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Video – Joan Rivers On Joy Behar – FOX News Can Go F%@k Themselves

Joan Rivers was supposed to appear on FOX’ News  FOX & Friend to plug her new upcoming show in which she stars with her daughter Melissa when suddenly Joan was disinvited from the show because Joan  had said people were right to blame Sarah Palin for what happened to Gabrielle Giffords and called Palin stupid and a threat

Well after hearing about the cancellation Joan took to Twitter and told plainly told  FOX News to go “fuck themselves.

Never screw with Joan Rivers.  Didn’t those idiots at FOX watch The Celebrity Apprentice?

Last nught Joan and Melissa appeared on the Joy Behar Show to explain more on what happened.

Lesbian Right Wing Nutjob Tammy Bruce Attempts To Turn Sarah Palin Into A Victim Of The AZ Shootings.

Since the tragic events on Saturday that left  left six dead, many wounded  and Rep. Garbrielle Giffords fighting for her life news outlets and social networks have become a war zone.  On one side you have people condemning the violent rhetoric and hate speech that helps fuel incidents like this and on the other we have Sarah Palin and the Tea Party constituents who claim no responsibility that messages of hate can lead to violence and continue to defend their right “right to freedom of speech”

Enter on the scene whackjob  and right wing “lesbian” Tammy Bruce. Bruce who describes her as a “gay, pro-choice, gun owning, pro-death penalty, Tea Party Independent Conservative” (or in other words a stark raving loon) presented a podcast last night featuring Rebecca Mansour, of SarahPAC who had a very busy 36 hours scrubbing Palin’s Twitter and Facebook account clean of all “targeting” images and mentions.  Bruce and Mansour spent the 36 minutes defending Palin and, insisting the ex-governor is also a victim in the Tucson shooting tragedy.    Just reading the comments left on Tammy Bruce’s website gives one a glimpse into the diseased minds of these people and the deep seeded anger, anti-socialism, and borderline psychosis of the right and Tea Party who are so deluded and blind that they can’t even see that inciting to violence in and form by anyone is highly irresponsible and dangerous

If Bruce, Mansour and the rest truly believe that Sarah Palin is immaculately immune to the heinous shootings that have occurred in Tucson, they must be delusional lunatics. “Mama Grizzly” Palin has been a drooling advocate for violent, “lock-and-load” solutions to ending her opponents for many years, even before her quixotic assault into national politics.

If Palin and others had tried anything near the incendiary attacks on those she has targeted in other, more civilized countries like Canada or Great Britain, she would have been locked up long ago.

And as for Tammy Bruce she should be shunned by the LGBT Community.  Insane traitors bitch that she is.  And before anyone slams me out there.  It IS NOT misogynist to call someone a bitch if that is what they truly are.  And Tammy Bruce certainly fulfills the definition.

You can listen to Tammy Bruce’s insane podcast by clicking here.

VIDEO: Sarah Palin Wants to Clean Up Journalism Because She Has a Journalism Degree from The University of Idaho!

How about just doing no more interviews period.

Palin’s “Journalism Degree” is from the University of Idaho.  One of the FIVE COLLEGES that she attended in SIX YEARS  where she did not work for college newspapers or campus television stations, but she did worked briefly as a sportscaster for KTUU in Anchorage after she graduated college.

So she’s just as qualified to clean up journalism as she is to be in poitics!