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Cincinnati LGBT Blogger Jamie Royce and the University of Cincinnati LGBT Student Groups Say "It Gets Better"

Jamie Royce of the LGBT Blog Stuff Queer People Need To Know and various students of the University of Cincinnati lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender student groups have put together a video for the It Gets Better Project in response to the recent rash of bullied teen suicides.

Royce, who’s blog was names one of 100 Best LGBT Blogs by the LGF Foundation and students of the UC Alliance and GenderBloc share their personal stories of high school bullying and why they are glad they survived.

They’re not rich,  famous or celebrities, they are just normal LGBT youth sharing faith, hope and courage with everyone who is nee of strength which is what makes this video special.

Thank you and well done to Jamie and the LGBT Students of The University of Cincinnati for this gift.of hope to those who need it.