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UPDATE: Country Singer Blake Shelton and NBC Responds To His Anti-Gay Tweet

This morning Back2Stonewall.com reported about  NBC’s “The Voice” judge and country singer Blake Shelton ‘s disturbing anti-gay and violent orientated TWEET which was posted out of nowhere which read.

“Re-writing my fave Shania Twain song…. Any man that tries Touching my behind He’s gonna be a beaten, bleedin’, heaving kind of guy…”

After an outcry from the LGBT Community and its straight friends Shelton attempted to “explain” away his Tweet via Twitter. And not very successfully or eloquently. (Since then many Tweets have been deleted)

But this isn’t the first time that Shelton has been caught spouting anti-gay jokes like the Jake Gyllenhaal. /Brokeback Mountain joke that he and Reba McIntyre yucked it up to at the 46th Annual Country Music Awards

Back2Stonewall.com, Pam’s House Blend, and GLAAD have called upon Shelton and NBC to step up to the plate and apologize.

But as you can see Shelton’s response is to explain it away as a “joke”  And NBC’s is to support Shelton and country music sites across the web have rushed to Blake Shelton’s defense.

Shelton, NBC, and everyone out there need to understand that in this day and age being gay is not a joking matter.  And certainly Tweeting something on a social network that can be taken as as homophobic and could promote violence against the gay community IS NOT FUNNY

Words have been killing members of the LGBT Community in this country everyday and along with all the anti-gay hate organizations out there that spew their hateful rhetoric tweets and jokes like the one above no matter how “innocent” people think they are in reality are not and can cause harm us if taken the wrong way by those who hate us.

Is Shelton a homophobe?  I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt and say no.  But one thing is for sure he’s definitely insensitive and an idiot and needs to get off Twitter and make a public apology stating that anti-gay jokes, no matter how “tame or funny” people think they are in fact aren’t and are hurtful, insensitive, and can cause harm and they must STOP NOW!

Video – During House Judiciary Committee GOP Trey Gowdy (SC) Likens Gay Marriage To Incest And Polygamy AGAIN

Same shit different day from the GOP Homophones but whats really horrible about this is that Attorney General Eric Holder should have smacked down this entire line of questioning from the onset. But Holder who loves to defend DOMA as much didn’t.

Incest and polygamy are behaviors (choices). They are NOT a sexual orientation. Considering that both are predominately heterosexual endeavors makes it even more galling that Mr. Holder allowed the congressman to continue with his inane comparisons.

The Ku Klux Klan Plans March At Augusta State University To Support Anti-Gay Christian Student Jennifer Keeton

The Ku Klux Klan have decided to stage a rally in honor of Jennifer Keeton, the former Augusta State University counseling student who sued for not being able to tell potential patients that homosexuality’s an “identity disorder.” because of her “christian” beliefs.

Bobby (Lee “I married my sister”) Spurlock, The Imperial Wizard of the KKK’s North and South Carolina branches.   Spurlock believes the Georgia-based school violated her First Amendment rights. “It’s your constitutional right, so how could you tell someone you have to do something completely different?”

Truly disgusting and disturbing.  The other day I made a remark “Welcome back to 1965” on another story.  It looks like I might be right.

The Klans “action” is scheduled for October 23 at Agusta State University.  (You’ll know the closet case Klansmen because their whites will be oh so bright.)

As if The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.Survey Wasn’t Insulting Enough. Now Army Personal Can Leave Opinions Via A Special Online Inbox

Since the Pentagon has had such a lackluster response, with only 20 – 25 percent of military personal and thier spouses returning their horribly skewed, homophobic and insulting D.A.D.T Repeal Opinion surveys.   The ARMY has now launched a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ online inbox available worldwide for Soldiers worldwide to share comments and opinions. (And to bitch!)

The inbox is accessible via the Army Knowledge Online homepage. The intent of the inbox is to help the Army assess and consider the impacts, if any, a change in ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ law would have on operations, readiness, effectiveness, unit cohesion, recruiting and retention, and family readiness  (Because we all know Homo’s in the ARMY will just FUCK with the family)

The Army Chief of Staff wants all Soldiers to have the opportunity to share comments and opinions. What is learned from inbox comments will be shared with the DoD Comprehensive Review.  And will keep prolonging this and adding new ways to try to get as many negative comments as it can obviously/.

This is such a crock of shit, especially since its a well known fact that people will take the time to criticize and send feedback to complain before they will do so to praise. (Just look at restaurant comment cards.)

I wonder who gets the next survey?  The dogs in The Army K9 Unit?

You can try logging on to the ARMY inbox here, but unless you’ve got an Army Knowledge Online login you’ll probably be denied  (But that doesn’t mean you can’t go look for one….if you were so inclines that is.)

Anti-Gay Christian Counseking Student Jennifer Keeton Has No Grounds to Sue Augusta State University

Federal Judge Randal Hall  has thrown out anti-gay Christomaniac Jennifer Keeton’s discrimination lawsuit against Augusta State University — which said Keeton cannot tells gay patients they are immoral, despite her Christian beliefs, and will expel her if she insists on it.  (She left out the fact that she is as dumb as a rock also being a reason the school’s not to happy with her.)

Judge Randal Hall said the school’s demand she attend a remediation program was perfectly reasonable and did not violate her constitutional rights.and that Keeton failed to clearly establish her high burden of persuasion of a ‘substantial likelihood’ of success of the merits of her case,” and that the case is not about “pitting Christianity against homosexuality,” but rather the constitutionality of the school’s requirement.

Bitch was OWNED!

Homo Say What? – The New York Times Calls Homophobe Republican Pin-Up Boy Rep. Aaron Schock a "Gay Icon"

In a NY Times piece today on homophobic, closet case  Rep. Aaron Shock  writer Ashley Parker goes as far as to call Schock a “gay icon” joining the “the ranks of Liza Minnelli and Lady Gaga” all because of that one photo of the gay hating republican who is against the DADT repeal, Gay Marriage and every other gay rights platform lounging by the pool shirtless last year.

Maybe “gay icon” to Ms. Parker of the Times means “the only Republican Congressman that most gays would like to hate fuck.”  Because you can’t print “hate fuck” in the NY Times.

I don’t care if Rep. Aaron Schock’s cock hangs all the way down to his knee.  He’s still a conservative Repug, closte case, bible thumpper and I have no use for him even as bondage power bottom attached to a leash with a red ball gag in his mouth.

Montana Repubicans Have A New Party Platform: Criminalize Gay Sex And Lock Up The Homos!

Coming to you from Montana, the state where men are men and the sheep are extremely fucking nervous the GOP has adopted a “new” Reupblican Platform which in part reads….

We support the clear will of the people of Montana expressed by legislation to keep homosexual acts illegal.”

This is the future of politics, people. Get use to it. There is ground swell of people following the Karl Rove play book to undermine every other party initiative to push their agenda into the mainstream. Now I am sure not all people in Montana feel that way.  But, if they don’t push back against this kind hateful and hamful bullshit and it gains momentum then they in a way are responsible as well.  The time of acting if we are “above” fighting back is OVER.