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Moscow Bans Gay Pride Parades For The Next 100 Years

On Friday, a Moscow city court upheld the ridiculous decision to uphold a law that precvents the gay all celebration festivities of gay pride parades. The ban on gay pride parades started in May 2012 and will last until May 2112. An LGBT community lawyer has vowed to appeal the decision and if necessary, Nikolay Alekseyev,  intends on appealing the mandate to the European Court of Human Rights.

They refuse our requests every time, but in Strasbourg they recognize these rulings as unlawful. But time does not stand still, we ask for a new event and again they refuse us,”

Alekseyev had submitted a request last year for over a hundred gay pride parades but they were neither accepted or denied within a 15 day time limit. the activists knew that approval was highly unlikely but needed a formal denial in order to file for an appeal.

Gay activists have not let the law prevent them from celebrating pride in their sexuality. In June, a group of 70 held the first ever gay pride parade in Moscow known as “March of the Burning Hearts”. The name came as a response from aa tv anchor that said gay people should not be allowed to donate organs and the hearts of gay people should be burned. Surprisingly the police at the rally did not detain the activists and were offered to drive them home (which was declined).

Recently Russia has been in the news a lot regarding gay rights. Punk rock band and LGBT activists Pussy Riot were found guilty of “hooliganism” Friday and sentenced to two years imprisonment after they performed at one of Moscow’s cathedrals. Their performance was derogatory to Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

The stringent and religiously conservative demands that the country has made recently has garnered worldwide attention from the Amnesty International to artists like Madonna, who’s currently being sued for showing support for Pussy Riot in a recent concert in St. Petersburg.