray” Is Going to Release in 2017

DC's First Animated Gay Lead Superhero Series "Freedom Fighters: The Ray" Is Going to Release in 2017


Via Superheo Hype:

CW Seed has announced today that it will debut a new animated series with Freedom Fighters: The Ray, based on the DC Comics character. Inspired by the Grant Morrison version found in the pages of The Multiversity, The Ray will be the first gay superhero to lead a show when he debuts in 2017.

Based on the characters from DC, Freedom Fighters: The Ray is from Berlanti Productions in association with Blue Ribbon Content, with executive producers Greg Berlanti (Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow) and Marc Guggenheim (Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow).

Raymond “Ray” Terrill was a reporter who discovered a group of government scientists working on a secret project to turn light into a weapon of mass destruction. But before he could report on his findings, the project head exposed Ray to a “genetic light bomb.” The bomb failed to kill him and instead gifted Ray with light-based powers. With these abilities, Ray realized he could go beyond reporting on injustice – he could take action to help stop it. Calling himself The Ray, he was recruited by Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters to fight violence and oppression wherever it exists.

The first Ray was Lanford “Happy” Terrill, a Quality Comics character. Quality Comics operated from 1937 to 1956. when DC purchased themHappy Terrill was retconned as a member of the Freedom Fighters on Earth-X. Following DC altering much of its continuity and history in the storyline Crisis on Infinite Earths, Happy Terrill was now an inhabitant of the mainstream DC Comics universe and his son Ray Terrill became the second Ray. Later, the character Stan Silver briefly operated as the third hero called “the Ray.” In the “New 52” relaunch of DC Comics, where continuity and history is again being restructured, a new character called Lucien Gates is introduced as the Ray. Although historically he is the fourth superhero character to use this name, in The Ray #1 (2012), set in a rebooted continuity, he refers to the origin of Happy Terrill as a story he had heard as a child.

GREAT SCOTT! Mr. Sulu is Gay In Star Trek Beyond!

Star Trek Beyond. Mr. Sulu Is Gay


After all these years its has finally happened.

On a promotional trip to Sydney, Australia it has been announced that Helmsman of the USS Enterprise, Hikaru Sulu, played by John Cho, in the upcoming movie Star Trek Beyond is gay and also loving father of a daughter with a same sex partner.

Cho visited Sydney to promote the third movie in the franchise rebooted by JJ Abrams in 2009, along with cast mates Chris Pine (Captain Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), Karl Urban (Dr McCoy) and director Justin Lin. He said the decision by writer Simon Pegg and Lin to make Sulu gay was a nod to George Takei, who played the character in the original 1960s series, and was a sign of what he hoped were changing times.

“I liked the approach, which was not to make a big thing out it, which is where I hope we are going as a species, to not politicize one’s personal orientations,” said Cho.

In an interview in 2015 George Takei revealed he once asked Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry why the original TV series didn’t feature LGBT characters. And [Roddenberry] said, ‘I’m treading a fine tight wire here. I’m dealing with issues of the time. I’m dealing with the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, and I need to be able to make that statement by staying on the air.’ He said, ‘If I dealt with that issue I wouldn’t be able to deal with any issue because I would be canceled.’”

The closest any other Star Trek gas come to a male gay character was when “First Contact” was being produced in 1996, musings about the purportedly gay bridge officer Lt. Hawk set off a self-sustaining process, with new rumors cropping up every few days, even in mainstream print media. But Hawk ended up as a Star Trek default character who, as Rick Berman himself stated, is not supposed to be gay. Lt. Hawk was established as gay in the novel Section 31: Rogue.

Thank you Star Trek for boldly going where others have gone before.  But we do thank you for finally arriving.

EXCLUSIVE – Walking Dead Exec Producer Scott Gimple Hints LGBT Character To Be Introduced

The Walking Dead Season 4 Poster

As many of you know I am a GayGeek and damn proud of it.  You may also know I have also had a huge bone to pick with AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead for the past 3 seasons of totally ignoring the fact that not only do LGBT people actually exist but they could also survive a the “walker”apocalypse.

There are many reasons that the television series has annoyed me so far.  In the past three seasons they have introduced every type of character imaginable. Young, old, black, white, Korean, Latino,  redneck, God fearing country folk, nerds, prisoners, and even the Irish!  But not one of these character have been LGBT and the only time that our community has been mentioned in the past four seasons is when one character thought another character was a lesbian because she had short hair! .To make matters worse the television series also actually CUT two gay characters and a minor gay storyline out of the Season 3 transition from the comic to television for the  prison arc.

Well now after 4 articles and some old fashioned bitching and tweeting to Executive Producers Gale Anne Hurd and Scott Gimple it FINALLY seems as though there will be an LGBT character introduced in Season Four.

After my latest post Walking Dead Season 4 GAYWATCH: More Deaths, More Threats, But Any Gay Characters? which I sent to Gimple I received the following private Twitter message.


Scott Gimble


So  it seems that this season a member of the LGBT community will now be represented among the survivors. The next question is which character yet to be introduced will it be?

Some of the possibilities from the roster of upcoming characters in Season’ Four:

Laura or Melody  -According to SpoilerTV, Episode 6 is called “Rise” and it will include two recurring roles, including “a single mother and former nurse named Laura” and “a tough and funny woman named Melody.”

Jack or Erin — According to TVLine, Season 4, Episode 4 is called “Indifference” and will introduce two new survivors named Jack and Erin; both are said to be in their 20s and described as easygoing and “extremely thin.” As for their personalities, TVLine said “Jack’s a bit of a joker, while Erin walks through life with rose-colored glasses.”

Mack or Patrick — According to SpoilerTV, Episode 7 will be titled “Dead Weight” and two brothers around age 30 are coming: “Mack is an aggressive wiseass and Patrick is fair-minded. Mack is recurring and Patrick is a guest role.”  ”

Wayne Kesey — Another recurring role announced at the same time, Wayne is described as “Early 30’s. Very smart and an experienced liar.”

Jordana Barraza — Third recurring character from the same SpoilerTV post, described as “Late 20’s tough, hispanic, and beautiful. Shamed about her past.”

And there is the off chance it might actually be Cesar Martinez (played in the television series by the humpy was meant to be homosexual  in the comic’s but according to TWD creator Robert Kirkman he never got around to writing it. (Shocking).  On the television show Martinez is still alive and well and at the end of last season rode off into the sunset with the Governor.  

Well whoever it is it FINALLY seems that this season there will be some LGBT’ representing when it comes to kicking some Walker ass on The Walking Dead.

And its about damn time.