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Why Does “Gay Patriot” HomoCON Blogger B. Daniel Blatt Have A Swastika On His Computer Screen?

Gay Patriot blogger and GOProud loving HomoCON, B. Daniel Blatt thought he’s make a funny by attacking Harry Reid on his propaganda filled blog this morning.  But in the end I guess the real jokes on him.

Blatt posted the above screenshot and writes:

You don’t even need type in the Senate Democratic Leader’s full name. BTW, heard it from a source here in Denver that Harry Reid is definitely not a pederast (as per some of the reports bloggers have been receiving), but is in actuality a child-eater. Again, I can’t verify that, but, well, the story is out there.

The “Gay Patriot” has a swastika on his monitor screen?   Hmmmmmmmm. 


I  hear it from a source that “he’s a member of the Nazi Party“.  Again, I can’t verify that, but, well, the story is out there.

Just saying…….

Homo Say What? – Adult Douchebag Quisling Over At The Gay Patriot Blog Attack Teenage Lesbian Constance McMillen

The oxymoron gay Republican asshole called Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from TML) over at Gay Patriot are attacking “the gay left’s newest tool,” Constance McMillen because we all know that high school kids aren’t self-aware enough to know that they’re gay.

Okay. So have you heard of this story where the high school girl who wanted to attend the prom with her “lesbian girlfriend” (I use the quotes because, really. Call me an old stick-in-the-mud*, but are high-schoolers self-aware enough to realize they’re lesbians already? And even if so, are we encouraging kids that young to identify themselves sexually? What ever happened to the innocence and beauty of youth? Ugh, but anyway.) was duped into arriving at some sham event while the actual prom was being held somewhere else? [snip] Additionally, let’s note that her reaction was to broadcast far and wide to anybody willing to listen that she’d been completely punked and embarrassed through her gullibility in hopes of garnering sympathy, rather than reflecting on how she could have been so credulous. This will likely also find her kindred spirits in the movement.


How about the gullibilty and douchebaggery of being a “Gay Republican”?