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Back2Stonewall’s Sunday Society of Gentlemen 1/16/22

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 La Daily’s own Gregory Moore: “For my dough, the hottest, butchest, tough-guy hunk in Hollywood, circa late ’40s/early ’50s: Steve Cochran. 
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NEW FEATURE: Sunday's Society of Extraordinary Gentlemen Pictorial [NSWF]

NEW FEATURE: Sunday’s Society of Extraordinary Gentlemen Pictorial [NSWF]

EDITORS NOTE: Back2Stonewall has decided that since we are a website predominately (but not exclusively) for gay men and since human sexuality has always being a huge part of the gay struggle we believe it is time to share more images of male beauty, gay sex, and vintage models and movies in marked NSWF posts.

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Study Shows Only 6% of the LGBT Community Identifies as "Queer"

Study Shows Only 6% of the LGBT Community Identifies as “Queer”

new report from the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law has put scientific data behind the number of the population of “queer” self-identified people in the United States. According to its findings, only 6 percent of the LGBT community identify as queer, while 47 percent identify as lesbian or gay, just over 40 percent identify as bisexual (Eighty-five percent of the women who were polled reported being attracted to both men and women.) and about 7 percent identify as “other.”

The data’s age demographic characteristic shows that od the 6% of the LGBT community that identify as “queer” Ninety-eight percent of queer people are ages 18 to 44, with the vast majority (76 percent) ages 18 to 25, or Generation Z. The study found that just 2 percent of queer-identified people are ages 52 to 59, the oldest age cohort in the study.

Despite the push by the younger generation of the LGBT community to “reclaim” the word “queer” many older members of the community resist doing so because the pain and harm both physical and emotional that the it caused many over the past 100 years and believe it is incredibly insensitive and selfish to reclaim the word.

An unofficial poll ran by the Gay UK website in 2018 found that 60% of those polled said that using the term “Queer” to describe members of the LGBT community is deeply offensive”, particularly to men who identified as gay.

Only seven percent of gay men surveyed thought that the term “queer” was acceptable

Florida Judge Rules Men Busted In Porn Bookstore Raid Were Wrongfully Arrested

Florida Judge Rules Men Busted In Porn Bookstore Raid Were Wrongfully Arrested

A judge in Broward County, Florida has ruled that the Hollywood Police Department ruined the lives of ten gay men for no reason at all when they raided the Pleasure Emporium in July of 2018 and release the names and photos of the men to news media outlets. The judge ruled that the men were, in fact, in a “private space,” and the men should not have been charged for exposing their genitals “in public.”

Broward County Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren found that the Pleasure Emporium is not a public space under [Florida Statute] 800.03,” Lerner-Wren wrote. “The patrons who access the private viewing theaters where consensual activity occurs in the presence of other consenting adults objectively and subjectively possess a reasonable expectation of privacy.”

In August, Hollywood PD adamantly defended its decision to raid a gay-cruising destination. HPD spokesperson Miranda Grossman — who, is a former reporter for the progressive news outlet Fusion — stated that the Pleasure Emporium was “not private, but open to the public.”

She then added, “As a reporter, I am sure you can understand releasing information related to criminal activity is in the public’s best interest.”

It turns out the men were not actually committing a crime, according to Lerner-Wren. Via email, Grossman said HPD still believes it was in the right.

After the arrest, many media outlets published mug shots of the men. WPLG went so far as to provide a bulleted list of every man’s name and hometown.

One man who was arrested according to his lawyer was suicidal after the arrest and had fled Cuba because he thought America would be more accepting of of gay men. Instead he was outed and fired from his job due to the actions of Miranda Grossman  and the Hollywood Police Department.

Rhonda Gelfman, an attorney lawyer for many of the accused men, says she plans to help the few who pleaded guilty to the charges before the judge ruled the raid was wrong. 

“I’m happy with the judge’s well-reasoned opinion and that justice was served,” she said through a spokesperson. “I plan to now spend time assisting the others who had pleaded guilty to this case when they should not have.”

Hopefully that will include lawsuits against the media outlets who published the men’s names and photos, the Hollywood Police department and Miranda Grossman. 

Via: Broward New Times
Gay Male Facebook Group Refuses to Accept Trans Men

Gay Male Facebook Group Refuses to Accept Trans Men

The Facebook community page Vintage Gay Toronto is coming under fire for limiting membership of their group to only homosexual men who were born male and have not changed sexes. 

The group describes itself as a place for “memories/discussions of bars, people and events gone by PRE-2000, exclusively for & about Toronto’s gay male community.”

VTG is exclusively for gay MALES (actual, born, genetic) over 18 years old,” it reads. “Are you a gay male in the actual definition? (Member requests will be declined, failing to answer all three questions.)”

San Diego Lesbian and Gay news which first reported on the group reached out to the groups moderator David Bennett, via private asking him if trans men could join. His answer:.

“Sorry, no. The group is for actual homosexual men,” he said. “Dysphoric females are not and can never be men, so are therefore naturally (and quite obviously) excluded.”

When asked about the outrage by trans activists Bennett replied: “I have little care or concern of the opinions of trans activists. “You may quote me.” 

Vintage Gay Toronto currently has 755 members.




“Jounalist” Ben Bera of  the Return Of Kings website – the website “for masculine men” has posted a bit of a straight insecure hissy fit “The embracing of gay culture across the Western world has harmed, more than any other group, heterosexual men.”

Bera bitches writes:

It Has Made Men More Vain:

The daily rituals of moisturizing, waxing, applying fake tan, etc., is crossing the thin line between healthily enhancing one’s self-confidence and being consumed by vanity, people should worry more about penile bumps than beauty, it is more dangerous.

As the fashion industry is overly populated with women and gay men, this dangerous mix churns out ever more effeminate looking styles and grooming products for men. We’ve reached a point where some men will spend just as many hours preening themselves in the bathroom mirror as their girlfriends do.

It Has Destroyed Men’s Ability To Bond:

The increasing prominence of gays and the gay lifestyle in media and entertainment has, over many decades, secured in the minds of men what is and is not gay behavior. For the most part, men, helped in their views by women who want to monopolize their time, will see any bonding or intimacy with other men as gay, thus putting a giant wedge in their ability to forge genuine friendships.

It Gives Men Unhealthy Sexual Appetites:

With our elites in assault mode, trying desperately to make gay the new standard, from mainstream media talking about the benefits of “analingus” to anal sex. This rejection of morality and resisting anything but temptation, part and parcel of the gay psyche, is having an obvious and deleterious effect on men.

This obsession with constant sexual gratification, exploring ever more degenerate ways to get that gratification, is leading men down a seedy and perverse path. This has all come about through the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle.

In the end Bera concludes his screed by writing there are “a few” gay men who he “greatly respects,” but, in general, he believes homosexuality is causing several “societal damage.”

My thoughts about this?  

Cry me a river you pathetic confused closet case. Also stop blaming the gays that you are expected to shower and brush our teeth occasionally and quit your whining about not being able to hug your male friends because gays exist. Because we all know you want to do more than hug them.