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Gay Friends Win Prom King and Queen at NY High School in Landslide Victory

Ferrusi and Timmy Howard, two gay best friends were crowned King and Queen of prom, respectively, in a landslide victory at Hudson High School in Hudson, NY on Saturday.

It’s a really big step for Hudson but also for the gay community in general,” Howard said Wednesday. “To have this happen in our city is pretty exciting.” Ferrusi said he and Howard started thinking about running about a month ago. While there were some students who were in opposition to their idea many more approved and the boys decided to go for it.

By prom night the overwhelming majority of students cast their votes in the open ballot race. They won by such a wide margin the school didn’t crown any runners up.

In 2008 Augie Abatecola ran and won the race for Hudson prom queen but he was denied the crown by school officials. This time around Ferrusi and Howard decided to run their plan by advisors and Principal
The school officials said they wouldn’t interfere with the student body’s vote and gave the boys their blessing.

“We’re proud of all our students,” said  Hudson principal Stephen Spicer Wednesday. “They know they have the right to pick whoever they want. It was exciting for them and it was exciting for Charlie and Tim.”

One of the hardest parts of the experience, Ferrusi and Howard said, was deciding who would run for king and who would be queen. Both added they had the full support of their families.

While they were pretty sure they would win due to the buzz around school the boys said they still weren’t sure everyone would vote for them.

“First of all it’s Hudson High School,” said Ferrusi. “For me to win king was crazy. For Timmy to win queen was insane. We both researched it online and never found any story of two gay guys winning both king and queen.”

Hudson will hold its first-ever Gay Pride parade on June 20, and Charlie Ferrusi has been helping plan it:

Congrats to Charlie and Timmy and also to the town oif Hudson, NY

Booneville, NC Wants To Dethrone Itawamba, MS As Being "Douchiest Town In America" By Holding "Straight Only Prom"

Chase and Jordan were the Boonesville, NC gay boyfriends whose prom was saved when Jordan’s mom stepped in and raised high holy hell and threatened action against the school.

Everything seemed fine after that but things have taken a turn for the worse, says Jordan’s mom Leesa Nixon.

“We agreed to do an interview with Fox8 news after they contacted us wanting to do a story about this, the reason we agreed was to offer hope to other GLBT teens who may find themselves in the same situation at their school. Since that story aired, I have felt an extreme amount of disappointment in my fellow man and North Carolina neighbors. Some of the comments that we have received about two gay boys attending the senior prom have been hateful, disheartening, and some have even been scary. They have threatened to hold a separate prom so that their ‘straight students’ aren’t exposed to Jordan and Chase’s gayness. They have raised ‘holy’ hell, preaching nonstop about the abomination of homosexuality and I have been told repeatedly, that not only, both boys, but myself included are going to hell.”

You can read some of the hateful. bigioted, neanderthal, comments at  here at TOPIX.

Watch the Fox8 news report below and notice that we don’t see another student on camera saying a thing. Because by and large these kids classmates would shrug and say, “Whatever.”  Who we do see complaining is three gray haired douchebags, the first who starts his comment, “I believe in freedom BUT…….


Cat Cora, Lance Bass and Green Day Help Gay and Lesbian Teens Have A Prom

Openly lesbian celebrity chef Cat Cora, gay former ‘N Sync member Lance Bass  and members of Green Day will be sponsoring a gay-friendly prom in Mississippi after a lesbian teen Constance McMillian was duped into attending a “fake prom” earlier this month.

The Tupelo, Miss. event, scheduled for May 8, is being organized by the Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition and is open to all students, regardless of sexual orientation. The group’s spokesman, Matthew Sheffield, told the Associated Press that Lance Bass will also be in attendance

The American Humanist Association also will contribute $20,000 for the May 8 event in Tupelo

And it’s going to be FABULASH!