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Lesbian Couple Verbally Assaulted By West Virginia County Clerk When Getting A Marriage License

Glimer County Anti-gay

Samantha Brookover and Amanda Abramovich were stunned and devastated seeking a marriage license in Glenville, West Virginia were reportedly screamed at by deputy clerk Debbie  Allen called them “an abomination” and said that God would judge them.

Brookover and Abramovich had possibly expected maybe an eye roll or some sign of disgust. They said they weren’t anticipating that they would be told they were “an abomination.

The couple says that Allen huffed, took their driver’s licenses, made copies, slammed down the copies and then, for two to three minutes, yelled that what they were doing was wrong in her eyes and in God’s eyes and that no one in Gilmer County would ever marry them. The couple had brought family members. They had the camera ready. It was supposed to be a happy day. Instead, in Brookover’s words, they were “flabbergasted and hurt and angry like you wouldn’t believe.” Allen said she briefly and calmly told the couple what they were doing was wrong and that God would judge them, and then continued assisting them as she would other couples.

When contacted by the  Charleston Gazette-Mail   Allen said that “We {she} did not attack them. We did not yell at them. We were not aggressive with them. I felt I talked nicely to them.  I just told them my opinion,” Allen added:  “I just felt led to do that. I believe God was standing with me and that’s just my religious belief.”

When asked if her words could possibly have been perceived as an attack to someone of another sexual orientation, who has been belittled because of it,  Allen said, “Oh, I’m sure.”

Debbie Allen can be reached at the Glimer County Clerks Office @ 304-461-7641

Perhaps we should all give Allen a call and tell her OUR beliefs about her.

After all they’re getting brazen and so should we.


FBI Arrests American Terrorist Sympathizer Who Wanted To Join Al Qaeda Because of Gay Marriage

Adam Shafi

In a story not made public until now. The FBI arrested twenty-two-year-old Adam Shafi  before boarding a flight from San Francisco to Turkey last  June. Shafi told investigators he was traveling to Turkey to help Syrian refugees. Federal prosecutors tell a different story, alleging he was intent on entering Syria to join al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, al Nusra, because of the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing gay marriage.

The Daily Beast reports: 

In a complaint unsealed last week, authorities say a 22-year-old Bay Area man planned a trip overseas to join al Qaeda’s Syrian branch. Adam Shafi, of Fremont, is accused of purchasing tickets to Istanbul from San Francisco after he chickened out of joining ISIS last year.

“Adam was discouraged with the politics and direction of the United States, citing the recent Supreme Court decision allowing gay marriage, and wanted to be in a country of people of similar mindset and religion as himself,” the criminal complaint reads.

But ISIS was too brutal and killed too many Muslims for his taste, the complaint alleges. For Shafi, an American disillusioned with U.S. policy and worried about the plight of Muslims around the world, Jabhat al Nusra, which executes regime soldiers and alleged adulterers, seemed like the more moderate choice.

Shafi’s parents first alerted authorities to their son’s suspicious behavior:

When Shafi disappeared during a family trip to Egypt last August, his dad warned the U.S. embassy in the country that he might be heading to Syria. Shafi texted another relative that he was going to “protect Muslims,” and the father said he and high school friends had been following extremist imams online.

Shafi ultimately resurfaced after rendezvousing with a friend in Turkey. They were just sightseeing, he said. When interviewed by the feds, he said he was going to see the condition of Syrian refugees.

The FBI tapped Shafi’s phone and found further evidence to corroborate the charge that he was planning to travel to Syria to aid al Nusra. A friend alaso told the FBI that Shafi wanted to return to Syria to “finish what I started.”

Stupid stupid little boy.

CAUGHT ON VIDEO- Gay Staten Island Man Called “Faggot” While Being Brutally Beaten By Police

NYPD police gay brutality

An unarmed gay Staten Island man was violently beaten and called “faggot” in front of his own house by NYPD officers on June 19th. and now plans to sue in federal court for civil rights violations

Louis Falcone, a catering assistant says his nightmare began around 4:30 a.m.when his brother arrived at the home that they both share with their mother “obnoxiously drunk” after a night of partying.

“We had words,” he said. “I was yelling at him; he was yelling at me.

About an hour after the argument ended four NYPD cops showed up at the front door.

I’m talking to them through the screen door, they’re saying to come outside,” Falcone recalled. “I said, ‘For what?”

Then, his dog Looch, part pitbull, began barking.

“The cops said, ‘Get your dog out of here or I’ll f—— kill it!’” Falcone says. “I was like, ‘What do you mean you’re going to kill my dog?’”

He said he was shooing Looch away when an officer yanked Falcone outside.

“They threw me against the concrete in front of my house,”  They were hitting me for no reason. One puts his knee on my neck. They were all piling on top of me.”

And while the four policemen beat the 150 lb. Falcone they repeatedly called him “fag” and “faggot”

“While I was on the ground, I had mud and blood in my mouth,” he said. “One (of the cops) said, ‘Don’t let it get on you, he probably has AIDS, the faggot.’”

Falcone suffered a broken nose, two black eyes, cuts to his face and body.

A neighbor cross the street videotaped the incident.

The N.Y.P.D. did not return phone calls from this website.



Source N.Y. Daily News

SLC Utah Man Harassed, Abused, Had “Die Fag’ Carved Into His Arm, and Forced To Drink Bleach. Police Have No Leads.

slc pizza rick jones


A young Salt Lake City, Utah man was robbed, had “Die Fag” carved into his arm with a knife, and was forced to drink bleach on a Saturday night in late April, and  it doesn’t stop there. 

Five days later, the words “Die Fag” were spray-painted on his and his family’s house.

And this week, a Molotov cocktail was thrown through his window and his house was spray-painted again, this time with “You’ll Die. Burn Fag.”

Rick Jones, 22  stayed  late to finish up the paperwork at the Grand Central Station Pizzeria in Delta, Utah.that his  family owns and he manages.

“I went out to take out the trash, and when I came back in, I thought it was strange that I didn’t hear the door close,” he said. “I turned around to shut the door, and someone grabbed me by the head and slammed me to the wall.”

“I remember waking up and I was lying on the floor,” he said. “Someone was on my chest and legs and they were trying to force me to drink bleach.”

He woke up again as medical teams were considering life-flighting him to Salt Lake City, but he regained consciousness. Rick had lacerations — the words “Die Fag” cut into his arm — and a concussion. They attended to his wounds, held him overnight and released him.

The following Thursday morning, April 30, Jones and his family woke up to the same “Die Fag” words spray-painted on their garage door and the weekend of the Utah Pride Festival  a Molotav cocktail thrown through his bedroom window and, “You’ll Die. Burn Fag” spray-painted on the house.

And the Millard County Sheriff’s Office has no leads as to who is behind this horrible abuse and harassment of Rick Jones.

On June 11 the Sheriff’s office sent out a press release appealing to the community to help find the perpetrators.

“These crimes are the latest in a string of crimes perpetrated against the owners of this local business. The Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating several different leads in these cases. There is a reward available to anyone providing information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators of these crimes. Also we would like to encourage all citizens to report any suspicious persons or circumstance to the Sheriff’s Office dispatch immediately.”

Meanwhile Rick Jones and his family live in fear.

Anti-Gay Male Hate Crimes Lead Offenses In Sexual Orientation Category of the FBI’s 2013 Hate Crime Statistics

Bias Breakdown


For the first time  biases against gender (male or female)(0.3%) and gender identity (transgender and gender nonconformity which surprisingly ranked among the lowest at .05%) have been added to the FRI’s annual release of statics of hate crimes in America, and next to incidents of racial hate crimes (45.8%), sexual orientation hate crimes came in second with 20.8% with over over 60% of that statistic number accounting for crimes committed against gay males.

From the FBI:

Today, the FBI released its annual Hate Crime Statistics report, which revealed that 5,928 hate crime incidents involving 6,933 offenses were reported by our law enforcement partners to the Bureau’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program in 2013. These hate crime incidents impacted a total of 7,242 victims—which are defined as individuals, businesses, institutions, or society as a whole. Hate Crime Statistics, 2013—the first UCR publication to contain data collected under the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crime Prevention Act of 2009—has a few changes from previous reports. First, biases against gender (male or female) and gender identity (transgender and gender nonconformity) have been added to the list of bias categories. And in response to the Shepard/Byrd Act, we modified our data collection so that reporting agencies can indicate whether crimes were committed by, or directed against, juveniles.

And before the Christian Right extremist jump on the 17.4 percent Religious Hate Crime statistic:

Religious bias

Of the 1,223 victims of anti-religious hate crimes:

60.3 percent were victims of crimes motivated by their offenders’ anti-Jewish bias.

13.7 percent were victims of anti-Islamic (Muslim) bias.

6.1 percent were victims of anti-Catholic bias.

4.3 percent were victims of bias against groups of individuals of varying religions (anti-multiple religions, group).

3.8 percent were victims of anti-Protestant bias.

0.6 percent were victims of anti-Atheist/Agnostic bias.

11.2 percent were victims of bias against other religions (anti-other religion).

Our persecution is far from over.  Because for a minority that is said to constitute only two or three percent of the population, we certainly get a disproportionate amount of hate crimes directed at us.

Oregon Woman Stands Trail For Murder of 4 Year Old Son Who She Killed Because She Thought He Was Gay




An Oregon woman is currently on trial for the murder of her 4-year-old son, whom she killed because she believed was gay .

Jessica Dutro’s son Zachary died in August 2012, days after collapsing at the homeless shelter where his family was living southwest of Portland.

Washington County Judge Don Letourneau ruled Wednesday, after jurors were released for the day, that a Facebook message from Dutro to her boyfriend was admissible evidence, The Oregonian newspaper reported ( http://is.gd/rfralf ).

In the message, Dutro told her boyfriend, Brian Canady, that Zachary was “facing the wall” because he had made her angry.

Her son was going to be gay, she wrote, using a slur. “He walks and talks like it. Ugh.”

Canady would have to “work on” Zachary, she wrote.

The message established Dutro’s motive for inflicting a pattern of abuse, prosecutor Megan Johnson said. Dutro assaulted three of her children, but Zachary received the harshest treatment, authorities said.

Earlier this month, Canady pleaded guilty to manslaughter and assault for his role in the homicide.

The boy died of blunt-force trauma to his abdomen and a delay in medical treatment, prosecutors said.

Dutro, 25, is charged with murder, murder by abuse and second-degree assault.

There are just no words……..

14 Year Old Boy Given Back By Foster Parents Because He Is Gay‏

shame on you

A 14 year-old boy who was fostered by an Italian family has been disowned by his foster parents for simply for being gay.

Reported by Marida Lombardo Pijola’s blog on the Il Messaggero website Tuesday, the boy has been repeatedly discriminated against and bullied by other children because of his sexuality.  But instead of providing support for their bullied child, his foster parents, who are from a small unidentified Italian town, were unsympathetic.

“It created too many problems – we can’t handle it,” the parents were quoted as saying. “At school his classmates don’t accept it. Everyone says to us why do you bother?”

As a result the intolerant foster family gave the boy up and he was once again put back into the over burdened Italian child welfare system.

Those people should be allowed anywhere near children let alone being allowed to foster them.


Two Senegal Men Sentenced To Six Months In Prison For Being Gay


The Associated Press  is reporting that two men in Senegal were sentenced to six months in prison each, for being gay.

The two were arrested after neighbors alerted police to their home in Grand Medine neighborhood of Dakar, the capital.

In court Friday the two men acknowledged having sex. Judge Racky Deme sentenced them under Senegal’s penal code that calls for prison sentences of up to five years and fines of up to $3,000 for committing “an improper or unnatural act with a person of the same sex.”

More than two-thirds of African countries outlaw consensual same-sex acts, and discrimination and violence against gays, lesbians and transgender people is common.

Senegalese President Macky Sall insists gays in the conservative, predominantly Muslim country are only prosecuted for breaking the law.

 Senegal recieves about $700 million dollars in assistance from the United States yearly.

Remember gay persecution and hate in other countries is not just confines to Russia and Uganda,


Sochi Olympics Staff Tackle and Detain Gay Protester For The “Crime” Of Holding A Rainbow Flag

Gay protestor Sochi

A gay Russian protester was tackled to the ground and detained by Olympic security on Saturday for unfurling a rainbow flag during the Olympic torch relay as it passed through his hometown of Voronezh, 560 miles north of Sochi, where the games will begin Feb. 7.

Photos uploaded by his friends show Pavel Lebedev pulling out the flag and then being detained by Olympic security personnel, who wrestle him to the snow as they wait for police to arrive. Lebedev, reached by The Associated Press on the phone, said he was still in the police station and undergoing questioning.

The Olympics being held in Russia as America and the world standing by while the Russians dehumanize the gay members of their society is disgusting, and completely against everything we are supposed to stand for.  I feel nothing but disgust and shame for those who participate in the Olympics and are turning a blind eye to Russia’s human rights abuses.


Linda Harvey and Anti-Gay Hate Groups Sign Statement Supporting Russian ‘Gay Propaganda’ Law

Gay Hate

The Illinois-based World Congress of Families, which works to promote anti-gay and anti-choice legislation abroad, issued a press release today touting its participation in a worldwide network of conservative groups working to bolster Russia’s recent “gay propaganda” law.  The group has joined five other American organizations in signing on to a joint statement [PDF] supporting the law and condemning the related international outrage. Also signing the statement were the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, whose president Austin Ruse has spoken out in support of the Russian law; Mission: America, the group led by conservative radio personality Linda Harvey; GrasstopsUSA, a group linked to World Congress of Families spokesman Don Feder; the anti-choice Population Research Institute; and a Christian group called His Servants that sells such books as “An Ounce of Prevention — Preventing the Homosexual Condition in Today’s Youth.”

Here’s the text of the statement:

Statement by worldwide organizations in support of the Russian Federal Law On Protection of Children from Information Harmful to their Health and Development

The signing entities below are highly concerned about the heavy attacks that the Russian Federation is facing due to its recent Federal Law of June 29, 2013 No. 135-FZ “On Amendments to Article 5 of the Federal Law On Protection of Children from Information Harmful to their Health and Development …” that protects innocence and moral formation of children by prohibiting propaganda of “non-traditional sexual relationships” among them.

We affirm that the natural family created through the marriage of a man and a woman is the foundation of any human society and is entitled to protection by society and the State as stated in the international Human Rights norms, including Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Art. 16 (3)). Any harmful initiative for the natural family is destructive for the society as a whole. We also affirm that the children need special protection due to their innocence and immaturity.

We acknowledge that the Russian law protects the innocence of children and the basic rights of their parents recognized in the international legislation and treaties. With its new law Russia is protecting genuine and universally recognized human rights against artificial and fabricated “values” aggressively imposed in many modern societies. We also note that the concepts of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” are not outlined in the existing binding international treaties and agreements.

We thus call for respect of the sovereignty of the Russian people and we invite all organizations and people who feel responsible for the protection of the innocence of children and their rights, the natural family and parental rights to stand up for Russia, as well as for Ukraine and Moldova suffering the same pressure due to similar laws.

Fucking fascist.

Via – Right Wing Watch