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Sign-ups For Gay Games in Hong Kong More Than 90% Below Target.

Sign-ups For Gay Games in Hong Kong More Than 90% Below Target.

IDK. Maybe it’s the venue hallway around the world and being held in not exactly a friendly LGBT country might have hurt it. You think?

According to Gay Games organizers sign-ups for the Games in Hong Kong more than 90% below target. Organizers blame Hong Kong’s covid-19 rules had previously hampered publicity efforts.

The games, which were postponed for a year due to Covid-19, will be co-hosted by Hong Kong and the Mexican city of Guadalajara from November 3 to 11 this year.

But many outside the organization are blaming their choice of venue. Other than the fact that the venue is hal-way around the world China is a notorious anti-LGBT country and while Hong Kong is a bit more LGBT friendly than the country itself. Same sex marriage is still illegal also The Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance (Chinese香港人權法案條例pinyinXiānggǎng Rénquán Fǎ’àn Tiáolì)[a] was utilized to struck down discrimination in the gay age of consent of 21 in the case of Leung TC William Roy v. Secretary for Justice (2005). However this does not protect against governmental discrimination in services and goods.

The organizers said they did not have figures for the number of people who had signed up for the event in Guadalajara.

The events will not be livestreamed and very few reporting agencies will be in attendance due to the venue.

Gay Games History

The idea for the Gay Games was conceived in 1980 by Tom Waddell, a gay Olympic decathlete, and Dr. Martina Navratilova, a lesbian tennis player. The first Gay Games was held in San Francisco, California, in 1982 and has been held every four years since then.

The goal of the Gay Games is to promote inclusivity and diversity in sports and culture and to create a safe and welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ people to participate in sports. The first Gay Games in San Francisco in 1982 attracted around 1,350 athletes from the United States and other countries

Over the years, the Gay Games have faced challenges, including financial difficulties, bad venue choices, and opposition from some members of the LGBTQ+ community who believe that the event reinforces stereotypes and excludes certain groups.

Muslim Cab Drivers Walk Off Job In Cleveland. OH Rather Then Work With Gay Games

gay games

Muslim cab drivers have walked off the job in Cleveland, Ohio  rather than drive taxis with advertising for the Gay Games, which will take place there in August.

According to 19 Action News reporter Brian Duffy who spoke with about 20 cabbies at the airport who are still driving and all of them confirmed there are drivers who have walked off the job on protest.

Representatives of AmeriCab, one of the three cab companies on the job at the airport, also confirmed the protest but say only one of their drivers has been reassigned. We’re told at least 16-17 drivers who work for Ace Taxi, another company working out of the airport, are no longer driving. We went to Ace but were told they were too busy to talk to us. Yellow Cab, a third cab company at the airport, never returned our calls. Tom Nobbe, the executive director of the games, says he’s a bit disappointed. “When you look at what’s going on around the world it’s not a huge surprise. In some parts of the world LGBT folks are not very welcome,” said Tom Nobbe of the Gay Games.

I can’t wait to watch Matt Barber, Tony Perkins, Linda Harvey and the rest of The Bigot Bunch go out of their way to defend the rights of Muslims.

This should be entertaining.

Geeky Gay Gamer Game: Adult Swim’s Robot Unicorn Attack


I bring you one of the most random, yet addictive, game I’ve come across. I’ve bookmarked this site and have come back to this game on numerous occasion, so I thought I’d share it with you all!

Rainbows-cum-gruesome-cum-reaction speed combo – Robot Unicorn Attack is a gay twist on a simple jumping game. You are given three lives to see how long you can survive whilst jumping from ledge to ledge and/or smashing through the star-obstacles. When you do die sooner or later, you’re treated to your beautiful rainbow-unicorn’s bloody death.

The real challenge though is to see how long you can survive before you turn the wonderful/horrendous theme music to mute.


*Tip: you can do a double jump.

**Tip: achieve much higher scores by smashing through as many stars as possible.

Boston and Washington D.C. Accuse Cleveland Ohio Of Cheating To Be The Selected Host City For Gay Games 2014

Boston Spirit Magazine is crying FOUL that Cleveland Ohio may have cheated to win the hosting rights to the 2014 Gay Games by flouting the bidding rules.

Someone PLEASE call  the Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance!

One area of discrepancy according to Team Boston involved the amount of sports that the FGG wanted a host city to offer. The Red Book allowed for a limit of 28 sports. Why the cap? Team Boston was told that the FGG had previously had problems with overreach in the past, leading many past Gay Games to lose money. So, although Boston planners could have and would have happily prepped for more, they played by the rules and submitted plans for 28.  Cleveland? Their team proposed 40 sports, which automatically catapulted them into first place on the venue scorecard. The eventual host city snagged bonus points on martial arts, power lifting, racquet ball and rodeo, while Boston earned zeros in those events even though they could have easily found a hosting venue. The point spread? Boston earned 89, Washington D.C. 115 and Cleveland 123.

Other discrepancies according to Team Boston and Team D.C. include:

• The guidelines ask that each city’s proposed sporting venues be no more than 15 minutes apart by public transportation. Boston’s are. Cleveland’s golfing venue is over 45 miles away yet still snagged a score of “far beyond expectations.”

• The FGG says it wants long-term financial sponsors. Boston boasted nearly one million dollars more than Cleveland and DC, including money contributed by international and national companies interested in long-term partnerships. Cleveland only pledged $525,000 mostly from “local business owners.”

• Boston allegedly got unfairly low marks for their sports venues and for not having enough sports managers, while Cleveland went well over its allotted 45-minutes in their final presentation to FGG’s voting delegates.

Brent Minor, a longtime supporter of the FGG and a volunteer with Team D.C., says he wasn’t surprised that Cleveland won the bid, but he was concerned with the motivation behind the decision. “What did surprise me was the notion that bringing the Gay Games to Northeast Ohio to highlight gay-rights issues seemed to play such a significant factor to many voters,” Minor argues. “Not only does it seem to unnecessarily politicize the Gay Games movement, but I believe such thinking is too limiting. The fact is, there aren’t enough Gay Games in the world to go to every place that needs enlightenment on LGBT issues.”

“What the Federation presented to us is that they wanted to grow and build their future and host the Gay Games in a strong city,” says Linda DeMarco, president of Boston Pride and one of the many volunteers who spearheaded Team Boston’s bid for the Gay Games. “I don’t think any of us involved in the process thought that Cleveland was part of the scenario.”

When bid co-chair DeMarco and Team Boston learned that Cleveland was selected as the host city of the 2014 Gay Games—also outbidding Washington D.C.—they were shocked.

“At the end of the process, both D.C. and Boston said to each other that we thought we would lose to you,” remarks sports committee member Marc Davino, adding that it was Boston’s big-city attributes with its small-city charm that the group thought would win over the Federation.

“We took what a volunteer does and developed so much passion for it and to be shot down in this way is heartbreaking. We’re still emotionally distressed over this,” adds DeMarco. “We did this because it was important to our community and we know how to do it in Boston.”

Perhaps it’s all just sour grapes, a bad call, or indeed favortism.  But I’d like to remind both Boston and Washington, D.C. that we have much more dire and pressing issues to worry about like hmmmmmmm, Equal Rights perhaps? 
And when all is said and done, it’s all just some gay games.