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Happy HOMO-ween! – “A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge” THE GAYEST HORROR MOVIE EVER!

Nightmare on elm street 2 jesse is gay


In a nutshell the story of “Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge” is as follows

A male teenager named Jesse who’s a high school wrestler moves into the house where a lot of the original “Nightmare On Elm Street” took place with his family and he gets Nancy’s old room. In her closet, (and his) he finds her diary containing her secrets about the nightmares she had. He soon has the revelation he’s having the same dreams as Nancy and runs to his parents screaming that he’s ” becoming NANCY” and his parents don’t believe him and then get mad at him.

This is bizarrely as subtle as this movie gets.

From there Jesse’s S&M gym teacher stares at him working out only to later run into him in a gay leather bar  (Don’t ask me how or why there is a leather bar in Springdale) ) and they end up in back in the school gym where the teacher ends up getting snapped with wet towels and attacked by his own (basket) balls.

We also have Jesse’s “Risky Business” dance scene where Jesse bumps, grinds and holds a phallic like object in front of his crotch while wearing the gayest 80’s sunglasses ever and then we have his “bromance” (And lets be honest this was the 80’s and it wasn’t a “bromance” it was a “brokeback-nance”) with his best friend that has such gayly suggestive lines as:

Jesse:  “Something is trying to get inside my body.”
Grady:  “And you want to sleep with me?”

And in a somewhat unsurprising (after watching his performance) and ironic twist Mark Patton, who plays Jesse, was a living as a closeted gay man during that film’s production and now refer’s to himself as the “First Male Scream Queen” (Although I am sure that Roddy McDowell would beg to differ.)

All in all NES2FR is the gayest unintentional horror movie EVER!  Or was it intentional?  Conflicting stories muddle this point.

Well whatever its worth a watch for Homoween. Hell, it  even even has Hope Lange, TV’s Ghost and Mrs. Muir, playing Jesse’s mom!


FIRST LOOK: Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin in the 2011 Remake of "FRIGHT NIGHT"

Not especially gay news other than the fact that in the 1980’s original version of “Fright Night” we had a closeted lesbian (Amanda Bearse) playing the heroine, a gay Roddy McDowell playing the hero’s mentor, and the actor who played Charlie Brewster’s best friend Evil Ed (Stephen Geoffreys) later in life went into the gay gay porn but due out this summer is the 2011 remake of the horror classic this time around starring Anton Yelchin as nerdy Charlie Brewster who is unfortunate enough to have a hot vampire Jerry Dandrige played by Colin Farrell move in next to him.

From the screencap above though it sure looks like Farrell is hungry for a Twinkie.

Julianne Moore Cast To Play Sarah Palin In John Heilemann’s Movie Adaptation Of "Game Change"

According to the website Deadline.  John Heilemann’s book Game Change, about the 2008 presidential elections, which rips Sarah Palin to shreds is set to be adapted to film.
Jay Roach, director of the Meet the Parents movies as well as the HBO film Recount, which examined the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election with a focus on the Florida recount is set to take the helm with Julianne Moore set to take on the challanging part of SARAH PALIN!

They will be exhuming the body of the late John Barrymore to play the part of John McCain.  Only kidding!…….maybe.

Pull your trousers up boys, this ought to be good!

Survivor Nicaragua Winner Judson "Fabio" Birza Stars In Homoerotic Slasher Movie "1313: Nightmare Mansion" – Video Trailer

The  incredibly homoerotic 1313: Nightmare Mansion (Original title “A Dream Within A Dream”) a new horror thriller from Cult Director David DeCoteau who shoots his movies using Abercrombie model villainy and has has long reigned over the world of home video homoerotic horror stars none other SURVIVOR Nicaragua winner Judson “Fabio” Birza walking around for 88 minutes in nothing but a pair of tighty whities! YEA!

1313: Nightmare Mansion will premiere on cable and go straight to DVD in mid February